The Red In The Streets Of Chicago

A great article.

Pay attention; none of this, including the events of last night and a predictor of things to come, happens by accident. The more tools you have in the toolbox now, the further ahead of the power curve you will be.

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  1. The Chicago Shitshow is symptomatic of a society in decline; whether by nature or design, things are NOT okay in the Republic.

    Keep in mind, this is occurring when:

    1) Roofs are over heads
    2) Clothes are on backs
    3) Bellies are full
    4) Dancing With The Stars and NFL/MLB/NBA/National Hop-Skotch League games are still on the imbecile machine
    5) We have the most “transparent” administration in US history

    And, most importantly:

    6) The lights are still on

    As CA from WRSA says, “Conduct yourselves accordingly.”

    Dark days, my brotha.

    1. Agreed, 100% and then some. Myself and others have been pointing these facts out; hopefully someone is taking heed.

      The best bet for FREEFOR now is to not be lured into the fray- let them show their hand, it’s the same hand they’ve been playing since Marx sponged off Engles.

      The largest issue as I see it is the fact that they have an endgame, and we by and large, don’t. “Conservatives” exist on the mantra of maintaining the status-quo; which lends itself to always being reactionary in nature. I don’t see this changing, hence why we continue to slide towards the helltopia. One big plus for our side is the fact that the Left is quite complacent in the expected response- and this is going to change as soon as the factors you pointed out change. Then, and only then, do people act on the seething anger that is present in the populace. As soon as the hipsters start taking losses, they’ll fold quick. Ayers and the gang knew that as well- that’s why their goal was to invite in other armies to enforce their will; they were just priming the pump.

      1. Indeed.

        I’d like to think our Endgame is more Liberty/ more prosperity for everyone, and the right to be left the hell alone, if so desired.

        My personal persuit of happiness is to just, please, be left the hell alone.

        The Celebrity Marxists know they can goad the proletariat to do their bidding for them. It shows a lack of character. They are more than happy to let dupes be their underlings and do the dirty/wet work for them. I also, sincerely, believe this is why the political wedge issues, specifically related to race, are being so heavily pushed. The entire false dialectic being presented is sucking folks into a trap.

        The BLM are pawns in a much bigger game, and are completely being played; their grievances aren’t necessarily unfounded; however, their momentum has been co-opted for parallel purposes.



        So stealing that.

      2. Every once in a while I come out with a good one or two- you’re more than welcome to use it though 😉

        As far as BLM and prole-feed, et al…useful idiots.

        As I wrote a week ago, they(the cadre) seek to exploit any and every social fracture possible.

  2. mtnforge

    It’s telling William Ayers slithered out from under his rock and showed his face in front of the video camera’s. Somebody takes the insurgency of people voting for Donald Trump seriously.
    Red diaper baby astro turf in Chicago, check.
    Kill The Kulak’s, check.

    Pretty fascinating witnessing the cultural marxist-archy attempting to re-create the Russian revolution. As ugly as it looks being there, they ain’t going to be successful till the killing and dying starts in earnest and organized fashion, and even then I don’t think they can pull it off.
    There are too many Kulak’s, information technology of today is too nebulous, too difficult to monopolize to the degree necessary. And we ain’t Russians to begin with.

    Me, I think they made a poor strategic choice staging this staged event against the electorate they targeted. I know Chicago is red diaper baby central, but I think they’re ideology blinds them to some critical things. And as large and organized as it looks, it doesn’t have the substance and grass roots motive power required to have the depth of a plurality of people. Sure its violent and aggressive, but it is a reaction to a preference cascade, and I think too they are going to have to put guns in the hands of their useful dupes and send them into flyover country and have the law look the other way and not impede them.

    Flyover country of the US is a very different flyover country of Lennin’s and Stalin’s Russia.
    We had our revolution already, and it won against the Marxists. So I think the dynamics are very different. But if they want to start killing The Kulaks, which is the logical next step for cultural marxism, I think they are going to find it isn’t the Kulak’s who will comprise a target rich environment.
    Ole Bill still needs his 25 million or so dead.
    25 million is a tall order no matter how you slice it, it requires a lot more than astro turf idiots in Chicago or Baltimore. Doing the deed in the cities is probably “easier”, out in bitter clinger country, that is a lick of work where talking about. And what’s the point of 25 million city dwellers. They aren’t Kulak’s, they are the corporate slave class.

  3. Interesting piece below.
    The cultural marxists are busy little bee’s.
    The author’s contends:

    “The first thing that one needs to know about Hybrid Wars is that they’re never unleashed against an American ally or anywhere that the US has premier preexisting infrastructural interests…”

    I think the guy is missing a couple of salient aspects of the globalists.
    In any case, to those behind this, when it comes to peoples freedom, their property and prosperity, eventually everything looks like a nail.
    That evil like this is never satisfied. Until it is rejected wholesale or crushed and it is people themselves who rise up and reject it or crush it. Or both.

    1. The author’s view is ostensibly from a Russian Nationalist view. While his premise is correct as far as how movements develop, his piece is a good example of Interior Propaganda.

      He omits several key items- such as the “cultural” revolutions here in the States- issues that the GRU very openly exploited. Viktor Suvrov wrote extensively about this exploitations, particularly in his books Aquarium and Spetsnaz.

      This is not to say that .gov is not exploiting such matters on the ground in other nations- they most certainly are. The bottom line is that the game is changing here. Rapidly.

      1. mtnforge

        That is my understanding too in regards to here.
        It is timely understanding signs of what and why, and where things are leading that is so important. It’s getting sporty.
        Lot remains to be seen though regardless of the statists efforts.

    1. He’s the guy I’ve been talking about…

      As to him being dead yet again…well, pics or it didn’t happen. He’s been dead more than once.

      Back in late December it was reported he was captured by us too- that was later denied.

      Could’ve been a textbook extraction. Someone else will take his place.

  4. mtnforge

    Down the rabbit hole we go weeee!

    All you can do is be as ready as you can. Like you say this shit is has dropped in the pot and its only a matter of time before we get to see what being balkanized is all about.
    Speaking of which, we have been through that process two times, American style, and the chances are real good it can happen because we are a collection of nation states, the feds administrative tyranny and its never ending war of yankee aggression not withstanding. In some ways balkanization American style may be just what is required. Amerikan style not so much. But those maniacs can have their utopias. They still need to feed their useful idiots and free shit army. Was it Ethan Allen from Vermont who said something about the God of the mountains?

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