Silly Trolls.

the more you know

Now that you’re done, it’s my turn.  IVO/traced to the corner of South Washington and East South Street. Time Warner is the provider, so you’re not on a mobile phone. Thank God for your sake.

That places you in the heart of Shaw University in Raleigh NC. Or maybe, you’re in a nice residential area. Nice house you have there on the end of [REDACTED…I’m an Asshole, but not that big of an asshole]. I could go further than that- but I won’t for your safety. There’s crazy people out there and the internet is forever. I did this all from my little netbook. Imagine what some of my friends with real degrees in computer forensics could do.

Tell your marxist betters to at least invest in a VPN. Cheap Bastards. And remember- It’s not that any signal can be Direction Found, it’s that every signal can be direction found.

…And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how we deal with Trolls here.

21 thoughts on “Silly Trolls.

  1. Survivor

    Those IP addresses are a bitch aren’t they… he even has a baptist church nearby. Maybe he should pray about this… not using a proxy either. Dumbassery abounds. lol

    Enjoy your work NCScout. Please keep it up.

    1. Yeah…he should pray.

      BTW this is how every troll/Anon poster/internet idiot should be deal with, and will be dealt with, at least by me, from here on out.

    1. Those Bernie supporters just can’t deal with themselves.

      Check out the last commo post I did…read through the comments. Good wholesome fun for the whole family. 🙂

  2. Hawkeye

    That was a fun read…. LoL. He used some key troll buzz words too. Same with some that I’ve been getting on some of my video’s. Zero content on their channels, and saying things that tell me they have no real idea of what they are talking about other than what they’ve seen in movie’s/TV.
    Side note. I was a 31C many moons ago. Sadly, I have forgotten a TON. 🙁 So wish I had kept up on that info.

  3. notcharlie

    I get a different location but still in the Raleigh-Durham area; around the corner from the Victory Baptist Church on Norwood Rd.

    1. There’s a couple of different ones, depending on what tool you’re using.

      I know the reason why different ones are showing up too. But as I said, I’m refraining from posting any more personal info I dug up.

      The message got across. Stupid games will net stupid prizes.

  4. Really appreciate you NCScout for doing that. Bravo!
    Lot of them sure seem to troll for the purpose of disrupting the conversation thread and or attempting to sow doubt about the veracity of the subject or persons.
    You kind of get to recognizing it because there is no disguising the lack of genuineness of the trolls written expressions and rationale, or lack of cognitive reasoning.
    Often wonder how many are paid or professional agent provocateurs.
    They actually reveal a lot about themselves, ideology, motivations etc.

    1. Idiot didn’t realize I baited him into giving me his IP address. Trolling can work two ways.

      Social engineering is a bitch, especially when folks are good at it.

      Personally everyone should thank Starvin Larry…he really baited the dude.

      1. My latest post is, coincidentally, about agenda-driven Trolls…

        I read home-slice’s comments here and at Larry’s place, and I’ve yet to see anything other than someone trying to play “phallic-olympics.”

        The general tone, condescension, and attempts at ad hominems says it all, bro.

  5. XWizFromOz

    I don’t know, seemed pretty benign as far a trolls go to me. Didn’t watch the vid and no experience with boots-on-the-ground doppler DF (some minimal non-doppler RDF though, and how .mil did it from orbit) so I wouldn’t know if he was talking sheet or not.

    But posting his IP, is that really warranted? I mean if he’s wrong just destroy his argument and leave it at that right?

    1. It is warranted.

      Why? Because first, if you have an issue, address it directly like a man. He didn’t do that. Second, what he was saying was blatantly wrong, and he was following a pattern that has been previously recognized.

      He had zero intention of pointing out anything- his story started off wrong, got worse, and then he was only concerned with insults.

      There’s a number of things I specifically don’t post or leave vague for a bunch of reasons, and dealing with trolling is one of them. Had I been a real ass, I would’ve posted screen shots of the map pointing out each position of that IP address, then named the street addresses, then the tax registration for each one, then link the social media accounts of each of those names. It’s all open source. Then if I was a real Bastard, I’d call up some friends at the DMV and get tag numbers. THAT would’ve been excessive. Especially considering he burned himself making grandiose claims, when I know for a fact this blog is read in Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iraq, and a few other interesting locales likely having folks who’d like to have a little chat with him.

      I know that he was full of it, and so did a few others who know even more than I. And knowing where I tracked him to, and knowing those areas very well, it’s not a hard guess to estimate what he was doing.

      Good enough for you?

      1. BTW, I’ve had many other trolls here. Some get blocked, some get debated. Some are well known trolls who’ve established an online reputation. Some are just clowns, some are more serious. A few have nothing to say but simply spit venom like a leftist school girl. Some feel the need to articulate themselves with generous usage of racial slurs, which we all know if gets published, is a rather easy target for detractors. And some are just flat out stupid.

        I, and I alone, am the Judge. This is not a democracy, this is not a forum, this is a dictatorship, and is run as such. This blog is a source for information, which reaps no profit, requires nothing from you to read, and is taken or left at the leisure of the reader.

      2. Your policy is like mine.

        Especially on the air…

        …don’t like what we’re saying? The VFO knob’s right next to your mic, big dawg…

        In this case…

        The back button’s right up there at the top left. Feel free to use it…

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