IMG_0600I am a former Infantry Scout in one of the Army’s best Reconnaissance Units, a former NCO, serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I seek to share what I’ve learned to help folks build a skill set that may be needed in the near future. I am an avid hunter, bushcrafter, writer, long range shooter, prepper, amateur radio operator and Libertarian social activist.

All of my posts come from my own experience. I’ve learned a lot of lessons, mainly the hard way through my own mistakes and the those of others around me. In addition, everything I post revolves around the Small Unit. The Small Unit approach is one that benefits a Survival or Prepper group much better than simply assuming an Infantry role. Prepping and Survivalism is in itself a tactic, with many hands making lighter work.

My sole aim is to provide a solid baseline for the reader while providing helpful hints and tips at making Liberty-oriented groups that much better. Hopefully it resonates, and thank you for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at brushbeater@tutanota.com

In Orbe Terrum Non Visi

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  1. Stacey Sonneland

    I have a question…..I am a new ham who just passed the tech in Nov and the general and Am extra this month…the radio club gave me a baofeng uv5r when I passed the tech exam and this is the only radio I have…..now with the general I was going to follow thoughts on a HF radio and have been looking for an 817 (the one that if r2d2 was a radio he would be!
    A club member has a 857d and mfj 939 auto tuner for sale at what appears a good price……my question…..would this work as a good alternative for an 817?


    1. Yes.

      The 857 is a 100W radio that can be turned down to a 5w radio at the minimum. Long story short, it uses more power on 5W than the 817 does at the same power level.

      I own both. They serve different purposes. The 857, internally, is the same radio as the 897. It’s a great set. If you’re torn between the 857 or 817 and are a new guy, you’ll get more immediate satisfaction from the 857.


  2. Mike Bishop
  3. Mike Bishop

    Daggum dogs got into some poison ivy, and are getting it all over us.

    Went to the HD and picked up some of this:

    Thought you’d appreciate that.

    I’ll let you know if it’s worth a flip.

    ; )

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  4. G

    Great blog, I have put together great scout sniper teams and great scout sniper platoons. I have even taught it formally. That being said listen and learn this is some great info. NC SCOUT hit me up if you ever get around to it. I might have a few things for you to share.

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  5. Been with you since the beginning. I really enjoy the subjects you write about specifically ham radio. I built my first Moxon antenna do to your article on it -Thanks.

    An out of the box question: Have you thought of hosting a one hour (or so) net one night/day a month?

    I have tried to get one started on my site Unchainedpreppers.com but it is like pulling hens teeth to get folks to participate. The best one we did was to get six folks on frequency. Folks who only had SW receivers didn’t even check in to see if their set-up worked.

    It seems that the average prepper has never though of communication in a SHTF scenario, even if they are only receiving communications let alone transmitting.

    Your thoughts?

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  6. I just wanted to say thank you for your blog, you’ve produced great content and I’m learning a lot. I’ve been a Ham since 2007 but haven’t done much with my General license, but your articles encourage me and give me ideas. I also appreciate all your other articles, please keep it up. If you could write an article about how to get into hunting (anything) that would be great! My generation (I’m 35) got cheated out of learning practical life skills and many of us, especially in the Prepper/Survivalist/Patriot/ (Libertarian in my case plus the other categories) are hungry for knowledge, we consume books and YouTube videos at an alarming rate and want to be self sufficient and live a real life. This is funny coming from a computer guy (IT) like myself, but your articles really help a lot and I appreciate it a lot. Thanks!

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    1. Definitely hear you on the generational thing (I’m actually a tad bit younger than you if you can believe it). I was very fortunate growing up where I did to get those skills. There’s a lot more mainstream survivalist or primitive living material coming too. Shoot me an email whenever you get a chance. And thanks for poking around Brother.


    2. Devin82m,

      May I suggest the following to “get into hunting”.

      First take a NRA hunter safety class. Many states sponsor these classes for free while some charge a nominal fee ~$15-. While at the class mingle and let it be known you would like to broaden your knowledge in the sport.

      Second, I suggest you join a local hunting & fishing club. Just google such for your AO. Trust me here, there are a lot of guys & gals within the club that would love to share their knowledge of the shooting and fishing sports with a newbie. I suspect they will fall over themselves to share their knowledge to a open and willing student.


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  7. Hello. I am Steve ,the current owner of Doan Magnesium Firestarter. The company is still in the family and made in USA. On behalf of our company I want to express my sincere thanks for your endorsement of our firestarting tool. And to congratulate you on your very informative article. If you ever need anything please contact me at my personal email. Best. Steve

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  8. Hello, I found one of your posts on Jame Rawles Survival blog, He and I have collaborated a few times. Your Solid information and capabilities have impressed me, as and old army E6, and O5C40, combination Ham for 52 years , I can not hump the bush, so now I live where I would hump to. I teach ham licensing classes, and some good portable operating skills, but not with the really good additional skills you are teaching. I never did much 11B work at all, mostly sit in a box and operate the big stuff. I would love to get on 75 or 40 and chat with you, I’m sure we have a lot in (commo)n I’m 71, and suffering from agent orange curses, but I have the heart for what your doing.
    Dave WA6TYJ

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    1. Thanks for the kind words David. I’ve got several mentors who’re going through the same thing from their service in Vietnam.

      God bless you, and feel free to send me an email anytime. I’d love to hear from you and would like any collaboration input you want to give.

      73, NC Scout


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  12. brad

    There was a point made in the recent guest comment on covid19 that I have to point out as a slight problem. While I agree with the vast majority of the post… I don’t know if you are or have ever been married(this actually is relevant trust me), there is a look your spouse will give you that tells you somehow someway you’ve screwed up. My wife is a nurse and when I pointed out with great derision “(I was particularly impressed by the pronouncement that filter masks would not protect the public, but were needed for healthcare workers, who they would protect.)” I got THAT look. The thing, is if you use those n95 masks in a professional healthcare setting, a couple of times each year they have to be fitted and tested by spraying saccharine inside a hood… if you taste the sweet you start again. If you haven’t been fitted or have one of most styles of facial hair the darn thing won’t protect you. Since my wife has complained year in and year out for quite a while about what a P i t a the procedure of fitting is, she decided I haven’t been paying attention. So when it was said it wouldn’t work for the general public the guy wasn’t being a bald face liar(if fitted correctly it will fit bald faced liars). He just didn’t explain it very well

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  15. Red Beard

    Hey there nc scout.

    I took your scout class and i am now searching for other classes to well round the lessons you taught but am unsure where to go for next. I know i need to get a rifle class done to better teach how to work my rifle. What do you recommend?

    red beard


  16. Jack Hammer

    Hi NC Scout I am thinking about coming to the RTO Basic course in Feb 2021. And was wondering what town might this be in? And other logistics would help. Thanks, Snow Shoe Runner


  17. greek01

    Looks like americanpartisan.org is down except for main page – at least from my end. Hope this is just a temporary hiccup. Also links to same site down from WRSA.
    Was going to email you my bona fides but glitch.
    Look forward to email from you.


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