A CB Shopping List, by Henry Bowman

As commented in the last post on the value of CB:

Go here for a no frills, rock solid rig: Cobra 29 LTD

it will need to be wired into battery vs 12v adapter, so get some extra connectors and such:


12v power supply for home use: Power Supply
Antenna Options: https://amzn.to/3lYFden
75ah agm battery (i own and use this for my emcomm set ups)

Deep Cycle Battery

battery box for said battery to power radio and charge other devices via usb and plug into 12v socket ( i own this too)

Smart Battery Box

50w solar panel to charge battery (i own this one, amongst others) ipv6 rated

20A waterproof charge controller

With this set up, you got comms…add in a 25w https://baofengtech.com/product/uv-25×2/ for 2m/70cm/frs/gmrs/murs and general bubba scanning w appropriate antenna and you have a nifty little portable system… ( i own and use this in the field too)


6 thoughts on “A CB Shopping List, by Henry Bowman

  1. The Cobra 29LTD is a workhorse and a classic- you can’t go wrong with it. I think to have SSB though is really important and adds important options to the CB. I have a Uniden Bearcat 980 and it’s a great model. It offers channel scanning and SWR adjustment which are really useful. The 29LX has SWR and Scanning, and I have that model as well although I found having the SSB is a great way to get out of the thick of traffic and have a little bit more obscurity from the AM transmissions. Using an a frequency plan with a code matrix on sideband with your local allies makes a significant difference in how many folks can monitor your transmission.

    1. Bill

      In my trucking days I had uniden 148. Took a hell of a beating. Lasted for years. Have a galaxy ssb in my shop, cobra In my vehicle. Not much traffic on them anymore except when skip is Rolling.

  2. Practical Man

    I also prefer the Single Side Band option. Better transmission efficiency.

    CB remains a good tool for routine voice communication. We use it quite a bit locally. As always, proper antenna construction and grounding improves performance

  3. Henry Bowman

    Henry here:

    I was thinking of the 80/20 rule here on this rig…What will most folks gravitate to or already have…

    Most folks, (cherries) don’t know the technical differences of ssb vs non ssb, so i was thinking of joe 6 pack, wanting simple, OTS CB comms..this fits the bill…

    I agree, ssb has HUGE advantages, that most folks will not grasp… sigh…

    So, that said, whats the goal?

    CB is commonly used, most, is non ssb (my non verified opinion), like frs/gmrs rigs, make it easy for non technical folks, so i figured that an OTS rig is perfect…

    Now, i have ssb rigs set aside, along with all manner of sigint https://www.sigintos.com/ set ups to monitor…

    I have no need to actually tx on these bands, unless fubar’d, so this is for monitoring purposes…


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