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Great write up JJ and JC- the cornerstone of a guerrilla movement, as I wrote before, is the recognized collective efficacy towards a common goal. The Left has been doing it for a LONG while now, and the examples mentioned in the US are simply the current machinations.

Looking like a wierdo or a SOF never-gonna-be is a good way to end up on someone’s ROE. That someone often has better support than you and your shooting buddies. It’s also a social barrier with little recognized authority among those which you live. And that recognized authority is also the difference between them protecting you when needed or outing you under pressure from an occupying force. You must realize it is that populace which will feel the most burden of your escapades; they will tire of you quickly if you A) fail to deliver, and B) Cause more trouble than you’re worth.

A guerrilla’s greatest attribute is his populace; he is of them. That’s why some recent domestic incidents have failed when others have succeeded. This concept might be relevant soon.

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  1. mtnforge

    I’ve had bosses like that, perception more about being a boss instead of being a boss. Leadership is like that too I think.
    Lot of folks haven’t figured it out yet. Hearts and minds. When your a resister to any bit of tyranny your a leader no matter ones capacity, because your putting so many under the guillotine of tyrants by your existence and actions, because you are the resistance to tyranny, and it is contingent upon you to resist in a manner appropriate and responsible to the consequences of your actions, in everything you do, because Everything you do matters.
    Liberty is the ultimate kind of responsibility, it is a very dangerous affair. Takes a lot of courage and principles, you got to be prepared to living with the consequences of and die defending, not just yourself either.
    There is nothing but the truth here as I see these guys are saying, that as important as you may believe you are as the honorable armed resistance, without the support of the dirt people behind you you won’t last much past your ammo load out and the food in your ruck, and all the pretty cammies in the world aint worth a bucket of warm spit.
    Tacticool mall ninja crap just don’t cut it. That is for opfor. It is Burns County Oregon Rules you got to be thinking about.
    Statist Rules that go back to at least the civil war, but in our present times it is the deliberate calculated cold blooded murder of American children, woman, and men, such as at at Waco Texas writ large.
    All of it, from LeVoy Finnicum to Waco to Vince Foster, through Fast & furious, to Benghazi, Lois Lerner of the IRS, DOJ, from Bill and Hillary, Obama, Jarret, Holder and the media etc, it is all Waco Rules. It is not too far a stretch of the possible that Oklahoma City, Aroura, Newtown, and who knows what else, is all part and parcel of the nefarious strategy and tactics, crisis as a means and social engineering, born out of an agenda, to destroy this Republic from the top down, inside out.
    Mortage meltdowns, banksters bailed out to the tune of trillions of extortion money, Americans robbed of everything they worked their lives for. Americans dying by the scores due to the actions of the same cast of suspects over and over again since the war of northern aggression. In that light, camouflage is good for only one thing, concealment so you can live to fight the bastards when you are fighting the bastards. Strutting around like a bandy rooster in the latest tactical fashion pattern, you might as well wear a sandwich board that says shoot my dumb arse for all its worth.
    It is the act that matters.

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