0241 Sends-

Due to overwhelming demand, the order page for the Operator’s Pullovers will temporarily be taken down on 2 MAY so that he can get caught up on all your orders!

This is only temporary. Sean tells me that he estimates everything will be caught up by 1 JUNE and to tops will be orderable again. These are made to order, by him in his shop, so give it a few weeks for the orders to be completed and shipped. It’s definitely worth the wait.

I’m flattered both by the extremely positive response and the support y’all have shown 0241. There are great things lined up in the future 🙂

2 thoughts on “0241 Sends-

  1. Henry Bowman

    As a small business owner myself, this warms my heart!

    Very happy for you, and smart move to notify folks that you need to catch up, better to under promise and over deliver than the other way around.

    I am looking forward to my piece of kit, and if it takes a bit longer than normal, ehh, i’ll manage…

    as an aside, since i’m old school and stuff..have you considered an OD or Night Camo version that can reversible, like the old Goretex kit was? Desert on one side, night camo on the other….

    I would wager a bet that many of us “more senior” buys would jump all over one, i know i would…

    That might be schizzle….

    Just askin….

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