4 thoughts on “NVIS Contest via MAPOA

  1. Keypounder

    The neat thing is you do not need anything exceptional in equipment; it is all about the operator.

    1. LodeRunner

      @Keypounder – Agreed. The fact that the power bonus is on a per-contact basis gives the operator(s) a great deal of real-time control over their score, unlike the typical “choose your classification before you even begin operating” brawls sponsored by ARRL and CQ which favor high-power and low courtesy operations.

      I wish this event included 40M… contest period is 6 hours, all in daylight on the East coast, and 80M is not very conducive to portable operations to begin with.

      I have a nice [radio quiet] ~20 acre pasture surrounded by tall trees which I can operate from, plenty of battery power, and a few friends who may want to come play as a group. Sounds like the makings of a good time…

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