Handbooks Back In Stock!

The second run of FM 7-93, Long Range Surveillance Handbook and the Special Forces Antenna Handbook are back in stock- there was a huge demand for the first run and they sold out very quickly. I’ve added FM 23-10, Sniper Training, to the mix.

They’re $20 each, spiral bound and pocket sized to make them a quick reference in the field. These were made to be used.

To order, contact me via email at [email protected].

3 thoughts on “Handbooks Back In Stock!

  1. stuclark24657

    I received my handbook in the mail recently; thanks much; it is a quality product!

    Are you still thinking about writing your own book??

    Thanks again for your work.


    Stuart Clark, AF6SC

    PO Box 417716

    Sacramento, CA 95841



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