“Cause You Can’t Stomp Us Out, Can’t Make Us Run…”

hankKnowing at least all the words to more than a handful of Hank Jr songs is a prerequisite to being from the South- its never solely been about the music so much as it’s the identity that comes with it; a shared bond, a common cause, a feeling you get. Unlike a lot of the bubblegum trash on the radio today, Bocephus has always been the real deal. I’ve drank a lot of Jim Beam to High Notes coming up and I bet most of y’all have too.

Happy Birthday Rockin’ Randall, your music will be inspiring generations to come.


Country Folks Can Survive.

5 thoughts on ““Cause You Can’t Stomp Us Out, Can’t Make Us Run…”

  1. “Country folks can survive”.

    You got that right. They love to make all sorts of fun of us until it comes time to fight. Then you’ll see the look on their face like maybe they went a little further than they can handle.

  2. Dave

    Over he’yar in North Cakalacky we’s bidin ar time till we hogtie sum of em an tell em they got a purdy mouth.

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