Sons of Liberty Live 74: Mugshot Mania Edition

Welcome to the Green Dragon Tavern! I’m joined by Joe Dolio, Mechmedic, Patriotman, Risky Chrisky, Madman Actual, Johnny Paratrooper and John Ammons to talk clowning on gammas trying to troll, a little bit about communications, and of course the big news of the day in the Trump Mugshot.

The Guerilla’s Guide to the Baofeng Radio is a #1 Bestseller! 

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3 thoughts on “Sons of Liberty Live 74: Mugshot Mania Edition

  1. concerned citizen

    2 years ago I tried to get Meadows to agitate for the J6 prisoners. He blew me off. He could have stopped this then.

  2. Really enjoyed the segment. Got sponsors now! That’s great! I’m learning so much from you guys. I’m from East Texas and we have a lot of ticks and chiggers but never heard the diesel truck.

    Just got my technician class ham rating and looking for to the spring for the week long RTO course. Question. How do you contact you via email? Have some offline questions for you.

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