Fun Wisdom from a Couple of Folks-

karlhess.jpgPictured here is Karl Hess, a rather interesting and colorful guy. A lot of the ‘survivalism’ and ‘prepping’ trends have been run before, by Hess and others. Hess had a history of activism through his association with the Right as Barry Goldwater’s speechwriter, then the New Left and the SDS, and then the Libertarian Party.

Check out this recording of his commentary with Robert Anton Wilson on social movements, subversive stuff, gun running, and Libertarianism in general, courtesy of the Cato Institute.

A fairly unique personality, whom offered many sound ideas (rooted in something other than liking the label) on Libertarianism and many lessons which ring just as true today as they did at the time, Hess found himself with a 100% IRS tax lien and a need to make money ‘off the grid’. Unlike most wanna-be ‘anarcho-capitalists‘(or is that, market anarchism? Maybe one should reference Smith, then Tucker, versus making up one’s own definition), he did it out of necessity and even wrote about it in a couple of books. Most importantly, he was out there furthering his cause- not sitting around bitching about it. There’s a lot of lessons from the past that are entertaining as hell and just as informative on a bunch of levels. It might be the best thirty minutes you waste all weekend.

Nothing’s new under the sun.

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  1. Mike Hohmann

    Hilarious, but not! I lived through those periods and know of folks who had their lives totally destroyed. But for the grace of God… Shit happens, always has, always will! Life ain’t no movie, and there usually ain’t no re-takes!

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