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ft-65.jpgUninspired, Baofeng-looking HTs. Two of them, to be exact. A 2m only and a dual band model, that (at least from what they say) are rugged. Well, who knows. No wideband RX is an issue for me, and the styling makes me think they outsourced production to the same place that builds Wouxons. Maybe I’m wrong.

That being said, this is yet another (at least in my opinion) a big misstep by Yaesu. The 991, 891, and now these are all steps in the wrong direction, at the cost of the great radios they replaced (or are replacing). The VX-3R has been discontinued, signaling that Yaesu likely has plans to retire many other older models, including the venerable FT-60 and one of my top pics for a general purpose Survivalist radio, the VX-6R.

Having general purpose RX capability is a huge asset in a handheld package, really setting the Yaesu models apart from their cheap imitations and making the price of admission definitely much more than worth it. Listening to everything from SW to Airband to all our two way needs are worth it. If you’ve been on the fence about stepping up in quality, gaining much in capability as well as durability, do not wait.

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  1. My personal preference for the all around HT is the VX-7R. Have several, and always looking for more.

    Most like minded folks around here go with the FT-60. Good radios.


      1. The VX-6R was one of several semi-finalists for an HT when I was looking for a modern HT (I still have my old IC-2AT that I bought way back in the early 80s, and still use it regularly, but something more up to date was in order). It met a lot of my criteria, but I wound up picking the TH-F6A because it had more power on 220 and the AA battery pack was easy to install. Also, IIRC the receiver has slightly better coverage. BUT, the VX is waterproof, a distinct advantage. The TH-F6A is also an older design and I will be curious to see what Kenwood introduces to replace it.

        The only thing I’d like to see them change is to make it waterproof. I’d happily pay another 30 dollars for that feature.

        Regardless, your point is extremely well taken- major manufacturer’s marketing people are not considering those who use radio equipment in the field for extended periods as a viable market. Those reading ought to take NC Scout’s advice, consider this and act accordingly.


      2. I think it’s also a signal that a couple of old standbys- the 857 and 817- are about to go the way of the dodo as well.

        The 857’s ‘replacement’ (891) is definitely not recommended. If they replace the 817 at all (?), who knows what it will look like. Yaesu has indicated no concern about where the QRP market is going, meaning they may very well concede it to Elecraft, CommRadio (whenever the CTX-10 gets approved) and the various chicom models.

        We’ll see.

  2. 55six

    If 440 is not something you desire, the 2m Kenwood TH-K20A and Icom V-80 are cheap and high quality. -55six

  3. If Yaesu is dumb enough to discontinue the 817 without a replacement, they need to go ahead and lock up / last one out, turn off the lights.

    The “Big 3” need to up their game…BIGLY.

    Daytona was nerd-boner repellent, on steroids and methamphetamines.

    I’m to the point now where I’m cool with dropping the extra cash on monoband commercial gear, because at least it doesn’t suck.

    Don’t even get me started on Yaesu’s SF/Wires X shitshow…A local club finally gave up on it after constant repeater failures.

    That aside, I was required to pick up a FTA-550L for work.

    Holy shit; sumbitch is bad. Yaesu needs to apply what they did with the FTA-550/750 to their ham product line.

    One of the nicest HTs I’ve laid hands on that wasn’t Motorola/Harris/Hytera/Thales…

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