RTO Course: Open Enrollment 3-4 MAR 2018


Due to high demand and a tight spring schedule, this is the first of two dates available for an open enrollment course. Original course outline here.

What the RTO Course is:

This course is designed to instruct students on the basics of effective communications in a tactical environment. Students will learn everything from how to create a proper Signals Operating Index and traffic handling to basic antenna theory and construction for local use as well as a primer on how HF works. All of this culminates in an FTX on the second day.

What this course is NOT:

This is not a ‘ham radio’ class. Strong emphasis is placed on ‘making your equipment work in a tactical environment’ versus bombarding the student with technical or hobby-oriented data. We will be working on a level most ‘hams’ never do. So while a license is certainly helpful, it is not required, but by the end of class you’ll come away with a real understanding of why it is an advantage.

While not designed to be physically intense, there will be field work on both days. A refundable $50 deposit is required to reserve your spot, and I cannot accept personal checks. When you send the deposit, please include an email address for me to reach you in order to confirm your spot. Email me at [email protected] for more details.

***FRAGO: Due to the amount of interest, there’s a couple of details to point out.

  • The class is limited to 12 to provide the best training and instructor interaction possible. There will be a second open enrollment in either mid April or mid May. Lodging is available on site for a fee, as is the option of camping (which is free).  The lodging on site is first come first serve.
  • Wear what is comfortable to you. You will be in the field, and while you won’t be reacting to contact or conducting 3-5sec bounds, the second part of the course will be in a pseudo-tactical environment. Be prepared to walk.
  • We are planning for a meal to be provided for the class Saturday night and Sunday morning as part of the instruction.

28 thoughts on “RTO Course: Open Enrollment 3-4 MAR 2018

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      1. WisconsinDan

        I am in Wisconsin, so if I can’t make this class let me know I have a remote 40 acres and could get 3 to 5 students plus myself.

        Where is this March class held, I need a road trip anyway?

      2. It’s in NC. For everyone’s privacy and security, the location is given once deposit is made.

        I’m willing to travel a certain distance for groups, but cost is very much a factor.

      3. WisconsinDan

        How many is large info? Forgive me if this info is elsewhere, please direct me to it. I’ll explore the web site

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    1. There’s lodging on-site for an additional fee, limited to the first five. Camping is also an option on site, and there’s a nearby Days Inn. The course of instruction is $200.

  3. Scott B Freah

    We need this class in Northwest Montana. I will see if hand in our AMRRON net are interested in hosting a class. I will get back to you after this Sunday. Hope you can come!

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    1. A lot of emailed interest, waiting on the confirmations. Right now there’s room for a few more pending the deposits.

      This is the first of (hopefully) a couple open enrollment dates in the spring. The summer and fall will absolutely have training dates also.

  5. I’m in Michigan.and would like to take the class. If in NC then will have to be later in the year when I can schedule a few days off – don’t know if I can make the 3-4 Mar 18 class so best to wait I think.
    Have portable VHF (2m) and UHF (440) gear.
    Have had a Technician class license since ’79 and just got the ARRL study guide books for the Tech (for a refresher), the General and the Extra class licenses and will be looking around here for a place to take the tests to upgrade my license class.

    1. There’s going to be more after this one, so no worries. A ham license is not required for the class, but the material will put the capabilities you have with a license and make it effective.

      I look forward to training with you.

  6. NCScout, I am very interested in your RTO class, but it is just too far from when I live in the 4 Corners area of Colorado.

    If you end up doing a class out west (Montana, Wyoming New Mexico or Colorado), let me know. Anywhere within a 500 mile radius I will attend.

    Thanks, Matt

    1. There’s going to be a second one in early to mid-April. I’m waiting on a private group to lock in a date in that timeframe.

      The next classes to follow after that will be in late May.

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