Radio Contra is now on Podbean!

A lot of folks have contacted me, left comments, etc. regarding some of the difficulties in listening to my podcast, Radio Contra, on American Partisan. There was two reasons why I posted it there, in house: to prevent censorship and to keep it fresh in y’alls mind where to listen.

But…things happen and successful projects have to grow. AP suffered a staggering number of attacks, most external, some internal, and it interrupted the signal. No worries- I have no plans to stop what I’m doing. Its simply going to be done better, smarter, and more dangerous. Whenever they’ve tried to shut me down, I’ve only grown stronger.

Episode 31 is now up on Podbean. There’s an RSS feed to subscribe to and a very easy way to download the content. And a lot more is coming.

10 thoughts on “Radio Contra is now on Podbean!

  1. ncislander

    Nice job NC Scout, much easier way to listen to your broadcasts and get them onto my devices.
    Great effort by all involved.


  2. Riflemyn

    Yes I saw that. it is interesting that it does not appear on the pod bean app for iPhone. I usually listen to podcasts when walking and the such.

  3. Jack Holmes

    Dirt bags are screwing with all good guy, truth, and fact, informational sights. Time to start running sniffer programs to locate the attack points of origination.

  4. Mike

    Yes, many thanks for the excellent content and great music discussion. I downloaded Between Two Worlds after your one podcast and it is an awesome album!

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