Cognitive Infiltration, Take II

A good while back my friend Mike Bishop (who no longer blogs for various reasons) wrote a very well-informed piece called ‘cognitive infiltration’ laying out the means that various detractors and moles infiltrate political opposition outlets and seek to erode the message by any and all means possible. The term itself was created by Sociology and Law Professor Cass Sunstein as a label for subversive means to undermine and end debate from potential dissidents. It is especially effective concerning online resources for a number of reasons.

Among the many takeaways was the rather simple method of changing the narrative, engaging in rambling or pointless diatribes and attacking anyone and everyone who held a dissident, rational opinion. One of the reasons comments here are HEAVILY monitored and controlled is for the mitigation of this threat. This blog is meant primarily to be a resource for anyone and everyone in the survival and preparedness community, aimed nearly exclusively towards Conservative Christians, but anyone is welcome provided they come in objectively and don’t start undo trouble. No other explanation is needed. However recognizing that many sources wish to shut this voice and all other honest ones down, several tactics are employed over and over again, most recently with a ‘familiar’ poster to these type blogs who notoriously has posted long, rambling, pointless diatribes and has violated nearly EVERY instinct I had that he’s not exactly as he presents himself. Judge for yourself from statements such as this:

I stand by what I was trying to convey in my original comment.
If it doesn’t fit your world view that is your business.
Remember it is you who stated I was incorrect. If you do not care for me not agreeing with your criticisms nothing I can say too you really matters, as evidence in the first instance.
The difference between us originates in your comments to me personally. I was not criticizing you or anyone on this blog, I was making counter argument against the people who have written revised history, which we all are guilty of falling for.
Why it was so important for you to discount my premise out of hand regarding North’s theory of Political Polytheism and his subsequent outlier work Conspiracy in Philadelphia. I take as a measure of your character, and now you want to appear all justified because you do not like being called out for being aggressively critical.
If you do not like a fellow commenter defending himself from your out of hand criticism I suggest you look before you leap.
You wrote those words, not I, and like bullets you can not take words back.
Personally, I have no doubts now you where looking for a fight.
And I stand by my observation about you fighting in another country for the interests of Gen Eisenhower’s warning regarding the military industrial complex. You took that personally, which is your want, but you missed the entire object of my original comment, that suffering from revisionism is a terrible thing which has led us all to this point. It doesn’t matter if either of us are right on details, or who has the better viewpoint on history, that damned revised history is killing us who want to be free. I’m no less guilty of falling for it than you.
You just had to take it personally, which falls right into the revisionists trap.
I baited you on purpose because you totally missed what I was trying to convey. And your pig headedness is keeping you from rejecting the revisionist trap or seeing how you where sucked in.
This isn’t about your or mine honor or duty, our commitment you dumb ass, it is about the very crux of the intent on why revisionism’s intent to remove us from our principles, our values our faith in the Lord, because that is how they have worked to destroy us men of the west in the first place.

OK…now for relevancy’s sake, I only pointed out that his use of “sovereign governed individual” is inherently an oxymoron in a comment on my buddy Jesse James’ blog. As usual Mr ‘mtnforge’ was being insolent and in need of correction. A sovereign according to definition is habitually obeyed yet obeys no one else. This is the accepted definition in every context, but he felt the need to begin an offensive rant towards my service to this nation based upon a correction.

What where you as a piece of cannon fodder to be sacrificed for the benefit of the elites who enrich themselves on invasion of a sovereign country and have been there for 14 years?
Did you not kill sovereign people, against their will, their beliefs, in a foreign land, uninvited, at the will and whim of elites who are not subject to your or my will, (or those in that other country, their ideology not withstanding?), as sovereign men who at least at one time believed in being governed through a system of trust of elected representatives in a republican form of government, guaranteed to us by The US Constitution?
Aside from the fact it was all a lie?

The trouble with this is…while I don’t take offense to what he says…I do have an issue with those who make comments like his yet offer so little. You like to talk the talk but you’ve never walked the walk. Wonder why? I did reply to him labeling him a snowflake, because that’s what thin skinned folks are. Nothing more, nothing less. Then there’s this:

And FYI, I also took it upon myself to do my duty, for I believe as a natural born American that Oath comes automatically with the blood of liberty in my veins I was born with.
I was the direct object of actor’s within the obama regime. From literally the day of his “inauguration”, because my research and investigation, and subsequent publication of citizen journalism regarding many truths and history of those in and behind that regime, something the regime did not appreciate.
I took great risks, alone, no support, no financial backing, no allies, just myself. I had the FBi on me, the regime sent things to my home to threaten me, (who I’m happy to state I got the drop on and gave them the offer you can’t refuse), they broke into my home on multiple occasions, followed friends, hacked my computer, even set out stakeouts on me, which to convey to you the import of this, was an IP in the executive wing of the whitehouse. They had operatives working inside HughesNet North America main IT Department, hoisting servers where threatened if they hosted me. Some very serious stuff.
I wrote about those sonsofabitches and what they where doing before anyone, and I was called a nut job, a radical, I was investigated as a highly dangerous Nazi white supremacist skin head, called deranged, a nut job, and things you imply here. I was right before, I been right all along on many things, I’m right also about the deep and insidious effects of revised history and revisionism, and what it is doing to us. It is such an insidious strategy, we may never know or find what the true history was.
Take that or leave that as you will.
But honestly and sincerely, I hope you figure it out.

So I see you’ve made good friends, Mr. Cook. What we have here is open admission to implicit assault and conspiracy to commit such acts on Federal Officers during an investigation of some sort, which is a crime under 18USC sec 111. What a smart fella. Read for yourself:

(a)In General.—Whoever—


forcibly assaults, resists, opposes, impedes, intimidates, or interferes with any person designated in section 1114 of this title while engaged in or on account of the performance of official duties; or

forcibly assaults or intimidates any person who formerly served as a person designated in section 1114 on account of the performance of official duties during such person’s term of service,
shall, where the acts in violation of this section constitute only simple assault, be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both, and where such acts involve physical contact with the victim of that assault or the intent to commit another felony, be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 8 years, or both.
(b)Enhanced Penalty.—

Whoever, in the commission of any acts described in subsection (a), uses a deadly or dangerous weapon (including a weapon intended to cause death or danger but that fails to do so by reason of a defective component) or inflicts bodily injury, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

You might wanna reference 18USC 245 and 372, covering conspiracy charges as well, which if you didn’t do what you implied you did above, still applies as conspiracy were such an investigation actually occurring. You might wanna consult a lawyer. What was that ‘offer they couldn’t refuse’? By statute you incurred the enhanced penalty which no Prosecutor under the sun would turn down. What, you’d troll for them and seek information in exchange for an extension on your disability scam? Either you’re a lunatic, a paid informant, or both. And anyone who knows a thing or two about a thing or two appears to agree. Both Legal folks and Law Enforcement friends I have. Either way, persona non grata.


 ‘Doug Cook’ AKA ‘mtnforge’ ,you’re done. 

You never know who you’re talking to online. This is not a free fire zone. So keep it civil, sane, honest, and let this be the last warning.

26 thoughts on “Cognitive Infiltration, Take II

  1. Peter S

    My brother (now 50) has serious mental-health challenges and lives with my aging Mother. He will never be “normal”, and he is incapable of rational thought (even when medicated).

    Why do I mention this? One never really knows the individual on the other “end” of the Internet. Sometimes objective discussion is not feasible.

    outside of Seattle

  2. lineman

    I’m at a loss Brother…I have had conversations with Doug and he never came across that way to me… Yea he likes to ramble but who doesn’t sometimes…You have influence and respect Brother and I hope your emotions haven’t ruined an innocent man’s reputation… Saddened by all of this…

    1. I am emotionless in this matter, only logically calling it as I see it. And see it clearly I do, as do a handful of others of sound judgement.

      He did what he did, voluntarily. No one forced his hand. Aside from being ridiculous, one cannot state what he did in the manner he did. On top of being impressively stupid, it cannot be allowed. Anyone the guy has been associated with, in person or online, should be considered warned.

      Zero tolerance, Period.

      1. Mtn forge/ Doug has had his moments of reasonable, intelligent conversation and also quite a few comments like what you copied and pasted.
        The whole “I got the drop on…and made them an offer they couldn’t refuse”
        Is clearly nonsense- if he wasn’t under the jail so far they have to pipe in daylight- or in gitmo, he would be doing time in a fed prison.

      2. That’s obvious.

        What’s not is who he really is, his actual purpose, etc.

        You never know exactly who you’re talking to- but no one needs a psychopath at best hanging around.

      3. If you’re bored and have some time- read through his comments at WRSA.
        Something seems “off” about his comments a lot of the time, but, as I said there has been plently of reasonably intelligent comments along the way.
        No idea what happened in this case- I would have banned him too.

      4. I had to go into WP’s controls to filter certain words because of him. Actually had to dig deep in my memory and think up nearly every insulting phrase, obscene wording, and racial slur I could to block, all because of him.

        I added the ‘comments policy’ page because of him.

        I was more than generous tolerating the crap he said. Then he went full retard.

        I honestly don’t have time to read most things, and I just skip over the WRSA zoo; far, far too busy for that. Unless of course someone addresses something I’ve written incorrectly, which I rectify- but even then it’s normally from a buddy texting me.

        Either way, he’s a hazard to anyone and everyone.

      5. Zoo accurately describes WRSA. It wasn’t always like that. Used to have a great comments section-then far too many unstable whackjobs found the site.
        That’s why I don’t bother to comment there any more.
        You’re better off without the psychos hanging out in comments at your place- stop the first one and the rest won’t bother to try.

  3. “which to convey to you the import of this, was an IP in the executive wing of the whitehouse.” He really thinks highly of the importance the Obobo regime put on him, doesn’t he? And the reason we know none of what he said happened to him “(who I’m happy to state I got the drop on and gave them the offer you can’t refuse)” with the FBI “interaction” is true is because at a minimum, he’d be locked up, but even more seriously, because he’s still breathin’ and typin’. The “Bundy Offenders” did less, and look where they are right now. The FBI would have gone back within 24 hours. Apparently his import is legendary in his own mind, but there’s a lot of them on the internet Brother.

  4. B Woodman

    I’m also thinking of the blogger who used to run LGF (Little Green Footballs). Started out ok, and then for some reason went downhill before shuttering the blogsite.

  5. everlastingphelps

    FWIW, the out on 18 USC 111 is the “official duties” part — if what they were doing was outside the scope of official duties, you can skate.

    The problem with that? You have to affirmatively prove that they were outside their duties. Not only is the legal presumption that they were on official duty, they’re going to lie, hide all the evidence, and ultimately claim Executive Privilege (if it comes to that) to protect their ground soldiers and keep them quiet.

    The only reason I bring this up is to point out that the law doesn’t matter — as long as our courts and cops are lawless, it means whatever they want it to mean, and they aren’t above perjury and discovery abuse to make it so. If they didn’t hang 18 USC 111 on him, they would find something else.

    tl:dr version: there is a theoretical way out of that charge, but it’s nearly impossible, on the order of the Bundy Ranch crew getting a fair trial.

    1. All that’s irrelevant. The point is there’s stuff you can say, stuff you shouldn’t say, and stuff you can’t say.

      Alleging felonies of the Federal sort are the kind you can’t say.

      Any sane person would recognize this as such.

      1. everlastingphelps

        Right. You aren’t going to beat a charge if They want you, so the goal has to be to avoid getting the charge hung on you, and you avoid that by not making Them WANT to hang a charge on you.

        Becoming a physical threat (and confronting your surveillance rather than simply burning them) is the surest way to do that, and just talking about it in an open forum is.

  6. jeffronimo

    Thanks. I’m one of those who thought his contributions at CA’s mostly coherent and practical. After reading some of his recent “essay” material at his own dirt people blog, I wondered whether there were multiple persons (personalities?) using that nom de plume.

    Taking your warning to heart, Scout.

    1. LFMayor

      I’m right there with you. His writing style shifted a couple of months ago, it got better, hell I even put his blog on my favorites list a few weeks ago. His latest articles were pretty damn good. Now I’m freaking worried I’m going to spin a bearing. If I start posting pictures of bicycling like the LGF guy mentioned above you know what to do.
      Keep one foot in the safe zone of meatspace and good luck guys.

  7. Willy

    By any chance is there a downloadable copy of Mike Bishop’s original “Cognitive Infiltration” post somewhere? I read it back when you first referred to it a few months ago but I didn’t save a copy. That was a mistake.

  8. JJ

    Thank you for yet another education lesson. I see the “engaging in rambling or pointless diatribes and attacking anyone and everyone who held a dissident, rational opinion.” happening on a lot of places, now I know it’s by design and a tactic. I never have understood someone’s need to go into a long non-relevant diatribe comment on another person’s blog. Go start your own blog!
    Civility must be enforced for civility to exist. Thanks!

  9. PRCD

    This guy posts on the The ZMan’s blog as ‘Doug’ also and writes very similar things. He said he lives in the mountains of W. VA and has had government operatives out to intimidate him but he turned the tables on them.

    Thanks for making us aware of this. I was wary of this guy.

    1. A cold sober question to ask is why would any agency devote time and resources to a guy posting memes?

      But a guy posting those memes may very well be up to something else.

      Just a thought.

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