15 thoughts on “Chris Stevens Sends-

  1. Scurvy

    And with all the mounting evidence against her competency to run our country, she will still be the next President.
    Buy ammo while the prices are still reasonable. And prepare accordingly.

    1. He ain’t coming back. Bolshevik Bernie already got his payoff for being a good little Komrade.

      A plane and a beach house. Not bad for being a purveyor of permanent enslavement to the little Khmers willing to listen.

    2. Joe

      It could be a possibility but I think the DNC will go bigger and replace the Hag with Biden. After 8 years of being Obama’s second in command he is obviously trained and willing to execute the game plan. Either way this country will continue to suffer the schemes and planned take over of what is left of our Republic Constitutional system. Stay safe my brothers. I think we all might need to rally together soon. Just my two cents.

  2. LFMayor

    Don’t replace Barry? If someone happened to be waiting for a “sign” I would hope that would be a big enough one…

      1. Joe

        Just read a comment by Roger Stone where he says they will replace her with Michelle Obama. I have no idea how reliable or accurate this guy is. I can tell you that if She is placed on the ticket and wins, we WILL have problems.

      2. Roger Stone isn’t the first to think along these lines. A while back many posed the question as to why the Obama Campaign fund never stopped growing.

        It’s a valid question with a logical answer that satisfies all of the predetermined criteria.

  3. S6cnrdude

    Virtually every word out of this woman’s mouth (at least in public) is a lie. And how most of the establishment is rallying and providing cover shows really how far gone we are. The whole episode is sickening. Watch, pray, prepare.

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