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  1. Operate under the assumption that everything you do is under constant surveillence.

    Mordor’s “Great Eye” is ever watchful.

    If you have a computer with sensitive information on it, like banking records, password lists, etc., air-gap that bitch.


    You can pick up a dirt cheap PC nowadays. Treat it like you’re buying a safe; only, it’s a safe for your personal information. Folks have no problems dropping stacks of cash on a safe for physical protection on their guns, gold, n groceries; do the same for your information.

    As someone who’s sensitive information was compromised twice by third parties having my information, one governmental, one private, a data breach of your information can cost a lot more, at least temporarily, than a loss of the three G’s by physical thieves.

    1. Yup.

      Everything is potentially compromised- and from that standpoint, normally reverting back to lower technology yields better results.

      1. I could use this opportunity to make a half-joke about carrier pigeons, but the French, I believe, still actively train them. If it comes to that, well, it comes to that.

  2. From that piece you linked to Mike:
    “…Later in 2015, researchers introduced “GSMem”, a method for exfiltrating data from air-gapped computers over cellular frequencies. The transmission – generated by a standard internal bus – renders the computer into a small cellular transmitter antenna.”

    Sounds like the implications are unlimited.
    Probably have to employ an RF screen our wrap your air gap run device with RF blocking cloth.
    Meat space, analog technology and HAM looks better every day.

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