0241 Sends the Following Update:

From 0241Tactical. As many of you know we are a small veteran owned company providing 100% made in the USA gear to our customers.

Thanks to everyone who ordered our Tactical Operator’s Pullover Jacket!

Typically, we have a 3-4 week delay from order to shipping.

Why the delay? 0241Tactical has several thousand yards of fabric in various patterns which sit on a shelf until an order is made for a product in whatever pattern. Once the order is made the material is taken off the shelf, cut, and the jacket is put into the production cycle. This is time to assemble, sew, and package your order.

Typically, we have 4-5 Jacket orders a week which allows us to make the Jackets as well as all  the other products that our customers order, which are numerous. Since Friday, we have had 50 orders of Jackets! With that work load we WERE looking at a 4-7 week delay.

HOWEVER, we today 0241Tactical secured a local sewing company (who has helped us before and builds uniforms for Police and SWAT) to assist with our Jacket production and we will be around 3-4 weeks again even with the extra work load. As time progresses, our goal is to get production time to 1-2 weeks and by the end of the summer we are hoping for an inventory on the shelves, ready to go.

We want to thank everyone for ordering and we hope to serve you all again in the future! 

So the good news is that more product is going to get out the door faster, and the GREAT news is that orders for the Tops are NOT going to close on 2 MAY!

It’s humbling to see all of the support y’all have shown Sean and his company. Thank You.