Revolution in their Minds, the Children Start to March-

streetcommiesHeh. Ok. A couple of things on this- I described this collective action in my Leaderless Resistance post, and I told you that this would happen and get worse when Trump won in the post on philosophy. In the first, I described a domestic color revolution based on Marxist social structure, which is tried and true, and the second a prediction based upon living in the real world with these people and knowing their group-think.

Which is a good thing.

They are overplaying their hand in the streets. Let them.

Meanwhile, if you don’t know the differences between labels, don’t actively promulgate them to yourself, while self-affirming your own status. Calling yourself ‘anarcho-whatever‘ while aligned with the Right proves you know neither about yourself or them- meaning you should probably just close your mouth and keep your powder dry.

Second, I’m going to lay out very simply the response to this post over at WRSA. Mosby by way of Bracken is correct in his assessment. It’s all certainly true, but there’s another sociological fact to be pointed out. The Right, whether Pre-Industrial Revolution (adhering to Monarchism) or Post (adhering to Monarchism’s heir, Capitalism), does not and will not fight the Left in a proactive manner because the system works for them. Law, finances, social rewards- all work, hence why one adheres to the belief. The duty of repression is left to the Government, no matter who is in charge. Taken into one’s own hands, the means to life will be removed- thus one does not act on one’s desire.

The Left’s mass base is made of those who see no benefit to the current order whether real or imagined. Thus, conflict. Thus, ambushed Police. Thus, flash mobs. Thus, insurrection. Organized violence in whatever form necessary. And it’s going to get worse. We’re talking about people already normalized to violence and extreme living conditions- working a hard labor job with little pay or operating clandestine networks on the side running dope and stolen goods just to make ends meet. Most of you ain’t doing this, no matter what you call your little kitted-up elks lodge meeting in the woods.

For this reason the Left claws and claws and claws, until the weight of the Right, usually through the force of government (but not in every case),  crushes it into submission at some point.Certainly this is an oversimplification, but it is no less true. For the Left, the guns don’t matter. The results do.

Localism, neo-tribalism, and community standing are all effective counters, not found in suburbia. These are not labels- these are ways of life. I suggest if you don’t have a strong amount of social capital, you had better work on it. And you don’t get it from ‘bugging out’ some-fucking-where when variable x happens. Neither is sitting on your ass bitching about it, self-applying stupid labels and saying “I’m Ready!”