Happy Birthday, Charlie

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Happy Birthday to the Greatest-

On your 80th, know that your music has inspired a Legion; Country Boys, Working Men, Fighting Men, and Men that don’t ask permission to do what it takes-

Nowhere in the Army did I not meet hard men who couldn’t sing along to The Devil Went Down to Georgia or In America, or felt the same feelings coming home from Iraq or Afghanistan as Still In Saigon.

But your best is not the awe-inspiring duels with your bandmates live or the thunderous energy you put into your work, it’s that you’re a man of faith and you mean exactly what you say.

On a day filled with so much evidence of the Lord’s Hand at work, as well as being your birthday, your rendition is needed more than ever-

How Great Thou Art


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Charlie

  1. The CDB is one of the greeatest bands ever-Charlie’s been puting on some of the best live shows in the music biz for decades.
    I first saw him in ’78 in Ohio,then ’79 in Tenn,after that,I can’t remember all the places or years-but I know they were all great shows.
    Was at the Volunteer Jam in Murfreesboro when he played Free Bird with the surviving members of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

    1. Had I been alive for those shows-

      I saw him a couple years ago in Sunland Park NM. Charlie played for an hour and a half, with half the show him dueling with each of his bandmates. The man’s ability is unmatched. It’s the greatest music I’ve ever heard live, bar none.

      Another artist to checkout live is Shooter Jennings. He plays with his dad’s original players. Shooter is my second favorite artist behind Charlie Daniels, and Hank III being a close third.

      1. Back in ’78 in Ohio there was a venue called Legend Valley. Before it became well known there were around a half dozen shows. One was CDB, Marshall Tucker Band,The Outlaws,Pure Prairie League,Allman Bros,and Molly Hatchet. Show went from 10am till around midnight.
        Guys from different bands were playing with other bands for some songs.

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