Remember 7 December


Being stationed in Hawaii for a time, every Serviceman regardless of Branch is ingrained with respect and reverence for this day. It is as much a part of Oahu’s identity as it is military history as well. From the stories told by the bullet holes still in the walls of E and D Quad Barracks on Schofield to the ghostly hangars on Ford Island, each a subtle reminder of a day frozen in time which changed the course of the world forever. From where it began most exemplified in the Arizona above, to where it ended on the deck of the Missouri, below, the strength of a nation is measured by the resilience, fortitude and force of its people.


May God continue to Bless this Nation.

5 thoughts on “Remember 7 December

  1. I have the good fortune to have a neighbor still living who was on the battleship Nevada which was sunk, raised and repaired and then fought in the Pacific. He is from a generation of people I will miss when the last are gone.

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