Open Sources- 14 FEB 2017


RT: ‘Veterans’ return to Standing Rock

CNN: Veterans unite for second ‘deployment’ against Dakota Access Pipeline

So while the ‘Liberty’ movement was still trying to figure out just how the Bundys got infiltrated while learning how not to get things done, your Marxist counterparts were faring better. And none payed any attention at all.

This ‘protest’ is a classical manifestation of Marx- the marginalized, phony-proletariat ‘scapegoat’ vs. the Bourgeois oil company. At its heart, this is all the ‘environmentalist’ movement is, has been, or ever will be. It’s not about the environment- it’s about overthrowing the existing order. What’s significant is that these ‘Veterans’ are returning with spring coming, and we know that to some degree, there are folks with some level of military training involved in the emerging antifa movement. They’re armed with sour outlooks from two wars run amok and likely a healthy dose of VA prescribed antidepressants and Marx-thought from the local University. Because what else would you do? Think on that one. If you think all vets are gun totin’ chaw spittin good ol boys waving MAGA flags, you got another thing coming.

All of this is going to have a major flashpoint, and right now the Left smells serious blood and are gaining momentum with the downing of LTG Flynn. Think about what might happen when Prof. Raul X meets disgruntled ex-Joe.

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  1. There have always been leftist in our military. I served with a Guy who got away with burning a flag at a protest in uniform(no joke). And I can tell you that most of my Brothers and sisters coming back from another war, screwed up by politicians, are not the leftist you see at these pipeline picnics. I’m one of those vets you describe, who was on meds to get his shift together. I’m also a VSO and process the intake forms for these and all vets of all our wars since WWII. So I’m going to ask you to be careful with your ” off the hip description” of these people, because I can guarantee most of them never saw combat, or even left the country. Yes it’s possible, but unlikely. The vets who are at this protest are like those I mentioned earlier. They break their constitutional oath, even before they take it. There’s more of us than there are of them and give me three high speed medicated grunts, over a hundred of these pussys. Sempre Avanti, SFC WILLIAM B SMITH US ARMY RETIRED

    1. I’m very much a part of the disgruntled crowd myself. But the solutions offered by the Left are distasteful at best. That view is not universally shared however.

      And I also viscerally observe what’s going on amid my cohort- the contemporary crowd. So those ones you described earlier, the flag burners, which I also know…do they, or do they not, at a minimum, have a certain degree of useful training? Do they, or do they not, at least a few, possess higher level training coupled with practical knowledge from overseas?

      That answer is yes on all accounts. I don’t like it any more than you do, but its the reality.

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  3. What I’m trying to figure out, are they the neo-bolsheviks of this age, and if so, are they are the useful dupes of the amerikan red revolution? I think it is wise to extrapolate what their true capabilities are for inspiring a large enough grass roots movement that is physically violent and capable as their Russian revolution counterparts where. And how much State sponsoring and support do they require to be an effective radical leftist counter revolution? How much money does it require from radical NGO’s and their wealthy sponsors and corporate crony capitalist patrons? Do the funds required increase on a logarithmic scale due to the terrain of such human corruption? How centralized is the command and control? How flexible or not is that cadre of “managers”? How are the funds funneled and what are the shadow entities that manage that? How effective can they be when the 5th column media has lost a considerable part of it’s power to create the proper narrative, and “legitimacy” to shape the psychological battle field, to give them the illusion of an organic natural uprising, (which I believe is a critical component that they must obtain to go beyond the small organ mercenaries of the interests behind them they currently are)?
    How critical to the organization and command is the judicial application of taking elements of the command and control out of the picture?
    Who exactly are those in that structure? Whats their origins and history? Who is funding this?
    Where are the choke points in those critical pieces of infrastructure?
    Are these neo-bolshevik fronts capable of operating without their astroturf support?
    There are critical weak points and vulnerable centers of power in this structure.
    Those are the valuable targets.

    Also, I think it is also as important as any of the above, probably more so, obtaining a quantifiable and qualitative understanding what is the mood of the population regarding these neo-bolsheviks and the who that is behind them all?
    Is there a broad and broadening perception among the populous of who and what these people are?
    Right now, this is a civil war of hearts and minds, with a few token gestures of violence and radical cultural totalitarianism designed to test the general mood and resolve of the dirt people, kind of like a strategic culturel reconnaissance by fire, (also to act as a calling card to arms of the always present element of sociopaths and psychopaths present in any society).

    I hear and read all sorts of angles and perspectives about the state of mind and preparedness of the dirt people. Have to say, for the most part anybody with a care is cognizant in a common sense fashion of the astro turfing going on. Soro’s, his ilk and their minions are becoming household names. The transnationalists are knocked back on their heels by the rising tide of nationalism; a message very hard to defeat once it squires a preference cascade. The old straw men from globull-warming to open borders, from PC to diversity to “racism” are being seen for what it is, dress rehearsal for civil war and destruction of Christian Western Men and their culture. An awakening is going on. And as events accelerate, the flux of a myriad of variables, almost all of us are finding many things have not evolved or happened as we all have thought. How history is a circular within a circular beast. I believe that is due to the provincial principles, values and mores of the dirt people who everyone hates and wants to liquidate. That says a lot in my book.
    That is not to discount in the general equation those who will believe what they read on the internet and social media, the legacy media etc from tragic misconceptions to agitprop to propaganda, that net is flung wide and will always net useful idiots and willing dupes, and pacify those unwilling to go outside their comfort zones.
    Regardless of that dynamic, there exists many who at least smell a rat. And those are who are the most valuable in the advent of escalation of civil war. Most are the most productive, common sense minded, resistant hearted component of the human terrain. I think it is that those people who will have the greatest effect as things escalate, if they do, on the course of events when the neo-bolsheviks ground game jumps the so called shark. I say that because I’m seeing a preference cascade taking shape, an awakening, I personally have never seen before, and I grew up through the 60’s, I saw first hand the radicalism, literally, the protests, riots, the activism, the commie element, how they operated, how much actual sustaining power that times radicalism contained. The results of which where prevalent and insidious through the last 12 years inside our government. The acme of which was a manchurian candidate shadow regime, which thankfully was in large part politically purged, and it’s next junta was denounced and rejected in another kind of revolution, and is beginning to fight back. After more than a century of the Fabians long march, of operating from the top down inside out, they got the surprise of their agenda. That was no small matter what happened in November.
    These neo-bolshevik shit stirrers can not be quantified in a vacuum and cherry picked, everything must be mixed into the equation and considered in whole, then it can be extrapolated back into it’s constituent parts.
    What we are learning as we go along is how to separate the wheat from the chaff. That the human terrain is the high ground. That the dirt people aren’t as weak as thought.
    That changes everything.

  4. Don’t take this as me being argumentative, because keeping an eye out for dapl protesters is a daily job for me. But aren’t these guys being sensationalized a little since they are veterans, and stereotypically veterans support “right wing” interests, such as fossil fuels. It’s also easy to point out the liberty movements lack of action, when you have media coverage fawning over some protesters, who happen to reinforce what the media believes itself. When you are being funded through the VA via probably bogus claims to ptsd, and more than likely funded through Soros, it’s easy to “deploy” to go protest. Alot of us liberty minded folks who would protest, typically have painted ourselves into a corner by not accepting handouts from the government, and therefore need to handle personal business first, and can’t “deploy” to protest, or counter protest. And to be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t waste my time “protesting”. Anything that I feel strongly enough about attending a protest about, is too powerful and deeply rooted in this country that holding a sign up for 8 hours and slowly going broke isn’t going to change it. If you look at the Marxists as an insurgency, it makes perfect sense why they are succeeding at acting. They’ve got the political and logistical support, they’ve got a media wing that gives them positive coverage, and with those in place they can field people to do the dirty work for more than a weekend. Like Sam Culper said recently, what happens when Soros starts supplying weapons?

    1. It is a very wrong assumption that ‘all’ vets think in one direction politically. Although past examples (especially amid the Vietnam generation) are full of characters emerging on both sides of the aisle, there are a couple of key differences from generations past to now. The first being a generation raised quite differently than the contemporary, and the presence of medications which contain more than a few alarming patterns.

      The media is not actually fawning over these folks, as outside far-left circles (or those outlets simply seeking chaos, such as RT) not much is being reported.

      What I’m pointing out is an objective view that 1) people with some degree of training are being mobilized by someone; and 2) don’t underestimate or dismiss any threat, especially when the reality of the situation is far different than what’s stereotyped.

      What’s definitely NOT being said is for you to go jumping in somehow- that’s not the point at all. These OSINT posts are to get folks to look in directions they otherwise may not, and to think in different terms than “SHTF, grab muh gunz, bugout bag, etc…” There’s a far larger pattern to reality beyond the memes. Movements must have logical goals, logical means to attain them, and capable actors.

      So wouldn’t it make sense, if, say, an outside influence starts backdooring weapons in al la the Arab Spring color revolution, that you’d need a capable cadre?

      That answer is unequivocally yes. And just so you and everyone else knows- those ‘protests’ most of us dismiss as ‘wastes of time’, are merely rights of passage and means of gaining credibility to rise in the larger marxist hierarchy. And there is one.

  5. Joe

    I would just ad not to ever underestimate any adversary until you have faced them on the field of battle and have unmercifully and completely destroyed them.

  6. Mike Hohmann

    Cold weather is returning over the western ND horizon. Tribes have told outside protestors they are no longer wanted, and continued support (food, blankets/shelter) will not be provided. Tribes say the ‘battle’ has moved to the courtroom. The long cold winter will reappear across the plains within the week. Remember, this is the last small segment of a nearly complete $4 Billion international energy infrastructure investment and the Obama administration has left the field! No overtime! Many protestors will soon try and hitch a ride south, and if lucky catch a ride in a perto-fueled vehicle to warmer country. The strong will live to fight another day!

    1. Good. But those on the payroll are going to appear somewhere else.

      The largest takeaway from it is that those on the Right, including the majority of Preppers and Survivalists, need to take this growing Left movement more seriously than they are. They ARE recruiting a cadre, they ARE working on parity, and they DON’T need fictitious scenarios and fantasy to actively work towards their goal.

      But I’m glad that they’re losing the local opinion, which I think their wanton and bohemian shenanigans helped sour.

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