Radio Contra Episode 65: NYC Covid Passports and Commentary on the Failure of Afghanistan

Episode 65: NYC Communist Mayor DeBlasio has rolled out the Vaccine Passport pilot program quietly while everyone is paying attention to NY Governor Cuomo’s growing sexual harassment claims in the media. Next I give commentary on a piece regarding the US failures in Afghanistan and what should be learned for Patriots here at home.

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2 thoughts on “Radio Contra Episode 65: NYC Covid Passports and Commentary on the Failure of Afghanistan

  1. Lucius Jefferson

    Great article in whiskey and gun powder. Distilled= it is the useless screw up politicians who get us into wars, and police actions. Traditionally, it has been the military that cleans up the mess. However, now-a-days, the useless idiot politicians are not even smart enough to let the military do it’s thing without meddling interference. Example- Afghanistan. Every single logical military thought was countered by ineptitude in DOS. The self serving communist deep staters in the U.N., and World Bank. And the punch bowl floaters atthe top until 45 got in. We will never have a chance to win a war, let alone a border skirmish, as long as politicians and lawyers are allowed to run their yaps with zero responsibility, and no penalty for yapping while empty headed!

  2. I still haven’t sufficiently composed thoughts on this which aren’t laden with profanities and “I said the same damn thin in ’06!!”

    There were tasks that were progressively ignored in progression and evaluations due to the fact that “the Taliban/AQI/whoever hated us more that day don’t have MiGs,” regardless of what I suggested/coaxed/prodded.


    What the fuck ever.

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