Updates, Announcements, Etc.

Alright, been a minute since I’ve posted anything unique on BB, aside from course announcements, podcasts, interviews, etc. The bulk of my focus has been on training and keeping American Partisan rolling along and its performing in spades.

A few things I need to point out – THE COURSE DATES FOR 2022 ARE SET IN STONE. I’m getting inundated with people asking me to travel, and while I’m honored by that, my course calendar is full. I’m not willing to travel to your local for a few people if I’m teaching a course in your region already. Meet me halfway folks. I’m putting forth the effort to put up with the stress of travel, you can too.

IN 2023 I WILL NOT BE TRAVELING ANYWHERE NEW. In doing this over the years I’ve been blessed to establish partners in different corners of the US. If I’m going west, I’m going to be in Wyoming or potentially Utah. If I’m in the east, its either here in NC or TN. I’m working on a coordinating a consistent place in TX or southern NM as well to service the southwest, but none of that is set in stone as of yet. Again, make the effort to get up and get out. To anyone that is disappointed by that statement, you have no idea how much stress it puts on me to have to pack up literally everything and move for a week at a time to a new place I don’t know to run a class. Its come at a big personal cost and I’m making that change for my family and I.

Now that the (somewhat) negativity is out of the way, let’s talk positivity. The book is rolling right along and I’m looking forward to getting that kicked out – its the first of three instruction guides on different areas of communications, and you can expect its anything but yet another ham radio book. There’s a webstore currently being built as well, and I’ve got a TON of stuff I think you’re going to like. Its all in an effort to build not just a brand, but create a subculture that says not just no, but hell no, we’re standing up to the communist tide in this nation. Coming up on seven years since the start of Brushbeater, I’d judge our community’s ability to do that is high. We ain’t no milktoast BRCC.

May we be judged not by the company we keep but the quality of enemies we make.

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  1. Boat Guy

    Good on ya Brother!
    Haven’t been able to make a class work but still trying for WY. Looking forward to the book!

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