Operation Cuba Libre : Countering the Communist Jamming

This is the first formal operation of the Radio Recon Group. There’s no memberships, just take action. The following was originally posted on AP earlier today. -NCS

Announcing operation Cuba Libre!

As the Cuban Government continues to block radio communication between amateurs, notably on 40 meters, I propose that all licensed amateurs engage in an AM ragchew on 40 meters between 7.205 and 7.295, using AM phone, Transmissions shall be ideally on multiples of 5kHz, with due care to avoid intentional interference with other stations. The ARRL recommended AM calling frequency is 7.290, but the idea is to get ragchews going across the upper part of 40 meters to allow Cubans who may not have anything but low-tech AM receivers to listen to amateur transmissions on the broadcast section of 40 meters.

Call “CQ Cuba Libre” and once you have a contact with another station, the two stations should discuss what each station knows about current events in Cuba, the state of the jamming effort as heard at your location, and other relevant information on current events, demonstrations, etc. This avoids violating the FCC rule against broadcasting while at the same time allowing the Cuban people listening information about current events in Cuba. Repeats by a receiving station of the reports sent by another serve to ensure that the reports are being transmitted accurately. They will also serve to maximize the ability of Cuban listeners to hear the information. Take your time and speak slowly and distinctly.

Take Action and Support Freedom. 

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