From a Student: Paradigm Shift

Its always very rewarding hearing from students about what they learned in class- especially when it changes their thought process or point of view. I got this from a very capable student in the last Scout course:
Then a note; the last Scout course catalyzed a revision in outlook and training – I train all the time in one thing or the other, but for ‘whatever’ reasons overt and covert, ‘things’ look different afterwards. Meaning, something about the approach and being back in the woods with the prevailing ‘natural’ atmosphere of the class changed something. So, while I’ll continue bodybuilding and all that, the next year will herald a revision to less sheer athleticism and a greater orientation to ‘real life’ fitness, e.g. run a couple miles with the dog, ruck more, crawl around the woods, get back to some very dormant and rusty basic woodsman skills that were started but never really developed, and ….shooting through grass….! (damn but that was frustrating!) ‘
And more of those ‘thrive’ skills people write about. And commo of course.
Running around doing close contact drills and trying to emulate a magazine cover doesn’t really teach anything and when unsupported, will quickly get you killed. Focusing on stalking, awareness, and moving undetected allows us to pick and choose where and when we fight.
If you want to learn how to actually fight as a small team, come on out.

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