A few thoughts-

” I know where y’all are goin’…y’all goin over there…Y’all gon’ getcha ass shot off…”

My late Granddad used to tell us the story of an old WWI vet who hung out at the draftee depot. He was crippled and crazy, but volunteered to help his nation anywhere and any way he could. Korea was kicking off, the draft was once more in full swing, and all the lessons forgotten were about to be painfully re-learned. His only words of wisdom to the new guys was the quote you just read.

Some folks complain about how bad the times seem. Yeah, they’re that bad, maybe even worse. What are you doing other than complaining? For some, they complain then return to their lives. The whole things plays out like a movie on live TV and they never stop wondering how such things could happen. We call this “eating the popcorn.” Others stand out rather than stand up. And the last few actually get things done.

The “Prepper” movement is en vouge. It seems like these days one can slap “survival” on just about anything and jack the price up a few times and some shmo will buy it. But what is a Prepper? It’s a PC term for somebody with a bunch of crap. These folks buy stuff and sit it in a corner for that day they need it. Some spend a ton of money on tactical crap, have a “bugout plan” and yet when the power goes out for a few hours have no idea where the batteries are for the flashlights. They’re sitting on a stash of expensive freeze dried food but have little idea how to raise a garden. Once those supplies are gone there’s no answer for what’s next. Not all fit into this category, but most I’ve met do to varying degrees. It’s not their fault though, it’s simply a product of a comfortable society. The term “Survivalist” is much older and at times has had a negative connotation for certain media portrayals. The interesting thing about it all is that all Survivalism really is about is weaning yourself off the grid, becoming self sufficient and self reliant. Doing things like your grandparents did; they knew how to live good in grubby times. It’s about skills; not gear. Never forget this. We all know something is amiss in the world. The storm is on the horizon and like animals in the wild this time of year folks are bulking up on what they have to ride it out. All of this poses the question; are you a prepper or are you a Survivalist?

What does any of this have to do with Scout stuff? The more skills you have the better off you are and the more you can do with less. And, gentle reader, let me remind you, if your plan includes taking up arms should the need arise, you’re gonna have to make do with next to nothing more often than not. Make no mistake; I’m not viewing the future through rose colored glasses and neither should you. My Granddad always finished his story with, “we laughed but that guy was more right than we knew…”