13 thoughts on “Fiedler’s NVIS Handbook

  1. B Woodman

    Got it. Downloaded to my ever-handy in-my-pocket thumb drive.
    Now to find a dead tree copy. Don’t always trust this new-fangled thing called el-ec-tri-city.

  2. B Woodman

    BTW, slightly off-topic (but only slightly), everyone (should) know that Radio Shack is slowly going out of business. They’re closing stores everywhere, and having sales at DEEP discounts.

    Yesterday after work, I went to one of the only two remaining in My City, and picked up what I could find that pertains to ham radio, including: Power Supplies, 13.8Vdc, 19A (I cleaned out their stock of four, to be able to re-sell back to fellow hams at same price as purchased); speaker wire (16 ga, brown, 100 ft – great long wire antenna material); a 1/4″ mono M-F extension (for my radio headphone jack). Put a dent in the credit card, but oh well…..

    Sadly, there was no 50 ohm cable or ham RF connectors, only cable TV cable and connectors. Oh well.

    YMMV, but hurry before everything is gone. If you see something extra, get it now to share later.

  3. RHT447

    Small World. Maj Farmer is a Chico State Alumni. So am I, class of ’81. He is class of ’71, the same year I graduated high school. I did my army hitch in between.

    He is (or was) also CA SMR (California State Military Reserve). So was I from ’83 to 2001. My last duty station was CO of the 115th Troop Command Supt. Bn. I vaguely recall the name, and we may even have met briefly at some FTX or other.

    Sad to say, this is the first time I have seen this publication. While we enjoyed excellent relationships supporting the Cal NG at the unit level, communication and info sharing in our branch at the state level sucked. There were any number of members like Maj Farmer with high levels of technical expertise, who were mostly ignored by the higher ups, unless that expertise could be used to feather their own nest. That was a real crock, considering we were all un-paid volunteers. Regardless, we did a lot of good, and have the Cal NG commendation letters to show for it.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to go off on an historical rant. Just brought back a lot of memories. Thanks a lot for making this info available.

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