Open Sources- 19 DEC 16


California opens ‘Embassy’ in Moscow-RT

That’s right, the ‘movement’ has opened an embassy in Moscow. Before you laugh, I must point out that although at first glance such a move seems absurd (more on this in a second) creating a government in exile prior to hostilities is not only a smart move, but absolutely necessary for an insurgency. And make no mistake, the Left wants one and the pump is primed.

Here’s the problem- last I checked, Russia’s policies appear to favor Trump at face value. I may be far from a Political Scientist or Diplomat, but this move seems a bit silly. Given the budding adversarial relationship between the US and the PRC, opening a consulate in Shanghai would have been a far smarter move. That, and the fact that Shanghai privately owns large swaths of real estate in CA.

But then again, the Russians, like the US, capitalize on discontent from any angle that may destabilize an adversary.

20 thoughts on “Open Sources- 19 DEC 16

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  2. RJ in Fresno

    What a bunch of dumbsh*ts. Just for the record, these asshats are concentrated in several cities along the coastline of California. Being fifth generation Californian I can tell you that all those that tucked their tail and ran to other states like Texas and Idaho made it a hell of a lot easier for the coastal retards to outvote the honest America loving remainders in this state.

    1. An engineer

      So did the 15 million Mexicans the government and big business imported to dilute our votes. The republicans gave away the state when they failed to support prop 187.

  3. David warner

    So what makes them so sure they’d get the entire state, rather than just the coastal sliver up to the coastal ranges?

  4. alaskapaul

    Give the California independence pioneers their blue counties and the rest of the state with the red counties stays in the union. No more water from the Sacramento River forrr yuuuuuu!!!!!

  5. Let ’em go. Of course, having seceded, they will have established a precedent, and some counties may then decide to bail from Californistan. That’s fine too.

    1. I’m not against them leaving. Not one bit.

      The 10th Amendment is quite clear. And I’ll enjoy their slide into Zimbabwe-level economic success.

  6. Xavier Xelente

    In the Central Valley here…

    If those morons do secede there are plenty of us in CA that will have no problem doing what needs to be done. If they try to leave the U.S. they will no longer be protected by the laws of the U.S., or seen as legitimate in any way.

    1. Yup. You just said the exact same thing a very close friend did. And it’s true.

      But the other point not to be taken lightly is the importance of governments-in-exile and soliciting of external support. Although they completely goofed this one up (and lets be honest…they won’t get this right) it’s still a lesson that may be lost.

      A lot of cocky caucasians are going to learn reality soon.

  7. Soylent_Green

    I, for one, hope that California does secede, so that we can recognize it, mobilize against it, invade it, conquer it, crush it, and then restructure as a territory sin suffragio en perpetua, like Guam and Puerto Rico, never to be allowed to vote in American elections again, but hey, that’s just me. 🙂

  8. Mike Hohmann

    Just another example of why I’ve tried to avoid traveling CA in recent years. Nice country, just too many ‘crazies.’

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