A good perspective on Survivalist Radio Station requirements

The Quiet Survivalist- Radio Communications for Preppers

Written by a friend, who also happens to run a top notch site, the article does a great job of laying out the basics for communications concerns for those of a Survivalist bent. Pay particular attention to the linked articles- the one on the utility of SSB CB is great as well.

Owning or at least being familiar with most of the gear listed, there’s a few nuggets I’ll add.

  1. Do not discount the Tuner. With an HF rig, a tuner is a must, as I’ve covered before, and while rigging resonant antennas are critical, especially for QRP sets, a tuner is an insurance policy for your rig.
  2. Don’t forget to invest in a good handheld communications receiver. The Yaesu HTs listed both are stellar performers in this regard, but I prefer a standalone receiver to accompany my Signals package. Read up on why, here.
  3. Transmission lines are critically important to building a good station. Cheaping out on coax and connectors will cause serious headaches later on. Trust me.

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5 thoughts on “A good perspective on Survivalist Radio Station requirements

  1. My good friend and Elmer tells the same – even the well-prepared and tested antenna can (and probably should) behave different in different circumstamces, when doing /p.

    1. So many variables can change the performance of the antenna, and you likely won’t know until you have a crazy SWR. A tuner is just a really, really good insurance policy, even if you use resonant antennas.

  2. mtnforge

    That is good solid on the CB end of comms. Another practical option in the kit. We get a lot of strong skip up here at 3-4 thousand ft in this part of WV as the sun is beginning to touch the ridge lines. Have to squelch back quite a bit. Though you hear some really interesting things. Lot of the skip comes out of the SW, Arizona, NM, parts of Texas. It’s a veritable Mexican grapevine too. That Bearcat 980 with a well tuned antenna sounds like the ticket.

  3. quietsurvivalist

    Thx bro

    I left out tuners and feed line for a reason.

    I want to encourage learning and the mindset to ask questions. If somebody reads enough about antennas and shows the desire to learn more, Ill know it when they ask about SWR and tuners.

    Teaching a little is a good thing, teaching them everything doesn’t encourage them to do anything


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