Field Manuals and IR Patches Back In Stock!

All of the field manuals are back in stock along with the Brushbeater Contra IR Patches!

*US Army Sniper
*Scouting, Patrolling and Sniping
*Long Range Surveillance Unit Operations
*Special Forces Antenna Manual
*Survival & Evasion
*Land Navigation
*USMC Scouting and Patrolling Handbook

Each are $20 shipped to you. These are top spiral bound and pocket sized for carrying to the field and used as training supplements – not sit on a shelf and collect dust.

The IR patches are substantially larger than the standard Brushbeater Contra patch that students earn in class. The last three runs of them have sold out quick and this batch will no doubt do the same. They’re also $20 shipped to you.

Contact me at [email protected] for ordering information.