9 thoughts on “The Spearhead Transmission

  1. Hey just listened to this on the way to work. Good job, it’s not too often that it is so excruciating to listen to a podcast because you want to take part in the conversation so bad.

  2. Country as a turnip green. I love it.

    And, whether we like it or not, the weaponization of data is well underway.

    Anyway, excellent interview. Mad props to ya’, mah brotha!

  3. The comment on the cherry Private getting what is going on, a waste… I was an Advisor to the Iraqi Army. There were some Jundis guarding some buildings being refurbished. (For anyone unfamiliar with the IA that was to keep another IA Unit from squatting in them or taking them over.) I go to see if they are taking care of these guys one day and as soon as I pull up this one Jundi asks me why we were doing this. Why would we make all of that effort and spend all of that money? He goes on to say that when we left they were going to be ” tore up”, that they would be just as we found them. That they didn’t take care of things. He looked me in the eye and told me they didn’t deserve it and we were wasting our time. This 19 year old kid, probably from Sadr City, got it. But how many people refused to grasp that?

    1. EXACTLY.

      I spent a good amount of time training, partenering, and patroling with the Peshmerga the first time, and the Emergency Response BN in one part of Iraq, supposedly the more elite of the IP, the second time. They had the same attitude.

      They knew. My Joes knew too.

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