Guerrilla Radio


h/t S31.

Pi-rate radio throwie

Simple, cheap, effective.

Can’t wrap the brain around why this is worth your time?

German Techs indirectly helping Salafists

“The group has been training journalists in conflict zones for more than a decade and often relies on FM radio to reach populations in far-flung areas that don’t have access to the Internet or smartphones. But when the group realized that shifting front lines and the brutal treatment of journalists meant operating large broadcast antenna could become too cumbersome or risky, it developed PocketFM.

It’s now being used to covertly broadcast in nine locations, including two that are controlled by the Islamic State group, said Hochleichter. Connected to a solar panel, a PocketFM transmitter can theoretically work autonomously for long periods of time…”

“…The project, which also includes compiling a daily best-of from nine cooperating radio stations that is beamed down by satellite, is financed by the German Foreign Ministry. It cooperates only with moderate opposition groups who have to abide by a code of conduct…”

…”Of course it’s necessary for us to make sure they don’t fall into propaganda scheme, which is very tough in Syria at the moment,” said Najat Abdulhaq, a Palestinian journalist who manages the project.

Proof is in the pudding, but that’s not the point.

The point is that they only have two, and are making it work. You have the ability and funds to build many times that, now.


12 thoughts on “Guerrilla Radio

  1. mtnforge

    I don’t know much about electronics, but could these be used as ham radio or CB radio repeaters? Like instead of large high powered repeaters of mountain tops that require considerable power, lots of small sacrificial repeaters strategically placed? Could you set them up to function like an echo system or something?

    1. Several repeaters have been built using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, etc.

      That’s not what this is.

      This is for the control of the flow of information, and spreading propaganda.

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  3. Is this reinventing the wheel?
    Long distance comms uses ham radio, local comms uses peer to peer CB, or V/UHF radios. The hams already have repeaters some of which will only need conversion to solar power. So why develop something that not everyone else has the technical expertise to make? In a crisis isn’t it better to use systems that are already in place and easily obtainable?

    1. In times of crisis, what do more folks get information from- a repeater, or the FM radio in their car? Propaganda is a whole different animal from two way communications.

      Local control of the narrative is crucial.

      1. Totally agree only look at it from my point of view.

        If I was to tune into the BBC and got guerilla chatter, I wouldn’t initially trust a voice or format I didn’t know. Not until I’d cross checked the Intel.
        That could be hard to do.

        After all if I came up on your broadcast channels and did the same to you. Would you trust me? Sight and rep unknown? I think not.

        Radio is just a voice and on broadcast or itinerant channels, that voice could be spouting lies just as easily as the government.

        If disaster occurs here, 8 other people I prep with will turn on the freeband and CB’s calling out for a SitRep. Them I trust.

      2. It’s not chatter.

        It’s “I’m part of an Underground, I know what to listen for on what frequency in what area.”

        Undergrounds work at macro levels, beyond one or two guys hanging out.

        Guerrilla movements typically also control areas, which require significant propaganda to reinforce positive attitudes during times of significant poverty, which large scale guerrilla movements cause.

        Those 8 people you “prep” with are great. They’re also dead in a hurry without a larger scale movement during a time of upheaval.

        This is not to be condescending at all; it’s simply a strong illustration of the lack of understanding “preppers/theepers/militia/whatever” have with building an actual underground and a movement that gains traction.

        And this is the last word on this topic. Apparently some don’t and won’t get it.

  4. phthisis1942

    The adage is: “The proof of the pudding is in the taste.” For you youngsters out there.

    There’s another addage that says if you don’t have anything useful to say, don’t say it.

    Merry Christmas.

  5. Bubba Man

    The point of this is that it can be used for informational broadcasts to the regular folks who just own FM stereos and only know how to tune in stations. Remember Radio Free Europe?

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