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Results speak for themselves.

When you come to train with me, you’ll get a 100% no-BS, real-world focused training based on combat proven, real world skills.

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  6. Panama

    I’ve been reading the AP blogs and articles posted since the lockdowns started. I invested in the Civil Defense Manual (both volumes). I’ve definitely been impressed with the simplicity and layman’s way of passing on knowledge your organization has. Keep it simple stupid is definitely the best methods in retaining information. I’ve recently become a patron on podbean and I haven’t been disappointed. I seriously hope to be able to get into the pipeline of classes you offer as I’m able. Thank you for making me understand where my deficiencies are and like my old Plt Sgt used to always say, “battlefield patience” is the key to survival and preparations are never 100%.You guys rock stars in my eyes, I can’t recommend your organization to enough ppl. Keep it going yall, RESPECT!

  7. Steve Lowe

    Took the intro RTO class in AZ this year and was not disappointed. I’ve been a HAM for almost 10 years yet learned more in this class than everything prior via AARL and other groups. This is hands on comms under “non permissive” environments, as advertised. Well worth the expense and time invested.

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