On the JBGC Arming Up and the Window Shifting

Take a moment and watch the vid posted over at WRSA.

Now before the usual peanut gallery response that will inevitably occur, I’m gonna take a few steps beyond and analyze what’s actually being posted. Some of my points you might wanna consider for yourself, some of them possibly to effectively address this growing threat.

  1. Don’t dismiss this as nothing. Yep, they’re hipsters arming up. But they’re hard-core Leftists arming up. And they’re done debating; they’re motivated. And their side acts on their threats. Some of you can’t even handle hurting a troll’s feelings without shooting me a bitchy email.
  2. Don’t simply ridicule them. Yeah they look stupid as hell. That fat chick is hilarious and the guy taking two shots and putting down his weapon reminds me of Pat McNamera yelling “I QUIT!!!” when someone does that. Any former Combat Arms guy could rip their technique apart. And getting online to dump mags at a stationary target, at a resting heart rate, still doesn’t make you tactically proficient in any way, shape or form. That doesn’t keep some of you from doing it. Pointing this out is missing the point though; they’re going beyond holding signs- there’s a reason.
  3. Don’t sit there and say “In a standup fight we’d massacre them!” So they’re out shooting but that doesn’t mean they’ll fight in a force on force conventional manner. What if a few of them got ahold of Major Plaster’s books? Juba did. How about Fry the Brain? They ain’t gonna fight moving in a platoon wedge down the street. If anything it’ll be baited ambushes exploited on Live Leak.
  4. Ask how they got the NFA items. I saw an SBR and a suppressor. Yeah, yeah, hearing protection and all that- cool, but the NFA as of 12MAY2017 is still in effect. And as those of you who’ve done a Form 4 know, it’s a LONG, drawn out process that involves a lot of legal legwork. But if you want to identify leadership or the support structure (…you know, something that does some good, beyond just saying ‘OH, SOROS!’), reviewing that paperwork is not exactly hard. On top of that, I bet at least one person in the ATF would be interested to know answers to what I’m asking too.
  5. Who was the guy lanecoaching? He has some training and he’s training others. Exactly where is a great question, shouldn’t be to hard for the astute to figure out. It’d be a really good guess to suppose that he’s one of the groomed cadre that’s worked his way up the Leftist infrastructure; ol’ Beardie didn’t just answer a craigslist ad. Last year was a BLM rally, last month was a Women’s March and a La Raza gathering, this week being a lane coach with prospects. Next week might be running his patsies to action. He may have brought special skills to the table from time in a Service Branch, maybe an ‘other than honorable’ discharge-ee, or he may have attended a few courses with a ‘tactical trainer’ who cared more about money than vetting. But also notice his trainees are listening and paying attention despite their flaws.

Don’t fall into the trap of ridicule. It doesn’t do any good. This clip is external propaganda, meant to be a call to arms for any other group with likeminded motivation. Just as the Right is closing the gap on the media, the Left is attempting to close the gap on an armed presence. Let me remind all of you, they want your blood. They say so, their predecessors continue to say so too and have been grooming their revolution for a while. This is not simple posturing.

Go train this weekend. Get on the air with your signal kit, whatever it is. Do it en route to the range. Pick up a kettlebell, repeatedly. Build Tribe. DO SOMETHING PHYSICAL.

35 thoughts on “On the JBGC Arming Up and the Window Shifting

  1. I would add the following to things to do this weekend-
    Run 100 yards before shooting at your targets or do 50 push ups or a bunch of burpees- anything to get the heart rate up.
    Shoot from a positions other than sitting at a bench using sandbags or a bipod for support.
    Hike with a full ruck in the field for miles- not around the block.
    Shoot clays so you get practice hitting moving targets.
    There’s lots of ways to set up moving targets in the field- pick a few and get good at hitting them- with an elevated heart rate.
    If your accuracy sucks- get training from someone who can shoot accurately.

  2. They’re names are known or being worked on. They’re not necessarily the ones to worry about but your point is a good and valid one. One thing I would say is look at their underlying message. Whether you want to accept it or not, we’re all a target to them if you’re of European descent. Boiling the essence of their message down, it is plainly one of anti-white and third worldism. Our demographics are our destiny and it’s not looking good for us.

  3. Stryker26

    Everybody starts somewhere. With very few exceptions well look just as goofy trying to do the same thing at some point.

    With practice, they will improve. Astonishingly quickly with drive and commitment.

    When they reach the point where they are releasing videos of them doing ambush drills and team maneuvers, we are behind their OODA loop.

  4. soljerblue

    I’ve thought for awhile — since a year or so back — that at some point the lefties were going to start acting out beyond the marches and signs. Patriots would be crazy to take them lightly. And it won’t be just a bunch of snoflakes doing it. LaRaza, MS-13, BLM types, etc., etc. — many are quite capable of taking their resistance to the next level. Don’t think that because you own guns or have a CCW, or train at the range once in awhile, that you’re ready for that personal moment of truth when it comes. Before everything else it gets to your mind set. Get your mind right, then get going.

  5. I think we’re all missing an opportunity here. A bunch of people who have never fired a weapon before are out there having fun shooting (or should be).

    We should encourage that, befriend them (within reason, of course) and use gentle suasion to educate them. Let them know that gun people are not necessarily the enemy.

    And, while taking care to not allow them to infiltrate our activities, we can infiltrate theirs.

    As has been said, be polite, be professional, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

    1. It’s not *quite* that easy.

      Leftists pictured are Leftists recruited from marches and protests. There is a structure to what they do.

      Those people were invited.

  6. Anonm

    No one of our kind should be trying to open the engage them in the public per view at all, period. Full stop.
    As has been stated previously these are just cannon fodder that will be the Pawns in the game of chess, and as everybody knows pawns always go first.
    Stay away from public rallies, stay away from whatever. Gov is doing to tear down Confederate monuments memorials and the such. Remember those are and graven images they are Idols they belong to Caesar. So let Caesar do what he wishes stay out of that game and just prepare like you always have.

  7. Cavguy

    Lucky shots kill just the same. I never liked the sound of rounds impacting around me and my guys. Never got comfortable with it, guess its healthy reaction. Hate to say it I’m getting a little burnt on this crap. So I got a distraction to enjoy life again a KTM690. Been having fun again and doing AMA enduro and dual sport events. I just needed a breather from the focused work. Comments?

      1. Cavguy

        Well I did get the FT897 a few weeks back. Still looking at what antenna to cut. Guys in one my local clubs going to assist me. Hams helping hams, you got to get licensed to practice. Shit there I go again! Just can’t stop working at it, guess it’s in the blood.

      2. Look into building a fan dipole for 80, 40 and 20…and if you’ve got the room, 160.

        Another one that’s cool and versatile is an off-center-fed dipole, also known as a Carolina Windom. I can’t understand why people pay so much money for those when you can build one at home really cheap.

  8. Ncsout, as usual you are right on in what you wrote.

    I have been writing similar thoughts on my site as well as others and FB once the video was released. After all, I wonder how a new boot looks in basic. As anything in life we all start out as novices and get better with time whether that is running a radio, running a weapon, or using your grand-ma’s apple pie recipe.

    I have noticed more times than not over the 61-years I have been on this earth that the person that runs their mouth the most is the last person you want covering your 6 or sharing a foxhole with.


  9. I keep telling people not to take these oxygen thieves for granted. They don’t have to be good to be a threat….just lucky.

  10. Cavguy

    The off center is my first one to go up. Fellow ham, Elmer, uses same with awesome results. Fan was my first choice but well let’s start simple. Thanks for the tip.

  11. This question/request is a bit off topic. Does anybody have a link to share in building your own Carolina Windom?

    Off to Dayton Thurs for the ham fest. I would love to buy some fixins while there.

    1. John Hill, KF7SQQ, wrote a book called Portable Wire Antennas. It should be on Amazon- GET IT.

      For the OCF/Windom, you’ll need a 4:1 Balun, two dogbone insulators, and one length of wire will be 1/3 wavelength and the other 2/3 for the optimum frequency you’re wanting to use. For an 80-6 OCF you’ll want an 89ft and a 44ft run of wire.


    Pay attention to who they are trying to recruit now…It’s the same people we’d be trying to get on our side…and occasionally people from OUR side.
    This little bit seems to be ignored. Heck I guess we should be lucky some of us have actually got past the “they are only snowflakes with airsoft guns” meme (I asked someone to show me the evidence for this and of course they refused saying I was the one “out of the loop” when they clearly were, merely repeating some nonsense they heard, and such people continue to spew such nonsense even after the same video ncscout posted has been up for awhile…I’m also not saying they would NEVER use an airsoft prop).

    Think you have a SHTF plan? Well they do to.

    On a side note with this in mind, if anyone is planning battle field upgrades to replace their Chinese specials, they may be disappointed to find when they pick up the same thing, albeit now with a bullet hole they put through it.

  13. Russ

    I would like to expand on something I said earlier:”An organized minority will beat the crap out of a disorganized majority…every time”.

    That knife cuts both ways and in case anyone hasn’t noticed, those in apparent opposition to us are pretty good at getting organized. They actually thrive on it. We on the other hand just want to be left alone for the most part. That may be our fatal flaw.

  14. Cavguy

    Just got the John Hill antenna book. Thanks for the heads up. Still need that general rating.

    1. flighterdoc

      There’s always QRZ.com…just keep answering the questions and figuring it out.

    2. Cavguy,
      I too just received the Hill book. I took it with me to the Dayton (Xenia) Ham Fest. Loaded up on all the bits n’ pieces I will need for my next couple of antennas.

      On the General Ticket: I spent two days with the ARRL General book and after each chapter took the practice tests on-line through the ARRL site. Took the actual exam ~ a week after the weekend cram session when I was consistently attaining 80% or higher on the aforementioned practice exams. Passed with flying colors. Getting that ticket opens up the amateur radio world to a new ham. You just have to make the two day commitment and get ‘er done!

      Now working on CW.


  15. Ncscout and all of the readers, in essence the Daton, OH. Ham fest was great.

    I spoke to a lot of folks and they all rated the fest a A- to B+ when compared to the previous venue. The only complaint I heard with regularity was the “grid lock” getting to the event. Saturday, the traffic was cleaned up by making several roads to the Green County Fair Grounds one way travel.

    Friday when we got there there were only several thousand folks there. By 1400 hrs, I heard one of the DARA folks say that they were over the 20,000 mark.

    The race track was where the flea market was. The vendors booths were located in barn arenas and tents.

    I picked up the aforementioned bits n’ pieces for some up and coming projects a Raspberry PI computer kit and a Yaesu 817ND for my GOD communication pack.


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