Ironbound Concepts Sends-

“Piss off the comms, we are at war!”

A view from across the pond. This is a good snapshot of what Small Unit Communications needs look like at the local level.

Let me remind all of you, this is coming from an active war zone, where reality is quite real. You do the best you can with what you have; folks who’ve actually done this for real, in real places, recognize this.

Take these lessons, learn, count your blessings and make yourself better.

5 thoughts on “Ironbound Concepts Sends-

    1. A lot of folks won’t though, it’s an uncomfortable reality.

      I’m loathe to use Syria so much as the cultural differences are too much to be effective, but Ukraine is quite similar to what we’ll see here.

      In Syria, you’ll see a lot of shooting, then the shooter walking away with another guy shooting. The fact that they hit anything at all is a miracle- but that comes from how most Arab muslims think(Allah will “guide” the bullets…yeah, they really think this, still); there’s a few who have their crap together but they’ve been in the game a while.

      Ukraine on the other hand is much more realistic as to how it will likely look in the not so distant future. The breakup of the Balkans is yet another.

    1. That, and keeping things compartmentalized.

      One of the largest issues for them seems to be controlling the flow of information. I’ll have a rather lengthy post on how it works soon as time allows- however Bill Roberts contributed over at WRSA on staff functions, which\ is the same general idea.

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