Ignorance-34, this is Dumb**s-13, over

More great first hand interviews from where things are quite real.

Particular note:
“– You told, that during the fight on February 8 you listened to the enemy adjusting AGS [Soviet analogue of Mark 19] fire on you. That is, you had opponent frequency already pre-set?

– “Kenvods” have a dual watch function – one channel with our frequency, one with theirs. We did so: 1-2 men listen their freqs, the rest coming with our.”

Simple SIGINT at the ground level. Sloppy discipline yeilds sloppy results. It is amateur hour playing war…reminicent of certain attitudes exhibited on this side of the pond. You are no better than the Ukrainians or Syrians. You must first realize this then learn from their shortcomings to not replicate them when it’s your turn.