HR 4269; a Response


To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.

To all concerned with this Bill,

I write not to ask of you to somehow decide upon infringement of my God-given rights; that consent is given only between myself and the Lord. You seek power which you do not possess, Lordship over man which cannot be granted only through consent of the governed.

Allow me to clarify- Government is based upon social contract. Laws are obeyed of convenience, and at such time as to become overbearing or cumbersome, recourse must be taken to ensure that freedom for us and our progeny.

Laws which infringe upon personal Liberties are, without exception, guised as reactions to some sort of crisis- which according to the authors, would prevent such atrocities. In every case, without exception, nothing is prevented aside from the stifling of opposition and true Liberty.

The crisis in our time is a result not of a free people possessing and bearing arms as a result of personal Liberty, but rather, an influx of those who respect neither the value of the individual nor the Western values of which our society is based upon. Those values, which have been watered down and castigated in the Marxist-inspired public school systems, are the very saving grace of our society. Instead, we are served with blame, shame of who we are, and a cultural replacement at every corner. This permeates our government at every step where the inability to place blame for such incidents resides.

The invaders of our culture seek not to integrate; rather they seek to destroy that which they cannot understand. Marxism cannot understand the will of the Individual, it forbids it and cannot function with it; Islam cannot function where Righteous Liberty is allowed to exist- its very name means “Submission before Allah”. Kept to their own, they pose little threat, however neither ideology can be contained among its purveyors. Both must be proselytized in order for its adherents to truly follow its tenants. It must be remembered that under both, the most egregious crimes against humanity have been not only allowed to occur but encouraged.

The solution to such issues is never more centralized control but rather more freedom; such cultural destruction cannot exist where a free people will not allow it. Such a response negates the need for Government, and thus, is never a popular option among those who seek control. In those efforts, those whom you seek to control will indeed revolt, every time, without fail, as has been proven in every instance in history. An oppressed people will not remain so willingly, and in time where the will overcomes the means to control, those people will win.

At this point in our history, many in the American Political Class seem to be incapable of understanding the rise of such contrarian candidates; the sides are becoming ever more galvanized. This is a dire warning which must be heeded- the next step as history demonstrates, is particularly violent against the perceived oppressor. It begins with a decision, to further infringe or assert Liberty; a tipping point to which the consequences very well may mean Liberty or Death.

I write to ask of you to consider and beware. A free and tolerant people to which this country has been blessed will only bear the burden for so long. Such language of a law as quoted above cannot and will not stand among a free people. Serious men wait patiently to view the resolve of those seeking control. These Men have great experience in War and are masters of replicating Men of their equal. These Men of experience do not want this, but will fight and win when pushed. May God bless you, and Long Live the Republic.


Sic semper evello mortem Tyrannis

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  4. I’m with you BB, a most proper appeal to Heaven.
    I think tolerance out of plain old fashioned good will has a lot to do with it all. It is very important to put up with much, it is dignity of liberty in action, the motive power of liberty, which is indomitable. It is a reflection of sovereign will and self determination. On the other hand the gun grabbers are going to be sticking their dicks in a meat grinder trying to implement their final ideas. It is one thing to meddle in our affairs, undermine freedoms involving ones income, medical related needs, privacy, speech, unfettered economy, and other components of liberty. Regardless of how distasteful and onerous they are, there are ways to work around them, in rebellion and resistance, without resorting to bloody lethal means of redress. Just refusing to comply is honorable resistance, at its finest. Most of us do resist to one degree or another, and we give the fuckers the finger by refusing to comply and consent, rightfully and properly so. That is just about a daily duty these days for all freemen. But for the sonofabitches to actually TAKE something which is a mans property, his rifle, for it is to begin with actual physical hold in your hands real property, never mind it is a gun, that to take it out of someones hands is quite another thing entirely. Especially if it is something that can be aimed and fired at those attempting to steal it from you.
    These promises and acts of Obama’s of disarmament of America is the nadir of the cultural marxists and their human extinction movement.
    They are just to fucking stupid to understand it.
    That My rifle is the fulcrum of my liberty.

    I’m at the had enough of this bullshit point.
    Want my rifle you fuckers? Lets get this party going then. Want to make an example out of someone. Come on. I’m waiting.
    Let’s get it out in the open and settle who and what is legitimate and what is just plain fucking stupid and wrong.
    I’ll be damned in hell before I’m judged by God if I let another guy die for my Liberty.

    Habitas Libertatem Aut Mori

  5. shocktroop0351

    If they couldn’t get the law passed after the emotional aftermath of Sandy Hook, why would they try and do it now? I think it is a sign of desperation, and I think the only way to get the general population to support it without an emotional catalyst would be to get them to see gun owners in a very negative light. And the only way to get the average American to support confiscation would be to convince people that gun owners are a bigger threat than ISIS or other extremists. There are bigger boogeymen in the average joe’s world now than there was 3 years ago. Like I said, they are desperate. They couldn’t get it done in the open, so now they are going to try some midnight deal. As far as I am concerned that will be a complete waste of their time, because nobody will pay any attention to it.

    1. It may be, but as Matt Bracken and others have pointed out, this President has a history of not caring for the Law of the Land and usurping current events. He’s also a firm believer in “if at first you don’t succeed, lie again because they don’t believe you enough…”
      The Country of Today very well may not be the Country of Tomorrow.

    2. Shocktroop0351

      I completely agree, there is no way this will work for them without some major changes to the sheeple’s habitat. And there are certainly many ways to do it. I also think they are in for a rude awakening, because in my opinion, majority of the “conservatives” in this country have not been awoken like most in the liberty movement. They are still worried about “R’s” and “D’s”. It reminds me of an article about the black hats and the white hats (It may have been written by T.L. Davis but I can’t find it now) where basically white hats were people who believed that voting in the right person would change everything, and black hats were people who had given up on that idea and decided to start preparing for changes. I think the vast majority of our “conservatives” in this country are white hats. And if the powers that be were smart they would keep them that way. The black hats are certainly in the minority, and so it is easy to make them seem extreme. By passing unnecessary laws and punishing people who haven’t done anything wrong, they will certainly create more black hats. And with the economy and internal and external strife between races and classes and other countries, I don’t think it will take much to make that many more black hats. Tell a 17 year old kid that he has no future and that the powers that be are to blame for ruining the country that his ancestors built for him, and you’ll have an instant black hat. Hell, he will be a black hat before he is old enough to get suckered into our voting system and become a white hat. (” Serious men wait patiently to view the resolve of those seeking control. These Men have great experience in War and are masters of replicating Men of their equal.”) The cultural marxist’s are already doing it with all this blame the white guy stuff. So there is definitely something afoot here, it is almost as if they want to quietly get the law into place, and then spring it into action as soon as there is an emotional stimulus for the average American to get behind. And once that snowball gets rolling, it will be hard to stop once they realize what their emotion based decisions have done. And at that point is when we have been completely derailed. I personally think that is the opportunity that the liberty movement needs to finally grab main stream attention, and there will be no denying the path that got us here and who, or better yet, what ideas are to blame. You can kill 1,000’s of followers, but if you don’t kill the idea, or better yet let it kill itself, it will continue to spread. Look at communism. I would be curious to know how many elderly Ukrainians sit around at coffee and bitch about the weather and lament on the good old days of Soviet rule. Probably won’t be seeing too much of that, that idea killed itself. Figuratively, all we will have to do is hold up a mirror and show America how much of a drunken whore she has turned into and who the enablers were that helped her along. Maybe then the average person will wake up and decide to do something, after all, who wants to put up selfies when your starving?

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  7. Shocktroop0351

    Great points Mtnforge, I appreciate the external links to other writings, ideas are constantly evolving things, and I love to refine my own ideas by analyzing things through other people’s writings. I think you are dead on about the “gray hats”. That was the idea I was trying to convey in my last reply. The silent majority that the marxists’ cannot afford to alienate, and then motivate. I think it is also ironic that all this fluff about an executive order, basically came down to nothing. He issued some orders, but they are so inconsequential to the average person that they won’t even be noticed, let alone followed. Feel free to correct me if you see things differently. But I think the “fanfare” given to the executive orders, followed by the real lack of impact of them, goes to show that the paper tiger is starting to understand just how fragile things are, and just how limited their power really is. To be honest I think they are starting to understand the true facts of life. You can dictate all you want, but only if people listen. I think they also understand that they have squeezed all the gun control out of the bill of rights that they are going to get. The timing of this whole EO thing was completely off, that’s what threw me for a loop to begin with. There was no need for it, and there was no emotional catalyst to spur it along. And luckily, none was provided. To be honest, I think we are beginning to see what I have seen referred to as “Thermidor” begin to take place. The marxists’ have begun to over extend themselves and have missed the opportunities needed to cement their ideas permanently. Not to say they haven’t made a mess of things, and not to say that there isn’t a lot of work that needs to be done. But I think like you said, the cat’s out of the bag, not just on liberty, but on their bullshit. The only people buying their bullshit are the FSA and those who would lose power. They have failed to convince the white and gray hats that giving up their liberty is better than keeping it. That being a poor vassal unable to change his life is better than the alternative. I think as time goes on, you will see the marxists become more desperate, and as they become more desperate they will get more off balance, and it will be harder for them to uphold the veil of having Americans’ best interest at heart. And as that happens, I think you will see more and more bolder action by the Bundy’s of the country.

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