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      1. Lee Berkwits

        Looks like Missouri RTO is going to be the best fit timewise for my schedule. Could you email me location? 73

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  17. Vikingwanderer

    Re the MO RTO class; after registering do you make recommendations of flights to where ever, how to get around once there, and where to stay?

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  21. David Jones

    Discovered your podcast recently and really enjoying the content and your sense of humor. I am a retired Army LTC IN, CA, (retired 2014), but haven’t been in the bush for a while and want to sharpen and renew my old skills. When I was enlisted I was a Marine 0311 Rifleman (1982), and CAV Scout in the Texas National Guard. I would like to attend the Scout and the commo courses in Wyoming. Not crazy for the humidity in NC! Been there and done that-LOL! I’m 59 years old and in fairly good shape but need improvement. If I attend the courses, can I ship my gear by UPS/FedEx to the training site? Don’t want to deal with TSA. If you check my website it is under construction.

  22. Porter

    Curious if we served together. I’m respectful of your wish for anonymity but given we both knew Hairston and may have deployed together it might be interesting to catch up–I provided my email if you wish to reach out. Regardless, glad you found a niche, thank you for your service, and be well.

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  24. fflbigtiny

    Will there be any more advanced RTO and/or SIGINT classes in 2023? If not, when will you have a 2024 schedule? Thanks!

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