An excellent view of real Guerrilla Life


Vice: Foreigners Fighting ISIS in Syria

As a sort of follow up to the last post linking JC Dodge and Jesse James, I thought it relevant to show yet another glimpse of what genuine guerrilla units look like.

A guerrilla’s life is one of poverty, motivated by the sole recognition that if He fails, his cause fails. In my opinion this video more than adequately exhibits this truth, and recognizes some of the uncomfortable realities of that life, and even a decent look at the differences in posture a guerrilla leader must maintain to keep his men at arms faithful.

While politically many of the fighters featured are definitely in the Left lane, compared to their pathetic effeminate American counterparts inhabiting every coffee shop, respect must be given to those taking up arms for a worthy cause. They do not expect anyone to come to their aid in some mass act of liberation, as leftists in the US do.

Knowing and fighting alongside many Kurds in northern Iraq, I’ll state that they are people not swayed by adversity. The same cannot be said about Joe Suburbanite. These are not people playing at war; the Kurds are a people fighting for their very survival. They may not fit the SOF wanna-be paradigm many envision- but what they do is functional for where they are. Also keep in mind they are not fighting a nation state but rather a similar guerrilla force. Against an occupying force, such posture would have far less success and much higher casualty rates.

Could it be done better? Certainly. But you are here and they are there, and it’s pretty easy to say what you would do in a given situation far removed from it. Reality is quite real for them, it may be for you very soon. Keep that in mind.

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      1. Welcome, come meet the team-
        “Gucci, Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton…”

        I will say though, a multicam top makes a good base for a ghillie, being a bit lighter in color than BDUs. I used DCUs for a couple of mine. Always want to go from light to dark with camo.

      2. Roger that.

        Most camo ends up looking the same when it’s covered in mud, blood, oil, sweat, shit-stains, burlap, Tobasco, and dip-spit.

        ; )

        RE: the Vice video: Dudes nutted up. I’d also be willing to wager another difference between them and the gucciflage fellas is a software-centric approach vs. a hardware-centric approach.

  1. mtnforge

    Wont be long NCScout, you can smell it it’s coming. That kind of conflict on our home soil will be so fractured and convoluted there will be no defining combat zones as it evolves, as it is evolving, as both systems of rule of men and insurgency against it evolve. Resistance to tyranny takes time to evolve, it ebbs and flows, it is nebulous at least at first as such things really only coalesce out of conflict to begin with, and because of the provincial grass roots nature of their origins and motive power, they are naturally unorganized, indiscriminate seeming at least in their very beginnings.
    There are so many axes being sharpened it will be an AR15 sponsored diaspora of biblical proportions, lot of people are gonna take a dirt nap because of personal differences as things heat up. This is a big arse country, and regardless of the “diversity” being crammed up our butts in order to dilute the varying cultures that abound this land, it will most likely dwarf anything in history before it. Sure there is allegory and prologue to learn from history, I doubt there are any who can fully understand what will happen. It is germane to much, the cultural marxist never stopped waging their war of northern aggression, it only evolved into a war against any secession, not of only a region, but of secession of the heart and mind by a multitude dead set against them. America is like a grenade with the pin pulled right now. I think in one respect William Ayers and the rest of his psychopathic pals will have their 25 million pounds of flesh. It will take awhile for American style Kurdish regions verses the Turks to thresh out in the meat grinder and misery internecine conflict and civil insurgency verses the state and their proxy style of cultural warfare. All the classic signs are there, aside from the reality all totalitarian/corrupto-oligharcy’s reliably never stop until they are stopped. Internecine warfare is on the menu, the red diaper babies are hell bent on fomenting and propagating it, because one things dead nuts certain the destruction of America as it was created is the agenda and intended end game. Just the very idea of it stands in their way. And somehow that is a truly heart warming thing. Once that culture of liberty is sufficiently diminished in size politically and culturally the the rest of the world is toast. At least that is what I see as the purpose of destroying America as we know it as an idea of a republic and its peoples sovereign self determination originating from primal components of Liberty.
    Issues of Gucci camouflage aside, it all really all comes down to guns. Who has them, who doesn’t, who uses them and who doesn’t. That is a great determining factor here also. It is the fact of life that overshadows and supersedes all else now. There is no bullshitting ourselves on this. Force and violence is all the state ever had to begin with once it turned from the idea of rule of individual sovereignty. Its been down hill since and these are the inevitable outcomes today. Things would be very different though if we as citizenry where not armed. That can never be underestimated. Another thing also, these arguments and debates about militias and validity of armed and prepared citizens, that and the thought leaders of the day will be swept up in the great tribulation in the offing which I doubt there is no stopping, for we are all like the pig now, committed.
    Col. John Boyd said “For winning wars, people are most important, ideas come second, and hardware is only third.” Which contained an interesting conundrum if you think about it, because without our being such the armed culture we are, his axiom would be a very different critter, because we are the culture we are to begin with, because of our “hardware” to begin with.

    In a way, none of whats going down should be surprising, as individual freedom and liberty does not survive in systems of power under large states as liberty and self determination are naturally incompatible with any system of statist power or any style of oligarchy. It is oil to water. But more important no tyranny ever, ever saw liberty and self determining people it liked and tolerated.

    Maybe it all just has to happen this way, after all the eternal war of good verses evil is really one long non stop guerrilla war if you think about it. Those involved in founding this idea we call America, they didn’t create a country, they created and passed on a legacy, forged from guerrilla war, from an insurgency that in fact won the day, such things are a part of that never ending war between good and evil. It isn’t fourth generation war, it is human war, very human, because the crux of it is free men fighting to remain free from somebody else’s war of making everyone a slave or dead.
    So what is to fear really from a despotic totalitarian state bent on subjugation or liquidation of every not afraid of it? It’s the act that matters. Camouflage and caliber size has absolutely nothing to do with the cold harsh reality of it all.

    1. Yep. As for Ayers & co, just keep in mind they aim to import fighters for them. From the BPP to communist forces abroad, they always want someone else to do it for them.

      Knowing that, ask yourself what Obama was doing across South America a couple weeks ago, and what Herr Kerry was doing last week.

  2. shocktroop0351

    It blows my mind that there is a 19 year old girl from Canada that just up and volunteers to fight ISIS. It really goes to show you what having the moral high ground for a cause can do. IF people think it is the right thing to do, they just do it. She see’s a dead guy from an air strike and shrugs it off, because it was a bad guy. (Granted, there are things that once seen, you don’t unsee, but that is something to worry about later in life.)
    I think back to the pre-deployment training I went through before I went to Iraq, and I can’t imagine that this girl received anything close to that, not to mention the mental conditioning I received all through my career before that. But then again, she is content to die knowing in her heart that it is the right thing she is dieing for, whereas there wasn’t one swinging Richard that I knew overseas that was willing to die for our “cause”. That’s not to say none of us wouldn’t have done anything to save another, or even a civilian, but our “cause” did not resonate with us as morally right. That is still somewhat hard for me to admit openly, I almost feel like it is a traitorous thought, but it was one that was openly expressed by many of my peers at the time.

    1. As for the young lady, well, it takes guts. She’s definitely riding in the left lane(like nearly all of the folks featured by Vice- but that’s another story, they’re covering contemporary stuff minus the typical filter, so I pay attention even if I politically disagree) but I respect anyone who steps up at that level for a cause.

      As for working overseas, that’s a complicated topic for me to really intimate. The first time I went was a different attitude than the second, and different still the third. To my fellow men, loyalty unquestioned, to all else, well, it’s complicated. And anyone who’s BTDT knows it’s not something that can be explained, nor do we want to explain it.

      Next go around is going to be different.

      1. “Next go around is going to be different.”

        I agree completely, when something feels morally right, there isn’t any confusion and it is easy. Not to mention, if it were my wife and children that were scared to go to school or to market because of some ‘foreign’ fighters, it would be all too easy to start cleaning house.

        On a side note, one of the things that I find the most interesting in these newest small wars is the combination of old and new technology at the basic soldier level. They are fighting with Vietnam era weaponry for the most part, but able to skype with people “back home”.

  3. mtnforge

    Without doubt I believe you are correct, and that they are in the process of creating for quite sometime various divisions of proxy violent cultural marxist “warriors”. No need to ask what they are up to, it is plain it is “diplomatic” missions in preparations for continuity of oligarchy, aka “continuity of government”, strengthening ties with useful fellow commie allies, transfer of wealth, and creating contingency safe havens, along with foreign assistance in staging and the smooth importation into the continental US of foreign “peace keepers” and musloid agents. Globalist marxists be global marxists. Corruption is the grease that keeps the machine running.
    But that is only part of the big picture. There are other dynamics in play. What is also coming has the earmarks of renaissance insurgent war, one that is nebulous yet substantial in its origins. What I see different from so many civil conflicts is hundreds of thousands of civil individuals with cold fury in their hearts who have kept their peace, their powder dry, and with the exception of small bands of determined friends and family and tribes spread out all across this land, people who basically do not trust anyone except their own individual self, a trusted close associate or family member, consisting of quiet determination, inspired will, and an innate inherent sense of their primal liberty. This distrust is understandably so, and an important component of legitimacy of self and motivations which spring from it. It is dawning on multitudes the truth there are no other, and there is no place, like home. Loosing is not an option. There is serious motive power in this, the kind that become indomitable, makes for people who understand dying for their beliefs, their way of life, is secondary to freedom. These are totalitarianisms remaining souls who will not be ruled and who will not be made to consent to force fear and violence.
    The remarkable thing is the oligarchy class fears these people and their motivations probably more than all the arms and ammo this multitude possess, in that this seemingly tolerant unconnected nebulous in geography culture is going to become a plurality of really pissed off people at some point as they are being pushed towards the point of intolerance, people who possess the latent power to become a force no tyrant can stop. It will seemingly come out of nowhere, as it is beginning to evolve into a cascade of quiet defiance, and the catalyst which will motivate these souls into a paradigm will be a black swan outlier nobody recognizes when it begins. This plurality is going to be what it is in great part exactly because it is something those in power have spent inordinate energy, political capitol, and in the process have waged vast cultural/economic and police state warfare suppressing. People of this kind of resistance turn from being the most tolerant and peaceful, into merciless cold blooded patriots and warriors. A sleeping giant. Preference cascade has much to do about it. Right now its like a dam with a lot of pressure behind it. These smart ass smarmy regime actors jetting around like their shit don’t stink, well, there shit does stink, its a festering foul stench. It is what it is, utterly corrupt, worthless, the system is illegitimate by design, it is rigged in order it can function without bulwarks against its illegitimacy, its purpose now is to survive its very illegitimacy, and because of this reality, burning it to the ground it poisons and salting the earth it occupied is pretty much the only viable legitimate course of redress at this point.
    Exactly because the sonofabitches have purposefully created a system with no avenues of peaceful redress but would take generations to accomplish if it is even possible.
    Sometimes I think those who founded this republic, they didn’t leave us a republic, they left us a legacy, and that destiny is without doubt ours, in spite of the bastards, that somehow all this seemingly rotten choices and portent of tribulation it promises, it is to be something we have to go through, as it is part of human nature we can only figure out the best of ourselves by wading through the worst of ourselves, and somehow we come out the other side, for all the trials and tribulations, the better for it. That it is our destiny. And somehow it is really worth fighting for, not because there might be no tomorrow, but because there is much good in this world and a better and greater tomorrow.

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