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Press TV Iran- Russian, Syrian, Iranian Defense Ministers’ Joint Summit

The defense ministers are to exchange viewpoints on the latest regional developments and ways to strengthen and extend the fight against terrorism during the trilateral meeting, the IRNA news agency reported.

Al Jazeera- Russians prepare new Ground Operations in Syria

“Russia has little choice. It can’t allow itself to lose Aleppo. This would deprive it of a trump card. This would enable the other side to regain the initiative and [force Russia] to accept conditions not favourable for Assad,” Sergey Strokan, a political analyst, told Al Jazeera.

There are Russian voices within the government and military pushing for the ground operation.

Russia’s intervention in Syria has been costly – billions of dollars have already been spent, and the country is suffering from an economic crisis.

The Kremlin never wanted a permanent war, and it can’t just pull out of a conflict that has brought it back into the international arena.

That is why some analysts suggest a “Stalingrad” in Syria is what the Syrian government and its allies need – a final battle to decisively end the war. And that would require ground troops.

New York Times- Russians Using Syria as Proving Ground

In a report this month for the European Council on Foreign Relations, Gustav Gressel argued that Mr. Putin had overseen the most rapid transformation of the country’s armed forces since the 1930s. “Russia is now a military power that could overwhelm any of its neighbors, if they were isolated from Western support,” wrote Mr. Gressel, a former officer of the Austrian military.

A couple of things you need to know up front- the same clowns who’ve been lying to you this entire time instigated the war in Syria. Second, two of the projected belligerents sought strengthened relations with the US in the mid 2000s.

MLCOA: Airstrikes will resume in Syria soon, with Hezbollah’s coordination on the ground and guidance from Alfa Group. I also expect a larger presence of conventional troops to hold Aleppo once taken by Assad’s forces. Expect oil prices to rise(the Saudi surplus is beginning to dwindle), coupled with an uptick in violence in Europe as more Sunni “refugees” flood in with a populace finally waking up to what’s happening to them.

MDCOA: Chechnya erupts into violence once more, leading to violence inside Russia. Pockets of Chechen dissidents have been fighting alongside Right Sektor in Ukraine as well as ISIS, getting experience. Meanwhile, Muslims have a different objective- bringing Europe under a Caliphate.

On another note…I wonder how many of those domestic insurgency programs the Soviets had a hand in on our shores are still in operation?

13 thoughts on “Open Sources-8 JUN 16

  1. LFMayor

    Well to answer your last question: The ivory towers of the universities are still humming right along and despite a small downturn in early summer profits Hollywood is still pushing corrosive good thinks. Humanitarian “church” organizations are doing all possible outrages to drive wedge social issues into the nuclear family while pumping neighborhoods full of freshly arrived refugee vibrants.

    1. Yep.

      It’s important that more begin to realize that last bit- there’s a lot who’re asleep at the wheel. Look up which Churches supported the child invasion two summers ago. Might surprise a few.

      1. mtnforge

        Are there current time connections between the present red diaper babies who comprise the Chicago regime running things, and the residual elements of the old red soviet Nomenklaturer and the 5th column amerikan intelligentsia? There isn’t much said about the comintern these days, but I’ve always wondered if it was possible much of it just up and went away with Perestroika and the collapse of the old soviet union, rather it has been occluded by the efforts of 5th column elements which control the US media, and still hard at it.

      2. Yes there is. But they’ve done a great of of coming into their own.

        Amerikan Bolshevism didn’t start with Soviet influence, rather parallel to it, but they were mutually co-dependent.

  2. It’s “The Levant Stupid”, (no, not talking about you guys), it is all about the Levant, always has been, long before present history. Like you say NC, history being circular.
    Just follow the money, all oil roads lead to the money, (gas pipelines too).
    It is very interesting who is using proxies to wage war and who isn’t, that in itself is telling.
    You all remember back many moons when 3 particular congress/domestic-enemies visited Assad? Before “the arab spring”, Benghazi, Libya, and Daesh/IS?
    Remember Assad flatly refused a Quatari gas pipeline through Syria. The proxy masters replaced it with a “refugee” pipeline through Syria.
    Then you have all the convenient peripheral’s and geopolitical crisis’ as means, Funny how convenient. Along with the western 5th column narrative of the Russian Bear as an insurgent imperialistic aggressor seeking world dominion. Everything just too convenient.
    And I’m thinking timelines, timelines everywhere that dovetail with the oligarchy’s crowned psychopath in a pants suit’s anointment to the pax amerikana throne. So many connections. And so much of it timed to coincide with that change of potentate, and all the mandarin’s in waiting to divvy up the spoils.
    Putin and his tribe making a hash of things in the Levant for the proxy masters, the rise of “The Great Fuck You” of the dirt people, in the form of Trump, growing secessionist movements from Texas to Brexit, the madness of wonton importation of musloids and radical brown people, lot of things in flux. It’s an improvised pressure cooker device ready to cook off.

      1. mtnforge

        It’s such a mind blowing C-F, we will probably never know how insane those running things are, nor all the truly evil deeds they have committed, all in the name of money, and does it matter, but I’m pretty sure we are going to suffer the consequences in really bad ways pretty soon. They have turned inward domestically, and in relative terms, are far more circumspect how they perpetrate their psychopathy. You can’t as a “ruling” body of political and monied interests use chaos and war as an instrument of manipulating people, in order to extract the wealth of indigenous dirt people, and have totalitarian, never mind any corrupt power really, power over their prosperity and happiness, their resources, and not eventually not create Armageddon. Look at that hubristic collection of psychopaths meeting in Europe this week. They are getting ready to divvy up our world like they are untouchables. War is one of the most profitable methods of wealth accumulation there is for corruptocrats. It’s not them who do the bleeding and the dying. Not yet anyways. Once the Fabians figured out how to turn Republican form of government into administrative tyranny, it was game on, the federal government has been flexing it’s tyranny ever since, and in my mind they have been exporting that tyranny to other states, the federal government basically has a monopoly on exporting it to other nations whether they want it or not. It is rich, and I’m loath to say it, but SF and most of our military has been the sharp end instrument of spreading that tyranny. Once the marxists and Lincoln got a taste for waging aggression against the South and it’s primal right to secede from administrative tyranny and that godless yankee state, it was like heroine for tyrants. They are coming back this way, domestically for round 2, and it isn’t only the South they have their minds on, it is secession of the heart and mind of every American who could resist them, resist and defy their tyranny, they are gonna be waging war against. It is what they do.
        So when you talk about family, and tribe, and organization of those humble human dirt resources, about true small infantry, of basic and robust, open source resources from comms to living handcrafts, your talking all that stands in these monsters way. And, as Andrew Brietbart said so well, “We have guns”. Patrick Henry was right, he and his friends where always right about having arms. All I know for sure, by God’s grace resistance is never futile, in fact resistance by the dirt people is all that has ever saved humanity from the worst of itself. I know too, the oligarchy and its ilk are afraid of us dirt people, I know because they remember what happened in the war of northern aggression, and this time that secession, it’s nebulous, it won’t be the reasoned acts of Robert E. Lee and his fellow travelers of reason and restraint, there will be no Mason Dixon line or states loyalty, it will be open source war against the bastards the likes of which no one has witnessed. I see the dirt people winning, I see that legacy left by those who founded our liberty as truly a legacy, it is our destiny, that it all couldn’t have happened any other way, that we come out the other side better, for all our warts and faults as dirt people, better people for it. It is providence. And those running things, they may be afraid of us and our rifles, but it is our indomitable will and our tribe of freedom they do not understand, because if they did know what we are capable of exacting in retribution and recourse as dirt people, they wouldn’t be messing with us. Because, yes, We Did Build That.
        You know what your made of, what, but for the grace of God you will go. So do I, and it isn’t just that rifle I hold in my hands, it is what that rifle represents that really matters. And so do millions of us. It is only that tolerance and grace we hold in our hands like our rifles that separates us from the animals running things. Once unleashed there is no force on Earth equal to it, or can stand in it’s way.
        So to me, watching these psychopaths trail of death and destruction across the world, it is repugnant, it is evil beyond expression, it is cautionary, it is what will come to pass here as they are turning ever more inward, but with a very profound difference. Those boy’s from Burns and the Bundy Ranch rotting away as political prisoners, they did good, real good, somebody had to be first, make that true sacrifice, for it was The Sacrifice for Liberty, and those guys have resolute hearts, they grabbed the tyrants by the balls and looked em right in the eye, they looked in the beasts eye and the beast is afraid. They shot their wad, it is all they have, executing LeVoy Finnicum and putting every -\/\/\/\- in the federal gulag. It knows it can’t survive more than a handful of Burn’s boys, it can’t survive that motive power of primal liberty, it can’t because it has no legitimacy, hence no power, but tacit coercion, threat of force, and use of violence, that absolutely in no uncertain terms it is the only “power” it has, only power it has ever had. And it can not force people to consent to it. Where that consent, the withdrawal of it, is the greatest weapon ever devised. Consent is unique in all the world, it can never be taken, it can only be given, only you can consent or not to something, it is choice, it is all about choice. And if you will not consent to tyranny, all tyrants can do is kill you to make you consent by literally eliminating your withdrawal of consent. And what is their to fear but a federal government bent on killing every man woman and child who resists and refuses to bend a knee? And that is where this is all heading. But their problem, really serious problem, is they need us more than we need them, there are far more of us than them, we are born into liberty, we understand what consent is, and we have guns. It is an impossible nut for them to crack. The problem for us dirt people is we basically do not grok yet we are a plurality to begin with. To “begin with” is key. It is prologue the cultural marxist are out to destroy every vestige of symbol of The South and God, those things are synonymous with a plurality of people united in legitimacy of liberty, of themselves as sovereign, and as people, who hold that legitimate high ground. We are the Kulak’s now. Make no mistake.
        So all the words of wisdom from Comms to common sense preps, to support of family tribe and community, from gear to true small infantry tactics to terrain, human and tecnological, to combat first aid to rifles, it all counts, because they are force multipliers of that legitimacy we as dirt people possess.

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