10 thoughts on “Open Sources 16 OCT 16

  1. 55six

    Notice how no outrage. No real national coverage. Wonder how it would be if it were the dem office?-55six

    1. Actually, it’s making headlines this morning.

      I know that area quite well, and can say with the utmost confidence who was behind it. This morning I’m looking for exploitation while others are busy gawking.

  2. Scurvy

    “It’s ok. Just give them your wallet and your wife’s purse, they’ll go away. After all, it is just stuff.”

    If Trump goes ahead in the polls the mayhem will kick off nation wide. All the nervous Nellys and beta males will flock to the polls to “Just make it stop.”

    I wish I was wrong.

    Presently visiting Seattle area, only one small mention of this event. Keep your head on a swivel.

    1. Even if he loses the hard Left is planning on running wild. Very similar to the Leftist counterculture of the 60s and LBJ.

      I know the area very well where this happened- it’s analogous to Seattle. I would make accusations as to who may be behind it but I won’t (the locals already know, have been watching them and I trust their abilities well).

      As a matter of fact, I had an additional follow up post on propaganda which I’m now glad I didn’t run, as one of the groups under suspicion distributes a communist newsletter in the Triangle area.

      I’m waiting to see what’s run in it and how they exploit the incident.

  3. To all the “libertarians” and anti-Trump citizens, “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.” Leon Trotsky

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