Training Calendar

Open Enrollment Dates

***POLICY CHANGE AS OF 24 MAY 2020: Full Course Fees are due up front at time of reservation. NO EXCEPTIONS.***

Unless otherwise noted, courses are held at our training site in NC. This list does not include private training dates. NC training site is available to groups for private training sessions. To see a detailed description of the courses listed, check out the Training Courses page. For questions, class inquiries and requests, contact me direct:

Scout Course: 11-13 December / North Carolina / $400 / Course Full

Spring 2021

Fighting Kalashnikov: 23-24 January / $400 / North Carolina / Course Full

RTO Course: 4-5 Feb / $300 / Tennessee

Advanced RTO: 6-7 Feb / $300 / Tennessee

Signals Intelligence: 20-21 February / $300 / North Carolina

Tactical Combat Casualty Care: 27-28 February / $400 / North Carolina

Scout Course: 5-7 March / $400 / North Carolina

RTO Course: 13-14 March / $400 / Colorado

Scout Course: 30 April-2 MAY / $500 / Washington

RTO Course: 3-4 May / $400 / Washington

Scout Course: 28-30 MAY / $500 / Texas / Limited Slots

Scout Course: 18-20 June / $500 / Wyoming

RTO, Advanced RTO and Signals Intelligence: 22-27 June / $800 / Wyoming

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  5. I know there is no substitute for on-the-ground, face-to-face instruction for most of these subjects. But … for people who can’t get there, it would be wonderful to have a video-and-print second-best version. I understand the problem with piracy, but there may be a way around this … Amazon still makes money with Kindle versions of books.

    Another idea: could groups in a given area club together and invite you to travel to give some of these classes to them, over, say, a week during the summer?

    Another idea: train some trainers, and franchise this whole operation.

    This is vital information when it’s needed, and it looks like it’s going to be needed not too long from now.

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    1. The class is in East TN. Email me for registration info. The course dates on the calendar are set in stone for the spring. So if you want a class, there’s the schedule.

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