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This page’s aim is to be a rolling list of Tradecraft Resources- a guide to working off the beaten path and out of the limelight. Keep the comments to a minimum. To be blunt on this matter, I don’t care about your opinion unless it has to do with broken links or wanting to contribute something. All of these links are open source and in the public domain; I’ve compiled them here as a primer. As always, information is free and at your own risk.


17 thoughts on “Tradecraft Resources

  1. Nick

    Do you have an email contact? I was going to invite you to do a phone interview on my podcast tonight. We’ve had Mosby, Culper, and Sparks on. Podcast is ridiculous but I think we could have a cool convo. Email me if you are interested.

  2. Jørn

    Greatly appreciate your work I found only today. It is about time someone like yourself put this out there. I learned much on my own, but you put it in a nutshell. I’ve already tuned my friends on to this site.
    I also discovered today RLT SDR’s (computer defined radio) and wonder if you have an opinion. For only 20 bucks, the capability is amazing and could be an invaluable SIGINT tool amoung the list of other possible functions:

    Have yet to explore the links and download, but I did see the Green Bay guys have a build for 1 watt 2.4Ghz amplifier for WIFI. For the last 4 years I’ve been using a 1 watt amplifier and a 19dBi yagi and the 24dBi dish for long distance wifi. I am currently using a connection 6 miles LOS from my location. One could go peer to peer if they wished. A basic set up using the amp, 19dBi and 10 feet of LMR 195 costs about 75.00 USD. Because height is might, go for a long run using LMR400 after seeing and believing just how effective the package is. Go to

    Thank you. Almost done reading the site….

    1. Thanks for the very kind words!

      I’ve wrote about the little RTL a couple times. I strongly urge everyone to get familiar with them as they’re a very inexpensive way to get into SDR. Check this one out:

      It’s the most up-to-date version. Your wifi routing setup sounds awesome.

      BTW, check out OutlanderSystems Blog too. If you like my stuff you’ll LOVE Mike Bishop’s work.

  3. Mark Burgess

    Hope you’re doing well. Quick question; Do you have a good source, or suggestions, for .308 mag pouches, both chest rig and bandolier? Thanks.

  4. Philip

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