Course Registrations Are Now Online –

A couple months into the webstore and I’ve pretty much got things figured out as far as stability, payments, etc, etc goes. I’ve opened up the course registrations online through the store:

I’ve got a new 3-day course date up there as well that was just added today in east TN – a compressed RTO / Advanced RTO course at a lower price point than the two classes together would cost. Based on student feedback, its a little easier to make a three day course in the fall than a full six days of training.

So online registration is a heck of a lot more convenient for most, especially for myself, and its going to speed the turnaround time up quite a bit. But the old way of registering is certainly still an option too, as is alternative forms of payment. Come on out and find out why I consistently fill every class.

3 thoughts on “Course Registrations Are Now Online –


    Excellent upgrade sir, will pay large dividends, and get the training streamlined. πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. Billy Pilgrim

    With the training over gear ethos and experience I’m sure it is world class.
    Train up and lots of PT time is the best I can do with gas and groceries owning the wallet.
    The hidden tax of inflation.

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