A Forgotten History

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It came first with a tax and a set of laws. The Ottoman, seeking to further cement its Iron fist from the Sultanate, fearing growing issues in Europe and desiring a means to motivate the growing social revolutionary youth class, found their savior in creating the long thorn in their side- the holdouts of a conquered culture, the remaining scaffolds of the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Eastern Roman Empire among the Armenian minority population.  Islam had tolerated them though repression, but as the winds of change began to blow with a new generation, so did the attitude towards the Dhimmi.

Among the youthful Marxist-inspired revolutionary class, an unholy marriage of marxism and Islam was created. The Young Turks, as they became known, sought solidarity throughout the Ottoman Empire. Dhimmis were thus not allowed to own any new property, and what property was owned could no longer sit on higher elevations than their Saracen counterparts. Ethnic schools began to be first heavily taxed then put out of business, and those which refused were killed quietly. As word began to spread, awareness among the oppressed grew. But as the proverbial boiling pot analogy goes, there was little escape.

By this time, in the second decade of the Twentieth Century among the meat grinder of World War I, a final solution to the cultural dilemma was realized based upon the model created first in the progressive United States and then in British South Africa with the Boers; the Concentration and mechanized extermination of those who refuse to submit. The Turkish model differed however; instead of the creation of camps, outright murder would prove a method more palatable.

Prisoners of another minority class, the Kurds, were released and armed, told they’d be exonerated if they killed on behalf of the Ottoman, not unlike the Saracen Janissary of yore. And kill they did. Wanton murder became the norm, and the press created a sensation of this brutal gang running amok in the countryside senselessly targeting the Christian minority. Under the auspices of protection, the Ottoman Gendarme was invited into the holdout villages. They soon joined in the destruction as two pincers of a machine.

armenian genocide.jpg

Pictured above was often the result- crucified women and children in a profane offense to their religion, while the men were forced to watch and later executed. The Ottoman, like most things coming from the Islamic world, was brutish and incompetent; a good number escaped despite their best efforts. The much maligned Kurds of Northern Iraq, some of which complicit in the genocide, also protected the fleeing Armenians and secured passage to other parts of the world.

It is not there that this tale ends; although the Ottoman Empire was broken and the remaining Armenians in the far eastern regions created a new nation and aligned with the Warsaw Pact for protection, this history is still being written today. While any Western school child can tell you anything about the Nazi’s plan of WWII, none are taught anything about the models by which it was built upon, or the other populations which suffered under the boot of tyranny. They are not taught the propensity for violence inherent in both Islam and Marxism; conversely praise is offered along with derision for those cornerstones of Christianity which have moved mountains. Our president refused to acknowledge the genocide on it’s hundred year anniversary in 2015- a terribly significant act but one which went unnoticed by a complicit press and a rabidly ignorant populace. A false coup in Turkey further cemented the power of a man seeking to recreate the glory days of the Ottoman Empire Caliphate, as he says as much. We have a generation of young marxists who see little issue with Islam or the evil at it’s root; as long as it’s profane to the righteous, it matters not by which means control is gained.

To survive, the Lassiez-faire attitude of certain “Libertarians” towards religion must end. Though controversial, this statement is irrefutably true through every historical example. Islam is utterly incompatible with the West and any free people. And Christianity is that which cements and galvanizes a culture. Look about the regions which currently see the greatest cultural siege and tell me this is not true. Although not an essay on dogma alone, this fact cannot be ignored; however anyone refuting such should be, thus. I seek to remind you who disagree, that in the absence of a rooting or unifying culture no movement can or will ever gain traction.The left has it; the right simply has reaction.

This has been an incredibly difficult article to write; I buried my Grandmother yesterday. This story was hers, of a people whom history forgot, and at a time where those reigns seem to be re-forming. She lived to see the Coup of Ergodan, and despite her increasingly frail state, knew the larger plan at work. The faces may change but the people do not, and might I remind you all, the groundwork here at home has already been laid. Don’t say it can’t happen.

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  2. My sympathy for you and your family, Brushbeater.

    I’m a Libertarian, but, I abandoned “Reason” magazine, supposedly a Libertarian rag, for two great reasons, the increasing insinuation that Christianity conflicted with Libertarianism but not Atheism and the other is that Russia invaded Crimea, which is beside the point. But, I can attest tolerance can only tolerate so much. Such as when something or someone conflicts with core fundamentals. As does that out of the Middle East. Libertarians need to search the souls on the issue, or there will be nothing to be Libertarian about.

    I’m from the Mountains of NC, Transylvania County, labeled a retirement haven and with industries on the wane, increasingly tourism and it is negatively affecting our culture. So, it’s something I use to relate to the issue we face from the East today. Part of our issue in Appalachia is that we mind our own business, good fences make good neighbors, very live and let live, however not everyone coming in has that attitude (mind you, we have our family issues) and this is exactly what we face with the importation of Islamic culture.

    1. I greatly appreciate your condolences, and I know exactly where you are both physically (in NC) and mentally with the Libertarian Party. I know all too well the types inhabiting certain areas of the Great Smokeys- I lived there for some time prior to joining the Army. The “locals” are great folks; the carpetbaggers (usually from Charlotte or Raleigh) preaching Mao while driving Land Rovers, not so much.

      I am a registered Libertarian, due to my abhorrence for the other two options, but infuriated still by the sheer idiocy of some of the positions I’ve both read and heard from the ‘voices’ of the ‘Liberty’ movement. They neither know a damn thing nor have any verifiable measure of success, thus my patience wears quite thin.

      1. Teresa

        What you are saying is important and my condolences on the loss of your grandmother. At the risk of causing offense to you at what must be a difficult time, may I suggest a more careful editing of your written work? As currently written, it detracts from the message, which is an important one. I hate to write a message like this, but it is so important that the knowledge and family experiences that you are expressing get taken seriously and not just rejected out of hand.

      2. Thanks.

        It’s written as it’s written. I have much, much more to say about the matter, but refrain from doing so.

        In addition I write in a style described by some as non-sequitur, but correct all the same and in a manner not which most are accustomed to reading. Most of what’s printed for the masses is written on an elementary grade level, and I refuse to accommodate as such. My personal education required writing at a very advanced level, which I carry over to this blog.

        This is not to say I may indeed be in need of a good editor, but then again, I make no money from this and don’t intend to. Those who ignore what’s written do so at their own loss.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    Condolences, Brushbeater, on the loss of Grandmother.

    We here in the vast “fly-over” Midwest/Rust Belt have also had Grandparents from “the old country” who related the horrors there to us while we sat on their knees. We will not forget them.

    The sooner Islam is defined and branded for what it is, a murderous political machine and cult, and NOT a religion, the safer the world will be.

    1. Thanks, and I’m sorry for your impending loss as well.

      As for mine, she was devoutly religious, and knew the consequences of apathy. For that attitude instilled in me by all of my grandparents, I’m eternally grateful.

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  5. 15Fixer

    Heart-felt condolences to you and yours for your loss. Would have been nice to have done an oral history with her, if for your family alone if nothing else. History is dying, one person at a time.
    Thank you for your blog, I follow it closely.

    1. Thank you, and thank you for the kind words.

      I grew up with these stories, stories that were not told elsewhere. Theirs is not alone; but so vitally important.

  6. Doug

    All I know is it begins with each of us.
    Resistance, and winning, is never futile.
    That my indomitable spirit is constituted of live free, never say die.
    That I bring the fight to my enemy because I am free, I will not consent, I live by example, and if I change one mind I have changed the world, because that one heart and mind can change another.
    Like your Grandmother, God Bless her eternal soul.

    (And…unlike many who have suffered the fate of pogrom, we have guns. Guns are very important, not just because they are superlative weapons, they are property, it is the first thing, and property that defends and protects the other components of liberty)

  7. ApoloDoc

    Thank you for this piece of work, this is a story that is known by few and mostly forgotten. The “O” had actually campaigned that he would officially recognize the Armenian genocide…gee, I guess he forgot! This is spiritual warfare, pure and simple. It is the story of this world, but it is a more blatant, bare, and stark version compared with the more stylized assaults such as gender deconstruction. This is a battle to the death over ultimate issues. End times stuff.

    Trust God and keep your powder dry. And more comms articles. Sparks has lost his mojo, take point and lead on!

    1. First, thank you.

      Setoro did indeed make such a statement, simultaneously when Cher (another Armenian who, despite her numerous failings, has campaigned for recognition of this) supported him. The move was to motivate the mostly liberal Armenian groups in CA.

      Of course he lied, he’s a mouthpiece given a script.

    2. tj614

      We here in the south say, Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, if u can’t fight. We all can find a job to do when the shtf.

  8. My condolences to you and your family as well. The loss of a loved one is indeed a heavy burden that we all bear as the shadows of our lives lengthen.
    Those who deny the existence of God side with the forces of evil and are, therefore, the enemy. Conduct yourselves accordingly.

  9. Grenadier1

    My condolences as well.

    Many do not recall that after WW1 Armenia was to be part of the US territory resulting from the break up of the Turkish empire. Wilson to his credit refused to assume territorial mandate over any of the area. One wonders what would have happened if he had done so.

    1. It would’ve changed Sykes Picot, and likely the balance of power that exists today.

      However, it would have been quite difficult to exert any sort of control or influence locally, and things at least for the time still worked out beneficially to the Armenians who stayed. On the present course Wilson placed us upon, we’ll likely have our own stories analogous to this history.

  10. Teresa

    Thank you for being a good sport and please delete my posts, after you fix the simple errors in your written piece. You are obviously an intelligent man and write very well. That makes incorrectly pluralizing words and names etc. all the more off-putting. It gives ammunition to the leftist pseudo intellectuals who should be given no chink in which to dig their daggers.

    1)The Ottomans, seeking to further cement its Iron fist from the Sultinate, fearing growing issues in Europe …
    2)The Ottomans, like most things coming from the Islamic world, was brutish and incompetent; a good number escaped despite their best efforts. The much maligned Kurds of Northern Iraq, some of which complicit in the genocide, also protected the …
    3)To survive, the lassie-faire attitude of certain “Libertarians”…

    1)Should read “The Ottoman…” also “Sultinate” is a misspelling

    2) Should read “The Ottoman”…between “which “and “complicit” should be “were”

    3)Laissez faire

    1. Teresa, I very much appreciate the suggestions and have made the editorial corrections. Thank you again, and I apologize for possibly sounding abrasive earlier. I’ve had criticism from some emailing me saying “I’m hard to read”…I mistakenly thought that was the direction you were moving. Again, I humbly thank you.

      1. Centurion_Cornelius

        Brother ncscout, You are NEVER hard to read. Commo comes in LOUD and CLEAR.

        Trust me; I’ve taught English in HS and college. Your work is bullseye at best and 10 ring at worst.

        Carry on, Sir!

        B.A., B. Ed., J.D.

  11. Condolences my friend….

    Thanks for the history lesson.

    I shed “libertarianism” when i saw how they coddled islam and compared the “migrants” to mary and joseph coming back from egypt after herrod died.

    Ignorance abounds.

    1. A very deep thank you, and you’re absolutely right.That was the breaking point for me as well.

      When a certain mouthpiece for the “free state project” began the moral equivalency argument drawn straight from the Alinsky playbook, I knew I was done.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  12. Sorry to hear about your grandma going, bro. It’s never a fun thing.

    You’ll appreciate this:

    A few years ago, before my grandma died, my brother and I approached her for sage advice on the Great Depression. She was from rural SC; born in 1912…

    Her response?

    “Hell! Great Depression didn’t make no difference to us!”

    They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

    Great post, man.

    H/T To the elders. We take ’em for granted when they’re here, and need ’em most when they’re gone. Such is the human condition.

    1. Thanks Mike, and that’s an awesome story.

      A lot of folks didn’t feel the heartburn like what is commonly thought today. It was just that large rural families were common, so they lived just the same.

    2. Centurion_Cornelius

      Mike–ROGER THAT! My Grandfolks (both sides from the “old Country”) were tough as iron nails. Bend ’em, but never break ’em. Passle of kids, with Grandpa working at the steel mill, Grandma chopping wood to heat the stove for huge warm and hearty meals. Depression? Hardly a thought. Business as usual.

      “Mommy, I want some chewing gum,” asked my Mom as a tyke. “Go out and pinch some tar from the county road, Darlin’ and take care you don’t put any gravel in your mouth to bust a tooth,” replied Grandma. (no money for DDS or MD–all home remedies then.)

      All the boys had jobs around the homestead before and after school. For exercise it was “man’s work” to hike the miles of railroad track in the county and pick up the small lumps of coal which fell from the numerous overloaded coal boxcars transiting the tracks to feed the mills. This kept the tiny homestead warm.

      When my Dad was called to the colors in 1942, he thought boot camp was a dream–three squares, leather shoes, sturdy clothes, and hard work to do (with ease.) Put those city boys to shame, especially at marksmanship. When the “festivities” ended in 1945, he returned home in a bedecked and battle-stared uniform and stopped at a local tavern to enjoy a cold one. A local draft-dodger there started to rib him at the bar and contemptuously fingered his ribbons calling him “Our Little Soldier Boy Has Come Back Home!”

      Legend has it that an untelegraphed fierce right uppercut caught the offender’s chin, propelled him over a table onto the floor, and it was “lights out” for the guy. The barkeep said: “A round on the house for that performance.” All smiled.

      SFC Joseph knew how to handle guys.

      (Dad never talked about this. Uncle Franeck, who was there along with Dad’s brother, the barkeep, Teddy, did, however, share this slice of life with me.)

      1. See, and that’s why those folks will always be, “The Greatest Generation.”

        My grandpa fought with 1st MARDIV in Okinawa, and in the Chosin Valley, and I have never, once, to this day, heard that man itch about anything that wasn’t released to politics.

        To the elders.

        They were forged from steel, and may they never be forgotten.

  13. My condolences, NCScout, and prayers for your Grandmother and for your entire family. We are with you in Spirit in your mourning, and pray Grace for you in all things.

    I have always maintained a position regarding things which, though very simple, causes no end of consternation amongst those who do not take the Grace and Admonition of Christ seriously.

    That position is simply this –
    Fear and admonition are rightful tools unto those {fallen} things which might yet be redeemed before the LORD. [1]
    Killing is for everything else; which is – whether by it’s innate nature or by it’s willful choice – irredeemable unto Him [2].

    “Reprobate” is a word often used in the Bible to identify those who have *chosen* to love themselves and their sin exclusively, shutting Christ and the Holy Spirit entirely out of their lives through active hatred for, and blasphemy against His Holy Name. They have chosen to fill their hearts with pride and self-love, leaving not even the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to speak to them from afar, offering Grace.

    And FWIW, being “Reprobate” ***IS*** a Judgement, which both proves and declares that someone is irredeemable unto God –

    [1] Wisdom hath built herself a house, she hath hewn her out seven pillars (virtues). She hath slain her victims, mingled her wine, and set forth her table. She hath sent her maids to invite to the tower, and to the walls of the city: Whosoever is a little one, let him come to Me. And to the unwise she said: Come, eat my bread, and drink the wine which I have mingled for you.

    Forsake childishness, and live, and walk by the ways of prudence. He that teacheth a scorner, does an injury to himself: and he that rebuketh a wicked man, takes unto himself a blot. Rebuke not a scorner lest he hate thee. Rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee. Give an occasion to a wise man, and wisdom shall be added to him. Teach a just man, and he shall make haste to receive it. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of that which is Holy is prudence. For by me shall thy days be multiplied, and years of life shall be added to thee. If thou be wise, thou shalt be so to thyself: and if a scorner, thou alone shalt bear the evil. Proverbs 9:1~12

    [2] Whoever is not with me, is against me. And whoever does not gather with me, scatters. For this reason, I say to you: Every sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men, but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven. And anyone who will have spoken a word against the Son of man shall be forgiven. But whoever will have spoken against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven, neither in this age, nor in the future age. –MATTHEW 12:30~32

      1. LT

        The honor is Christ’s alone, as all Grace goes forth by His command; but the pleasure is mine, for having been given the voice to call them to your recollection.

        Grace to you, and peace be accomplished in the knowledge of God and of Christ Jesus our LORD: As all things of His divine power which appertain to life and godliness, are given us, through the knowledge of Him who hath called us by His own proper glory and virtue. By whom He hath given us most great and precious promises: that by these you may be made partakers of the divine nature: flying the corruption of that concupiscence which is in the world.

        And you, employing all care, minister in your faith, virtue; and in virtue, knowledge; and in knowledge, abstinence; and in abstinence, patience; and in patience, godliness; and in godliness, love of brotherhood; and in love of brotherhood, charity. For if these things be with you in abundance, they will make you to be neither empty nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our LORD Jesus Christ. — 2nd Peter 1:2~11

        Humble yourself therefore, under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in the time of visitation: casting all your cares upon him, for He hath care of you. Be sober and watch: because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, goeth about seeking whom he may devour. Whom ye resist, being strong in faith: knowing that the same affliction befalls your brethren who are in the world.

        But the God of all grace, Who hath called us into His eternal glory in Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a little, will Himself perfect you, and confirm you, and establish you. To Him be all glory and empire for ever and ever. Amen. 1 Peter 5:6~11

        As for myself: I am at your service, sir, and would be pleased to render unto you any good thing, for the satisfaction of being a good neighbor, and also for the pleasure of your good company.

        May He bless and keep you always,

        (please take note of the email under which I have submitted this – it is the one I pay closest attention to)

  14. CB

    I do not recall that I have commented on your blog previously, though I have read all of your posts. My thanks to you for sharing your thoughts and wise counsel.

    Many years ago at a church camp-meeting I first heard a man speak of the Armenian genocide. He spoke of how he and his family fled before the axe fell. His name was Demos Shakarian. I did not know at that time about Armenia, Islam, or any of the events that took place. Mr. Shakarian did not tell of the horrible details of the massacre. His message was about the saving power of the Lord.

    In recent years, we in America have learned much about Islam. Previously we knew about Communism and the millions upon millions who have died by their hand. But until 9-11 most were woefully ignorant of the dangers we face from the “religion of peace”.

    I have a good friend who has enlightened me much in regard to Islam. He, like you spent much time over there, roughly nine years. He has a vast knowledge on the not so hidden dangers of Islam. Having an experience that spanned from Saigon to Baghdad, he retired CSM just west of your home state. So, that may be the connection that I am sensing when I read your articles; a kinship of caring that he also expresses about where we are headed as a nation.
    Thank you for your caring, sharing, and helping.

    Lastly, there is no doubt that the loss of your grandmother grieves your heart, but since she shared in the deliverance of the Armenian faithful, she most likely held on to the scripture:
    “For I know in whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.”

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  16. jeffronimo


    My condolences on your loss. May she walk with the Lord.

    And bless you for carrying on her story.

  17. Joe

    Sorrycare. for your loss, Good history lesson that will never be taught in FUSA schools until we have a rebirth. I believe that those of us who believe in a Christian Lord and this country as we once knew it will be targeted just as the Armenian Christians were. I really hate what I see happening to our home but I realize it has been long planned and they have been entirely successful in obtaining stewardship of media, hollywood, the churches (most), the military, police, and just about all government agencies from local school boards, county commissioners, mayors, state and federal legislators as well as the judiciary.

    Keep blogging your thoughts. Your commo info will be invaluable to those listening and will help the small number of the remnant (As JJS states) keep aware and hopefully alive. My Grandparents are long gone now but were all immigrants from Eastern Europe. The lesson I learned from them and my parents is pretty simple. Have faith in the Lord number one, be humble, never give up no matter what, and always, always put out a helping hand to those around you in need. Not to get on a soapbox but this country’s best hope is in people like you and the folks who read your and others of like mind information and advice. May God Bless you Brushbeater and your family. We probably will never meet but if we did I’m sure we would be brothers. Take care.

  18. Many Armenians enlisted in the Russian army in WWI, which did not sit well with the Ottomans, on the other side of the conflict. The Ottomans had more casualties in WWI than any other country except Russia, and almost as much as them. There is a lot more to this story than usually comes out in a blog post.

    1. So curious what those will post that they would not have the courage to say to the face.

      The Armenians no less deserved extermination at the hands of oppression? The very type of oppression you give lip service to being against? I think if someone had repressed my people for the last 600 years I’d side with my Christian neighbor too.

      So you seek to excuse the hundreds of years of repression at the hands of Saracen rule, going back to the destruction of the Eastern Roman Empire. Makes complete sense, coming from a “libertarian free state let’s all get along” type.

      You’re one of the ones, btw, who’ve taken up this moral equivalence argument. I question whether you’ve spent a single day in Southwest Asia (AKA the middle east for those uneducated). You’re not only completely wrong but publicly a fool in doing so- with every rape, beheading, and wanton act of violence that’s increasingly common and pointed from a sole source, one side is proven right and the other foolishly wrong. Go ahead living that pipe dream- and may you relish the result. I hope for your sake you have no daughters.

      Correct indeed is the statement that there’s more to the story-much more in fact, long, bloody, and one sided. One that I grew up hearing, with very old relatives who had escaped (and are no longer with us). One in which many nations are now living and will be, so long as the virus is invited in with open arms.

  19. s6cnrdude

    NCSCOUT, I’ve been hesitant to write as words alone at times can’t convey our heart. I find that God’s Word is our source of strength and encouragement in these times as it was for your grandmother. Her faith in God leaves that legacy for you and for us. I am sorry for your loss.

    I also want to stay thanks for what you are doing on this blog. I’m fairly recent here but thank you for the information you present.

  20. They’re in areas of common thought in both Boone and Raleigh. Very familiar with both areas.

    The saving grace of it all is that people’s attitudes tend to change drastically under duress. If not, why did the Bolsheviks need the NKVD?

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  22. Bill G

    My great grandfather emigrated in 1912. He lost his entire family except for his eldest daughter to the Turks.

    The Turkish civilians eagerly and willingly answered the Sultan’s call to Jihad, and turned on their neighbors, killing men, women and children. They spared no one.

    I recommend a book called “Twenty One Days at Musa Dagh”. Those Armenians who were able to arm themselves were able to fight back the attackers and hold out. One group held off the Turkish army for three weeks on a mountain near the coast until the French Navy was able to intervene and evacuate them.

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