Scout Skill Building

Watch the vid, don’t get creeped out by the Paul Giamatti look alike’s weird laugh:

Pay very close attention to the drills they are performing:

  • Practicing silent movement techniques
  • Building balance through stick fighting on logs; this does wonders for quiet movement
  • Moving as a Buddy Team in the Bush; being tied together eventually gets your movement patterns in sync
  • Building and detecting traps
  • Basic implementation of Camoflage and Stealthy movement

Rural Maine doesn’t look too much different vegetation-wise than anywhere in the Southeast or Northwest in regards to exactly how far you can see. A well versed Scout Team can get very close to a group of inexperienced conventional force troops.

When a team can get this close, you get inside of what’s known as the OODA Loop: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. This is the process by which all creatures big and small implement fight or flight. Do you think the guy who got tackled on the trail would’ve had time to know what hit him from 0-5 feet? Nope. It’s extremely hard to properly react to a well-thought out near ambush.

I’ve been on the receiving end of an urban ambush using this same principle in Iraq. It sucked…bad. The basics don’t change.

There’s no sexy’d up battle drill 6 kinda stuff, no cool guy gear, not even any firearms. Because as I’ve said, that stuff is not nearly as important as the emphasis it gets. Just successful implementation of skills. This stuff is cheap and can be practiced in the park with a couple friends.

Now read this, courtesy of and :


How do you measure up?