Ironbound Concepts sends: From the Front in Donbass


You can view the original here, or read the following translation. It’s not exactly an easy read, but many of the key takeaways are highlighted along with my notes. This is as real as it gets, and as I’ve driven home both in my writing and in person, some are in for a serious rude awakening. This is what the future might look like.

A short story about a brave girl and naked Bakhmutka
It was just a shame for me a little nemesis. Now here’s the text I’ll write, maybe it will be less embarrassing, although, in theory, what a shame – the circumstances happened from me not at all dependent. But when a crowd of people attacked a girl who said what you had to say, and you did not have time to say it earlier, you feel guilty, regardless of why or how it happened.

I had information from Lugansk, which I had to voice, and I sat like that all day thinking how it would be better to do it. To less was the howl of the alarmists, about the state secrets, and so on. Gently in one word. And while I was sitting and thinking, Anya Dolgareva HUN! from Donetsk to Lugansk and (EXTREMELY!) received the same information, but from another source and laid it out with all the attendant costs in the form of lack of necessary explanations, which were no less important than the facts themselves. Because there is nothing “better” in response to a short emotional message from a girl with the headline “ЛНР throws almost half a thousand people to slaughter” than the measured and logical reasoning of some “military analyst” who is sitting away from the front line. The reasoning that “do not panic,” “everything is planned,” and, of course, “you’re a girl, you do not understand anything about it.”

Okay, well, they did. Instead of a short note on this topic, a separate article on another topic and a lengthy, strictly documented document with my favorite comic stamp “DSP”, which I wanted to sculpt somewhere in October, there will now be one text, and the rest – if possible.

So, in order to understand what the problem is, you, dear readers, need to more or less delve into what the war looks like on the “line of contact” from Stanitsa Luganskaya to Shirokino. For our part, most of this line is not controlled, but only observed from advanced NP (observation posts). All this is called “positional warfare,” but with classic pictures from the life of the First World there is little in common. Positions as it should, properly equipped, with a large well-armed “population” is not so much, they are in places of prolonged exacerbations and their main vulnerability in the case of sweeping movements of the enemy – the flanks where these NP begin, at which moment there is 5-6 a man, two of whom are constantly in the “eyes”, that is, they follow the zone of responsibility of the NP, and the other two sleep to replace them later.

Naturally, a number of MVZs (mine-blasting obstacles) have been established along the front, which, theoretically, slow the advance of the enemy. In practice, even the Second World War showed that without a proper fire cover, the cost centers are not much worth. In our case, “sorting out” such a bundle is quite simple. According to the previously known and cleared narrow aisles in the MVZ, the Ukrainian DRG creeps in the morning, cuts out the post, knocking out observers from the weapons with silencers, and early morning utilities begin to work sappers. If woodpeckers sit on the post and at the headquarters of the unit, and the communication check is not carried out regularly, the headquarters will never know that the post is cut until the enemy starts covering the nearest major base point with the artifice, correcting from the freshly occupied NP or from its vicinity. At this point, the enemy will already make passages in the cost center for the equipment, behind which the crowds of infantry will cheerfully run.

If the communication check is carried out, but through an open communication channel, the enemy responds to the call of the “center” safely, because the callsigns and all the details of the radio exchange are well aware. The war goes on for three years, on the other side do not mess around, and everything that you say in the open channel or on the cell phone to the advanced enemy safely hears and writes.

And now let’s calculate how many percent of the NP of the front have closed radio communication with the rear / headquarters or at least wire communication properly laid. Few. Why? Because the regular military radio stations with closed communication no one will give such points – they will be seized “at once” if that, and the vole is not enough. And there are not enough field telephones. And the field switches are not enough.

[NOTE: I’ve written much on the small unit use of the Yagi and Moxon antennas. This is a great example of how a little bit of communications training could go a long, long way. But, it’s a come as you are affair, and the overall level of training is low. It’s no different than for any other militia or militant group out there. So the question then becomes do you want to learn from the mistakes of others or do better and become more effective in the process?]

Yes, the yard is not 1917 and 2017, but we have a crisis with a vole here. With the usual field army two-wire telephone cable. Wild, funny, but true. It requires many hundreds of kilometers, if not thousands, and its lack on advanced positions generates an even greater deficit-lay the “shortest” lines, in which the shortest happens such a number of breaks due to constant shelling, that you have to write off a piece by piece , when a very wild number of “clusters” is formed on it. And to be laid applying to the terrain, and even the “asterisk”, as it should be, with a switch in the center … this can only be dreamed of. Why? But because the battalion states are written from the Russian, which, in turn, are written for a completely different war, a full war, when the front of the battalion is only a few kilometers, not 25-30. And the vole there is written for him on the staff of 5-8 km. And the phones are a ridiculous amount in the calculation that, having handed over one broken in repair, the fighters will immediately receive a new one. Do I have to tell you how we are doing with the repair of communication equipment, starting with the phone and ending with the station P-173, or you already guessed? Here I am sitting and thinking where and how I can get 30 kilometers of voyage to get closer to the border to close the most fabulous holes of such a plan, which I know about. (And here are the polygons, by the way, they are well equipped with a wired connection, because there a lot of bosses happen and … love everyone with a strange love, if there is no connection when the “elephants run”.

For idiots who say about “SOSUshniki, who do not know how to fight,” I inform you that they know how, because more than three years of war have passed. Climb into the inner rear of ours, not just with a sniper, but with a launch ATGM and two “pipes” to it and work out by car on a rocket – this has long been a full-time exercise of Ukrainian DRG. So, dear username, reposting article under the heading “Javelins APU will not help,” think at your leisure what will do with our tank VSUshnik, who put the old Soviet ATGM in a moving truck, having instead of “Fagot” “Dzhavelin.” Imagine, dear, how do you try to get out of this tank, and you can not do it, because the ATGM not only killed the commander, but you, the gunner-operator, almost broke off your leg, it hangs on your skin. And you, losing your strength (in your head everything is swimming, plus concussion, all the cases) and trying to find the way to stop the blood, amidst the rich smell of the burning man, you think that the fire is about to reach the “carousel”. (The automatic fire extinguishing system in the tank is generally provided for by the designer, but its normal maintenance and maintenance is possible in a normal army, but for you they decided not to build a normal army.) Shows? Here also think, the moron, whether it is necessary pereposhchivat things in which you do not navigate.

[NOTE: This is about as accurate a ‘being on the wrong side of’ an IED/RPG/EFP/RKG-3 description as it gets. I’ve survived a few to know. All of you who think you’ll be patrolling in vehicles, keep the above in mind.]

But let’s return to the “observable” front line. The language does not turn to call it “fire control”, because in most cases it is not possible even from two trivial ACSs or “Cliffs” on both sides to cover the interval between NPs. The control is purely visual. The NP function with a “garrison” of 5-6 people is, as a rule, shouting into the phone (with the SIMC of the Ukrainian MTS), “POPPER!” and try to escape. As a rule, there is not the slightest possibility of obtaining an immediate fire cover from the side of the artillery (assigned) or mortars (there is little and it is necessary to agree on a permit for fire). Organized resistance will begin at key positions in depth, behind the veil of “NP”, where these positions exist, and where they are able to advance the alarmed fighters. Wherever they can deploy the appropriate firepower – artillery and mortars. After some time after the start of the work of the artillery and the flight of the UAV on the site it becomes clear how serious the enemy’s intentions are. Depending on this, the body reserves, special forces, art art brigade with 152-mm landscape design devices such as Msta-B will be raised, the tank units that are withdrawn-withdrawn according to the “Minsk agreements”. The enemy will be swept away by artillery, discarded, etc., other, other.

Here’s how something about themselves is represented by all of the staffs from the brigade and above. And how does this happen in real life? For example, in winter in Svetlodarka, when only three of the three positions lost during the sudden attack of the APU were returned to Kikimoru alone, reporting that the Cross and the Star had been plowed up with artillery so that the enemy left them. But the trouble is – always keep art art brigade there and constantly work from it – nizya, scolds the OSCE, and the dill digs, constantly digs, along the whole front they dig, including there. They dig forwards. Almost every lap UAV gives new lines of trenches and message moves. Now in those places again between the positions of the parties ridiculous distances.

By the way, in the winter it was suddenly revealed that on that side it was quite a head thought all this time, and while we were sewing St. George’s ribbons on their feet in the LNR, and in the DNR they learned in the morning’s choruses to sing the anthem in large numbers, and they were massively selected and trained snipers . And on the front, you can not lift your head now. And we have self-taught people who do not have enough money for the sight better than PSO-1, not to mention the rangefinder, scanty against the general background of supplies from organizations such as our KCNPN and a huge number of “SVD carriers”, who have bundles and a cartridge in the chamber covered with noble colors by a pattern, while the rifle was stalled in the CWC.

[NOTE: Although not perfect, the reticle of the PSO-1 is incredibly simple to use, even for untrained forces. The ACOG is actually quite similar in purpose and function, and the largest criticism of both in this context would likely be the relatively low magnification. Think of the advantage a decent 1-6 or 1-8 gives.]

However, we’ll talk about this later, let’s, after a couple of pages of the necessary text of the “background”, I still return to the original theme. To that information about denudation of positions on Bakhmutskaya highway, which, ahead of me, “voiced” Anya. Briefly, the essence of it looks like this: “In LC, under the pretext of training from the almost 50-kilometer front, the front line of which is occupied by the 14th BTRO” Ghost “and the 16th Cossack BTRO” Jarga “, all units of the 4th motorized rifle brigade are assigned, all units of the 4th motorized rifle brigade covering this area are created, which creates a multiple advantage of the enemy in the possibilities for concentration of forces and assets in space and time that will, in case of an attack, without special problems, crush the combat orders of the two BTWs, destroy them, take all the key positions on the site, seriously move forward and firmly “get hooked for building” in the Kirov-Stakhanov-Bryankovo ​​agglomeration, providing this “bridgehead” with reliable communications. “

I do not know who and how I described the situation to Ana, I got it about like this. (I just deleted the mate, and rewrote the culturally complex sentences with what’s left after that.) Let me describe how it looks in practice.

By state, I emphasize this, by state, the difference between states and real staffing is very noticeable, BTWR is a little less than 300 people, I do not remember exactly, 280 with something like it. I did not find the period of the formation of the BTRO in LC practically in service, so the information is not very accurate. So from these 280 people, in order to get the number of infantry, “bayonets”, that is, trunks, in positions, it is necessary to subtract

– battalion headquarters
– platoon of provision
– security posts at the battalion’s facilities
– battery of mortar gunners
– battery of anti-tankists
– signalers
– doctors

and divided in half. So in the best case, with two rotations, one – in the ruts and in the raspolag, the other – “in the trenches”, we get 80-100 people, scattered over a dozen points, including roadblocks. Including reconnaissance and sappers. The heaviest fire support, which the BTRO itself can provide, is 120 mm mortars, from the serviceability of which, and from the equipment and training of calculations, the outcome of any more or less significant battle on the front line directly depends. What can you say about equipping the BTRO minelayers? Here is to take the same “Ghost”, which brings a lot of things to both KSCP and other public organizations. At the end of last year, due to the KSCP, normal optical sights MPM-44 appeared on all mortars of the 14th BTRO. How much it cost and where it came from – details with respect to this case are completely unnecessary, the fact is eloquent – as far as it was pofigu big boss.

[NOTE: Take the above to heart, all you would-be militants. You need manpower, and specialized manpower. While shooters are important, the support staff is indispensable. Unless you have a plan to accommodate these needs, YOU ARE NOT a capable fighting force, no matter what any ‘tactical trainer’ tells you.]

Armor in the territorial battalions is only light, as a rule – old BMP-1, less often (much less often) – “kopeck piece.” Bronya has only one company, proudly called a “mehroth”. As a rule, not all of them are “on the run”, that is, somewhere with half a dozen fully working BMPs at the BTRO for 20 km of the front is being recruited. That’s great, is not it?

Total, we have 80-100 people meet the enemy in the first line. With the order “fire does not open, for violation – 6 years in prison.” In “Ghost”, although a little holding on to some key points, they have a chance to quickly get effective support with mortar fire, which they allowed to work. Because the “Ghost” has a digital closed radio communication along the entire front and in the depth. NOT STATE. In its development are invested, in addition to significant pieces of the salary of the personnel who want to live, many hundreds of thousands of completely private, but not public, rubles. And the staff that can exploit it is grown.

How fast will the fennel detect and shut up, if desired, one mortar battery? Very fast. Especially for fans of pereposhchivat anecdotes about “In what boiler served?”, I will explain – now, in the fourth year of the war, the entire front line in Novorossia is constantly flying around Ukrainian UAVs of various levels of subordination. The machine in the area of ​​action of enemy mortars is better than without camouflage, do not even park for an hour or two. Maybe before the direct hit the case will not reach, but still for the repair then a long time will not pay. And if arta somewhere rolled out without respecting the proper secrecy measures, then it can get the first plum “rebound” even before she hints. Therefore, even the presence of promptly and effectively reacted mortars is just a small gain of time. And very modest support for the second hundred people gathered on alarm with several “bekhs”, which will still detain the enemy at the front about 25 km. 4 people per kilometer and about one BMP at 4 km. In general, it is also not a very big gain in time, after which a scenario familiar to the Second World War begins, when everyone, including the headquarters and cooks, goes directly into the battle, with weapons in their hands. (By the way, for example, one such battle on July 10, 1942 near the cemetery of Tel Al Ace, when the Australians crushed the Italian division of “Sabrata”, directly behind which was the headquarters of Rommel, who entered the battle led by the ZNS, von Mellenthin, cost the Germans most of the radio intercept company together with the commander, whose company, the “African Corps,” was directly indebted for many of its former victories.) It takes a little longer, and the battle control is lost, after which the remnants of the battalion are achieved. Real, meaningful reinforcements? Well, they are there, somewhere in the rear are going to. It’s already about, right now. Oh … collection points “Grads” covered. Yes, approximately and will be. During those few hours that the 4th, which is carried into the deep rear, will be assembled and pulled out, both BTWO will be bluntly ground.

People, at least from the corner of the eye following the events in Novorossia, will of course ask me – why then did not all these terrible things happen in the days of fighting for the settlement of Zhelobok in the Ghost zone of responsibility in June of this year? I tell you, I was lucky to visit the Ghosts in August and pose questions. First, everything began with the fact that the artillery of the APU did not cover the staff of the Ghost in Kirov, which, given the already stable high enough level of the art of the Armed Forces, can be considered a lucky accident. Management of the battle that began at that time was not lost. Secondly, it was on that particular day that it was precisely on the position in Zhelobka that it was reinforced. Approximately a company of attackers VSUshnikov met in the area instead of 6-8 people about a platoon, if not more, sufficiently armed and motivated ours, who had a quick enough time before the ammunition ran out, and a nice bonus appeared – to call mortars. Then the guys from the 4th and “fire weapons of the senior chief” were pulled up operatively from the same place. The result is known – they knocked out the trough of the gentlemen of the Eurointegrators. Thanks to the fact that the position was reinforced by the infantry and art of the 4th, there were “here they are, close”.

By the way, the most valuable trophy of those battles was not ammunition, abandoned by the enemy, but a shovel … A beautiful, comfortable, sturdy stuck shovel, which, according to new users, is practically “digging itself”. As will be a picture of this shovel – I will definitely post it. Just to remind some that not high-tech “Javelins”, and even such things as the ubiquitous availability of a convenient standard trench instrument, much decides.

Dill hoped, quickly knocking out a post in the gutter, bury it there and, at least, leave it behind, and as a maximum – go to the village of Donetsk and gain a foothold there. With the 14th BTRO “quick access” units of the 4th Brigade for more, they did not have to count. I imagine the exultation of the enemy when his UPL on the flights saw how the 4th is loaded and transported to the rear, which he, the enemy, was immediately confirmed by his agents.

And this, by the way, Eurointegrators have not yet been lucky with the battalion. “Ghost”, thanks to its media activity and the help of public organizations, was able from 2014 to properly staff its now not very numerous (about this separate conversation will be) fighters with optics, communications equipment, computer equipment needed to control the battle as a whole and artognem in particular. In “Ghost”, a terrible thing, there is a color printer A3, which has been printing maps and flights for already a year not only for Ghost, but for the entire 4th brigade. The cartographic documentation of the Ghost, which allows officers to navigate as quickly as possible in the atmosphere, was eventually accepted as the standard for the brigade. I made a note, not by professional military men. People just want to live, and they are working on it. The result of this work I saw fleetingly during the next delivery of KCNPN cargo to the “Ghost”. Couples of minutes do not pass after a stir on the front from the APU, as the battalion commander at his headquarters puts a finger exactly on the place of a fresh flight, where it happens and immediately navigates than how and who can work on the target and in what time frame. Yes, the UAV of the battalion is also not official.

“Maps, Communication, Optics” – this triad “Ghost” pours out money from his salaries and public funds, but the “Ghost” now if only not the leader of all Novorossia in terms of the amount of assistance in terms of a soldier. Have you heard much from the media about the 16th Cossack BTRO “Jarg”? I think the majority here only from the discussed message Ani and found out about their existence. To please you with broken bottoms in the field of supplying state property to units in the People’s Republic of China and the People’s Republic of China, so that you will feel the whole charm of a situation like this for people who can rely on their riflemen and several mortars in battle?

About equipment and tanks, about batteries, tangents and headsets do not say, words are not stupid, one admiration. Remarkable, remarkable in the Stevenson sense, people! Half a year has passed since the nationalization of a huge cluster of metallurgy and metalworking in the Donbas, and massive grinding of equipment against RPGs of single approved samples and dynamic protection containers, taking into account the enemy’s use of “Javelins” and the barraging ammunition that Ukraine is now actively purchasing in Poland, is not settled. Syrians, the very people who some contemptuously call “fucking Arabs”, in conditions much more savage than in the Donbass, have established this process. And, meanwhile, I, it seems, already wrote about the case of the winter of 2015, after which we had a PTRD in our battalion. When a properly equipped Buck was correctly fired, the BTR was fired from several RPG-7s, had several hits and, when it was captured, it turned out that the crew had thrown it … just because the car was bogged down in deep snow.

In general, we will not talk about armor. It’s very sad, let’s talk about the infantry and its problems.

Here, for example, in the N-th part during the next acute exacerbation, urgently, dtsat night scopes 1PH58. All the batteries are dead, not a single charger for all dtsat pieces. Batteries (yes, “native”, the same, type-setting, old-Soviet model of “tablets”) and charging were purchased and brought by the public.

Here is an officer of DNRovsky, who has been fighting since 2014, sitting in front of me recently. In the years already an uncle, who had seen a lot, did not retire to a civilian despite any army marasmus, despite the lack of everything. Enumerates to me what is urgently needed at the front line. Kevlar helmets are needed, 70% of fighters – in “glands”. Bronics are needed, many without plates. Optics are needed. Communication is needed. It’s all me, even theoretically, I can bring him. But then he asks me to bring him spare parts for 12.7-mm machine guns “Cliff”. Because “Cliffs” he has it – the main firearm for the time of “truce”, which allows him to at least sometimes somehow to upset the greyhound European integrators. Very worn out already the main fire weapon. And where do I get this? Do not care that this article, our favorite “three goose.” I just can not imagine at least about the place where I can buy these “three goose” to steal them to him secretly. Automated stores – I know where. Just 100 pieces were brought to another unit. Headset and tangent for TPU, for which I have direct orders from specific people and parts from both buildings on HUNDREDS of PCs, we can at least in some quantity get it. But spare parts for “Cliffs” I have nowhere to get.

Farther. Judging by the fact that I’m watching, the only owners of not even a complete, but even a partial set of devices from the KY-73/83 (commander’s box) is the same “Ghost” in all of Novorossia. KSCP once brought what good people have transferred from their stocks. Googling what it is. QY – this is where the normal rifle training of fighters begins. They are not present not only in the territorial battalions standing on the front line, for which the ownership of the fighters by their riflemen is absolutely, absolutely critical, there are none at all. About such luxury as the “Device PUS-7”, the simulator of shooting from the RPG-7, generally silent. “Vodka remember – this is arrogance,” as one living classic said.

The mass sniping movement, including in the linear battalions of the brigades, not only among the territorials, could sharply raise the “passing grade” of the first line of defense for the APU, but signing the “Minsk Agreements” three years ago, the immediate beginning of systemic work on this topic concerned. There is a platoon of snipers in brigades, there are regimental snipers, but the total number of constantly working motivated and, most importantly, well-equipped snipers, it is ridiculous for the length of the front that we have. By the way, do you think that the states have any means of closed communication for platoon of snipers in brigades. Well, for a sniper couple who went out to work in neutral there is something that she could communicate with the rear, eh? Nope. When we brought the first batch of portable computers a year ago to snipers, they were already planning to buy hunting manki.

[NOTE: The use of competent marksmen is critical; in their terms, a Sniper is very much a DMR-type role manuevering close with the Infantry units in an overwatching role. They are a type of short-range; as in not moving far from the squad; scout. In many Eastern orders of battle, a Designated Marksman is directly attached to the Infantry Squad, something that we incorporated in our contemporary wars.  Speaking from experience, having teams of trained marksman with good glass on serviceable rifles is a vast force multiplier- see the ACOG. But the rifle and the shooter are two parts of a larger equation; proper employment and coordination of teams on a target are a whole other area of training that few, if any, competently do no matter how much they say so.]

Sappers. Great, wonderful. “Come with your mine detectors” is called. Or they give out state devices, which already had nothing to do in Afghanistan. Yes, there are people with their “garrets.”[metal detectors] The rest belong to the subspecies “Sappers do not have to be smart, there must be a lot of them.”

Further. A little about the art. Heavy optics, loudspeakers, and LPRs (laser reconnaissance devices), the guys were equipped with (These were somebody else’s equipment.) Now we’ll look for money on the bus for one battery in the LNR, which did not get anything) for the same states of “normal war” when the art and the minelayers work as a last resort. The fact that in the current “strange war” will have to work more flexibly, with firing platoons or even with individual guns, and there are far more places to observe with the same LPRs, no one somehow thought. And that all this economy, constantly rolling out, working and rolling down, should have a closed radio communication, and not a vole, neatly laid along the beautifully strewn paths to permanent fire, no one at the top thought or thought. By the way, where there are some “permanent fire” for some reason, and they are not decorative, to show the authorities, the fennel is already fully trained to get into them. Including dropping 82-mm mines from drone.

This, by the way, is purely on equipping the issue. But if against the background of this cherry on the cake at the same 120’s will be SOS, the senior officers of the batteries, which, going to the position, can not normalize normally, “a call to a friend” is required, the picture will turn out very ugly. Actually, the staff is a completely separate terrible question, to which we are now approaching, and from which we proceed smoothly to discussing why and why this notorious “withdrawal of the fourth” could happen.

No one, perhaps, of those who are writing about this war now, except Nathan Gelyukha, in my opinion, did not touch upon the issue of the depth of the failure that here takes place in the personnel question and continues to fail. FRAMES – EVERYTHING. This question is hushed up at all levels, and, in parallel with this, the brigade commanders and combat commanders are brainwashed by the theme “To be completed, to be manned as soon as possible!”. The result is a “set of announcements,” after which you not only have to buy a normal battery for your money on your truck or armor, but also put a soldier in a twenty-four-hour guard so that the alkonauts so chosen will not remove the battery from the car and drag it to change it vodka.

It’s sad, but the fact – thanks to the peculiar personnel policy set by the Russian Federation, the human resources of the Lugansk and Donetsk corps of the people’s militia are almost completely exhausted. In most cases, not that up to 100%, up to 70-80% of staffing them with adequate staff is already impossible and, without the introduction of an appeal with zhetskim measures for evasion, it may not be. And the introduction of the draft will not only be a huge media defeat of the republics, but also a completely useless measure – all potential “draftees” are quickly screwed into Russia. Volunteer is now at the military enlistment office – a holiday. Yes, you understood correctly. Suddenly, few people want to fight and die for the implementation of the Minsk agreements, according to which Donbass returns to Ukraine. Suddenly, very few people are interested in doing this on the rights of an unrequited target, which for a shot in the direction of the Supreme Armed Forces will be given 6 years in prison. Suddenly, everyone already knows that the issuance of a soldier’s salary of 15 tr is followed by daily command references to this very salary. Do you need optics? You have a salary. Need a connection? You have a salary. And so on, on all points, including treatment and prosthetics of the wounded and stuff. (Apogee was once when people in one of the units were forced twice for a couple of months completely to settle at their own expense new “razlagi”, and if the first was a non-renovated school, then the second one was abandoned by the factory shop without heating, which had to be settled in November.)

[NOTE: All you would-be militant leaders, take notice. YOU WILL HAVE WOUNDED, YOU WILL HAVE EQUIPMENT ISSUES, YOU WILL HAVE PAY ISSUES. Oh, you thought folks would just join the cause because? Don’t deal well with any one of them and you lose your support, period. What, you thought you’d just set up a ‘go fund me’ and it’d just come like field of dreams? Motivation to a cause saps quick once Joe starts to suck. Go ahead, don’t believe me. Be that guy. Lead your boys into a trap once or twice, and their reasons to trust you go away.]

Suddenly, people who in such conditions regularly go to the front under death, are not ready to tolerate as drunkards, idiots, thieves, careerists and other slag sent to them as “instructors”. Even if this “slag-absolutely-slag” comes to 30%, he, according to the well-known law that “the asshole is always more noticeable,” creates the impression that it is 80%, and you will not dissuade the reverse people in the march box which on the parade passed past the schism in shoulder straps threw a cigarette butt.
Cho, crooked bricks slipped? Local muzhiiki some wrong? No, you guys. Local – people are extremely patriotic, and most importantly – with exceptional just some patience for some insane envoys isotduda. Look how much the former brigade commander-7, “Dawn”, lived. On the fact of his untimely sawing of Ukrainian DRG in the “seven”, I remember, there was a modest celebration for a narrow circle. Do you see how decent everything is? And the dill can be written off.

Yes, my dear friends of the photos of a drunken Ukrainian warrior lying with wet pants in the middle of the street, the idea that “We do not need ideological ones, we will put a good salary by local standards in 15 thousand rubles, and simple local muzhiks will come running to us, she stopped working about right after the moment when she was put into practice. Now, for example, when the Lugansk military committees have fallen to the total monthly telephone spam by Lugakom’s numbers, this feil simply visibly emerged.

I was here, I had a business, I stuttered in a conversation with one fighter that I was going to return to serve, so he told me honestly – “Do not go to the line battalions, go to special forces somewhere, in the battalions attitude to people …” he sighed very eloquently and said nothing. “How to shit.”

The sad joke of the Gorlovchani Isi Katsman about the “Republic of Special Forces”, she is actually much more sad than it may seem. The multiplicity of all special forces and “separate reconnaissance and assault battalions” is not only from the area of ​​interdepartmental pontometry, but also from attempts to gather, far from the constructions with the choral performance of the anthem, around experienced people, at least somewhere, at least some pieces of a military machine with predictable combat capability . And they somehow get together. Only here is the trouble – not where the basic fire and armor power of local military vehicles is concentrated by the staffs. That, in the case of global mahacha, guarantees extra losses.

In these conditions, the front rests on small piles of stubborn peasants, often already repeatedly concussed-re-wounded and wounded-wounded, who have been fighting since the 14th year, have rested and will not surrender. These iron people came to us from the late Soviet anecdote about “A rope to bring your own or the trade union will allocate?” and, thanks to them, … suddenly, in the same Lugansk and Donetsk corps of the people’s militia, which suffer from a shortage of volunteers, there are units in which the competition is not a contest, but there is some selection. And where the Alkonauts will not take questions about the biography. And where there is internal training, which teaches something other than how the beds should stand in the barracks. And, if a large-scale Ukrainian offensive has taken place, each such center of crystallization of sanity will become the center of fierce resistance. That’s just who on the flanks of such centers will be – a question.

But let us return directly to the topic with the bare Bakhmutki, on which orphaned “Jarga” and “Ghost” with the total number of one rotation for about 50 km in 200 people. I did not just mention the personnel issue. The basic, optimistic version of the withdrawal of the 4th Brigade, which I usually have for such cases, is the quaint resultant force of paper flows between the brigade and the corps, very remotely reflecting the true state of affairs. They lowered something from above, from below they answered it, and everything is wrapped up … That same thing “It’s worse than betrayal, it’s a mistake”. But the second version, which is more gloomy, it directly rests on the personnel question. Discuss this version with the current battalion commander of the “Ghost” “Good” and the previous one, Arkadyevich, who is now the 1st deputy. brigade commander-4, I have not had the opportunity yet, because I’m in Donetsk for the time being, but I think I’ll finish them up to them.

The fact that the “Ghost” at the time of the spring of 2015, when it began to squeeze into the structure of the People’s Militia of the People’s Republic of Finland, in number significantly outperformed the staff of the BTRO. After the death of the Brain for about a year or so, the “Ghost” remained three times as large as the armed men of the BTRO, and people received a third of the salary – 5 tr. The salary of one “shtatnik” was divided into him and two freelancers. You understand, this in some way protected from the influx of “fifteen thousanders”. Not to say that everything was perfect, but the climate was more healthy than “on average in the hospital.” A year later, the leadership of the LC decided that he did not need these strange “freelancers” with weapons. “Disarm them.” The division of people into those who will remain in the 14th BTRO and those who will move to the 4th brigade began. More or less at least people scattered so as not to lose valuable shots and … here they were taken to the 4th brigade of the then commander of the Ghost, Arkadyevich.

[NOTE: You’ll be working for someone. There is a chain of command and established authority. YOU WILL SUBMIT TO THAT AUTHORITY, ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. Some of you ‘militia’ folks will find that out in time, either by doing what you’re told or being left in a ditch.]

Who took with him there a few more valuable personnel and received a suitable support in the form of previously transferred to the 4th ghost. In fact, the “Ghost”, “Makhnovsky” and “partisan”, became a personnel school for the 4th Brigade. People worked, yes. Without days off and holidays. Here is the result. Suddenly, “Makhnovists and partisans” rule. Because, for example, the battle rules are known and can be distinguished from the direction of the magnetic azimuth from the command angle. They sit, you know, read all kinds of books, the deceased “Voeinzdat” released and KCNP brought. In between Kamsha and Nienna.

And let’s imagine how uncomfortable some comrades in the corps, who freely sighed after the death of “Spetsa”, that they are beginning to emerge a sort of personnel iceberg, whose unrestrained personnel perpetuum is turning, you understand, a mobile with full tactical occupations (by the way, who has a multimedia projector for these tasks – it is very necessary, the local one, it seems, is completely dying). How many posts, notes, jambs written off to the left and other things will start to float if the personnel core of the followers of Borisych continues to rise up the hierarchical control system, pulling people from the trenches behind them, who, while they from trenches, managed to sit on classes and quite a good job in everything according to the rank are laid down, and the volume of the document circulation can survive without strokes. One or two years will pass, and some of the previous, and even current, “unregistered” change will be asked to explain some of the phenomena that will be described in the reports of these new people who, suddenly, will start writing “as it is” and not ” as it is necessary to write, so that the authorities do not swear. “

What need to do? Correctly. It is necessary to arrange so that a significant part of these people perish, and the rest who survive could be blamed for this. Those who do not believe in the possibility of such sweet conspiracies among their own, to that I can once again tell the story of the defeat of the base of the LNR battalion August in September 2014 in the pioneer camp “Young Guard”, in the investigation of which I took part three years ago. Then some remarkable people from Lugansk gathered a militant group from the Lugansk and Krasnodon militiamen, who were led to encircle the camp and to disarm the “settlers of muddy” who were settling there. And those who knew that the camp was “August”, said that there is an order “August” to disarm. In reality, people had their own selfish interest. They knew that on that day in the morning the battalion commander would come to the base, he would lead the supply column. It was necessary to kill the battalion commander, to squeeze out the column, to disperse the personnel and to prevent the formation of a separate mechanized battalion with tanks and arta.

Immediate commanders of those fighters who stood in the detachment were people adequate, and instead of immediately starting the greyhound to jump on the only soldier standing at the entrance at the entrance and breaking inside, they just came and asked to call the commander. In this case, the action’s organizers had a couple of people who went to camp territory, one with PC or SVD, the other with AKM, whose task was not to solve the issue peacefully and to control the elimination of the battalion commander. The man with the PC gave a shmalnul to the fighter, who stood in a detachment, behind the “cliff” in the back of the jeep, in response, the release laid the watchman on the clock and started pouring fire on the camp. In the camp at that time was miserly people, 20-30 people, some of them were loggers. Nobody opened the answer fire. If it was not the only person who could really do this, a volunteer from Russia, who trained the battalion fighters, correctly assessed the situation and went under fire with raised hands, shouting to stop the fire.

You understand, it was interesting in such a situation to find the characteristic sets of cartridge cases at the position with which one person from the PC or SVD was firing, and the other, from AKM, poured a window of the battalion’s battalion with lead and steel. And pull out of the door and cabinet walls a whole bag of steel cores, adding to them beautifully unfolded soft shells, lying around the floor. Naturally, all this – under continuous video recording. And then to hand this bag to the battalion commander, whom that day was not miraculously on the spot – he got into an accident on the way, stitches were put in the hospital.

A separate mechanized battalion eventually took place, the organizer of the “raid” heroically died in the battles with the Ukrainian fascists, and one of our battalion grandfathers buried his second son, Dimka, then. The first summer that killed the fennel in battle, the second, 17-full years, stood that day at the entrance. On our side, he died, on the part of the “run-in” – a fatally wounded guy who stood behind “Utes”.

So do not tell me, please, what happens here and what does not happen, okay? All my rich life experience of recent years speaks in favor of the fact that the second, slightly paranoid version of the true reasons for the “challenge” is correct.

And so, thinking about all this, I’m looking now at a wonderful picture, which happened with Anin’s text.

On the one hand there is a small brave girl who decided that the reports, careers and bonuses are not worth the lives of many soldiers who will die not for the sake of the Motherland, not in the fight against fascism, not to protect the civilian population, but only for these reports, careers and prizes . Only the salvation of a quarry will be killed, for the sake of issuing bonuses for a successful one and this is fine, they will perish because of the infallibility of bravura reports. Without victory they will perish, victory will have to be won separately, even more victims, because the enemy will seize the advantageous positions that he will have to beat.

And on the other hand there is a huge crowd of soldiers. Some – in very solid epaulets. And all, probably, are not such bad guys, especially if you’re a tourist in the war, and in their company you use shish kebab with cognac, and do not try to fight under their command. No, they are not cowards, just many bosses are more afraid than mortar shelling. The right military. They all have absolutely true, classic, centuries-old professional professions of the professional military, thanks to which the armies first win wars, and then lose them. They have a corporate spirit. They have an order. They are military. When next to you, a civilian username, jerks a six-inch “suitcase”, you deafen, crap and escape wherever your eyes look. When a six-inch “suitcase” rips next to them, they will deafen, crap, but they will continue to carry out the order. All these uncles, many of whom have seen death in their eyes and not once, are very sorry for this situation and want to drink them with delicious alcohol, and then gently spread the carcasses on the nearest sofas.

But the problem is not even in them. And not even in those who are directly responsible for ensuring that responsible sectors are not denuded at the front, that people serve under normal conditions so that they have a vole, field telephones, switches, headsets, tangents, walkie-talkies … With these people a separate problem, we will solve it a little later. Now the main problem in a huge crowd of people, who in this story is from a third party and has a direct relationship with the army, whether it is Russian, whether it’s Donetsk, Lugansk or not. These are the ones who rushed to tell Ana that she was panicking, divulging state secrets and so on. And the farther from the front people are, the louder the cries for the disclosure of secrecy and alarmism. Although those who are on the front line, and do not even run away from it, but are at war, burrow into the ground, shoot back when they permit, they say the same thing as Anya. And they know perfectly well that the exposure of Bakhmutka has ceased to be any secret for the ukrava – they are aware of how often and tightly the Ukrainian UAV fleet is flying the front.

The problem is in these most remarkable (in the Stevenson sense of the word) people who are replicating, who are at work, who for the purpose of nurturing the CSW in a narrow circle, soothing mantras. “Ukraine will freeze in winter,” “The Ukrainian Armed Forces do not know how to fight,” “What kind of boiler did they serve?”, “Javelins” will not help them! “And this huge soothingly buzzing background gives rise to the calm of the upper strata, ending with the first serious setbacks that can not be smeared For Russia in its current situation, such first setbacks may be the last.

[NOTE: How many of you have made similar comments about AntiFa?]

The story of “You do not understand anything, probably they are our luring them in! They will go on the offensive, and we are such a HOB!” And “North Wind”! “, It looks great from staffs where the main rule of the boss is largely ignored -” When the first free time you descend through the step down and see how it is there, and encourage the same maneuver of all subordinates. ” This “enticement”, taking into account the real combat effectiveness of our troops, will end at least the above-described output of dill in the Kirov-Stakhanov-Bryankovo ​​building, wild mediocre losses and so on, rewarding the uninvolved and punishing the innocent.

I look, in short, on these most remarkable (in the Stevenson sense of the word) people, and I want to apply to them physical violence within the framework of the mass implementation of advanced IQ-boosting using the Saga-Porcupine method.

…And if you made it to the end, you’ve got a heck of an attention span. Even still, go back over the notes. These lessons are universal. Their issues are not theirs alone.

15 thoughts on “Ironbound Concepts sends: From the Front in Donbass

  1. Nobody

    People who conjure ignorant, romantic notions of what a domestic conflict here would be like, and make statements that they are ready, and want to just “get it on”, are all fools.
    We better all pray to God almighty that we never reach that point here.
    No matter how fouled up our system is, or how depraved our leadership is, and no matter how much we detest the other sides beliefs and lack thereof, almost anything is better than open conflict, especially here where all parties have easy, readily available access to quality hardware and gear.
    It would be a conflict of such horrific consequences that no person would escape its touches to some degree.
    If anyone reading this article, and from this moment forward, simply makes purchases and never gets those purchases dirty and breaks them or wears them out in down and dirty usage of realistic, hard physical training, is just fooling themselves, and will be nothing more than a “supply stop” for the OpFor.
    Read between the lines in this message, and what NC Scout has been trying to get good people to realize for so long.
    Stop making purchases and just ending it there, get out and tell your friends, your family, anyone with whom you share common beliefs and values with.
    In the unfortunate event things truly go sideways here, we will all need more than just mere purchases, we will need real world experience, even if it’s not experience by fire as our Brothers, and sisters, have gained over seas, any experience operating and using the gear in your closet will be valuable.
    Go lift something heavy and carry it over a long distance (you don’t need a gym membership), stop eating crap from a sack in a drive through, stop wasting your hard earned money and time by watching the boob tube and sports ball games, go sell some of the superfluous junk laying around and fill in your “gaps”, get your como gear out of its original packaging and build some antennas and practice obscure methods for communicating over various distances utilizing different frequencies and modes (NCScout has laid it all out for you here on this sight), take the tags off of all that pretty multicam gear and get it muddy and work out the kinks, if you don’t have modified gear that has been resewn or lashed down with tape or cord, or you haven’t re-arranged your Molle or Load bearing gear at least a dozen times and changed its layout due to training in it, then your a Noob.
    Most importantly, spend time with your Bible, your family, go meet your neighbors and build alliances, go learn how to grow some food, filter some water, raise some animals, heat your house without power, handle all your waste without flushing toilets, set a broken arm or leg, plug a leaking hole in you or a family member, send a message to someone over a radio without being detected, and if detected, unreadable.
    The list goes on, basically just stop talking and buying, and start doing, and more importantly, start sharing this mindset with other good people.
    As much as I hope, and sincerely pray we never see conflict here, the devestating truth is that it is probably more likely than not at this point, just refer back to this post, it’s happening already all over the world, decent people are dying in large numbers.
    Drop your American, Western centric, normalcy biased, false belief that it can’t happen here, we have just been so blessed, for so long, that we have lost touch with reality, and the masses have been programmed by media and the entertainment complex to be oblivious to the truth that surrounds them.
    If none of this resonates, then please send NCScout your address so we will all know where to collect that pretty multicam gear and brand new, in the wrapper radio gear, when you are worm food, after it goes tits up.

    God take pity in us all, myself included.

    1. PRCD

      I’ve just started reading Mosby’s “Reluctant Partisan” books and realized that it would take a long time to get the training needed to be effective and I’m simply not up to the task. I’m a guy who keeps in shape but was never in the infantry and don’t see how I’d be useful in any sort of “light infantry” sense. Then there are the issues of how to secure and provide for family while away, is the cause just, will the outcome be achievable or better than what we have now, who will lead, etc, etc. These are all things Protestant writers of the 16th and 17th century wrote about as Europe fought civil wars for about 100 years or longer if you count the 14th and 15th centuries. This time, these types of wars could be global in scale.

      I wish i had more insights into what member peoples of the Roman empire did as the empire decayed. Right now, we’re in an transitional state where it’s too late to vote and shooting war has not broken out.

      I also wonder how people will continue to train if the entire country becomes more like California in terms of gun restrictions and CCW restrictions.

      Personally, I now think the purchases are the last thing you should make. The network of people(s), organization, purpose, and so forth are the first thing. The details (what to buy) can be worked out by competent people willing to work together. Try thinking of the number of people you know who read their history books and think civilizations end. Those are the people you might be able to work with now towards some informal light infantry training. The list is vanishingly small.

  2. Fascinating read, actually. “Embrace the suck” doesn’t even begin to cover it, does it? Notice they addressed comms first. Comms is key, NVIS and directed VHF/UHF is the ticket. Binoculars shouldn’t be overlooked, terrain appropriate camo selection and hide construction need to be practiced. And 600m is too close to be taking a shot at someone when they will be shooting back. Great lessons. Looking forward to more posts in the future. I very much consider your blog to be the starting point for a scout team’s training. Please keep the articles coming!

  3. A long read that should wake some people up.
    My bet is most won’t take the time to read it all or comprehend how it applies to them.
    Notice what they lack-
    secure comms gear,optics, batteries,plate carriers/ plates, helmets, spare parts for everything,medical gear isn’t specifically mentioned-( or I missed it)-but that should be a priority- it’s not possible to have too much in the way of medical supplies. You also need to know how and when to use the supplies.
    Same applies to comms gear- it is no good if you don’t know how to use it.
    Same applies to all your gear- it is no good if you don’t know how to use it.
    Everyone should have spare parts for all of their weapons, and know how to repair them.
    If or when sh*t goes sideways here, as many people have said many times over the years, most in the patriot-liberty- prepper “movement” are going to be nothing more than speed bumps/ resupply points for opfor.
    There are very few groups and very few people who have a reasonable chance of surviving longer than the first few days or weeks of any serious domestic conflict.
    Those who are capable of making it beyond a few days will find plenty of gear laying around in the suburbs of any good sized U.S. city.

  4. LodeRunner

    All these problems, so typical of irregular warfare, are lessons that few Americans (on either side) are even slightly aware of. Every ‘patriot’ has a rifle, and thinks that this is enough.

    No one thinks about field phones and the miles of wire needed to connect them into an effective comms grid, nor how to “borrow spare pairs” from the existing telecom infrastructure to set up private networks (for as long as the infrastructure exists, anyway).
    This is a non-starter for any force which intends to hold/protect territory in any serious way. Any “defense force” which doesn’t have ‘phones and a decent crew of experienced line dogs to keep them connected is worse than a bad joke.

    I’ve never seen or heard of a ‘patriot’ with military experience teaching others about preparing for (risk mitigating), or responding to indirect fire properly, let alone teaching how to approach and defeat such a threat. Artty and mortars are real sh*t, and even one squad of light mortars can wipe out a sizable force with impunity if said force does not know how to mitigate the threat of such an attack. Ignoring the risks of indirect fire is simply insane.

    Who is thinking about placing and maintaining dozens of laptops with decent video cameras at OPs and sniper nests, with long-range directional wireless links to provide the C&C in the rear with realtime combat-area awareness necessary to coordinate an effective area defense? Establishing and maintaining such a network is a monumental undertaking, even without the exigencies of open conflict.
    And remember this:Verizon &Etc. will not be on our side – they can cut network access to any device they decide is in violation of their “Terms of Service” without notice, most probably on OPFOR’s timetable – that is, right before a ‘raid’ on local ‘insurrectionists’.

    Who is developing a private fleet of (even small) drones to provide forward observation of engaged areas? “Use the Force, Luke” is not a viable alternative to essential tactical intel – look at what just happened in Niger and take serious heed.

    Who has the food-trucks and back-end logistics necessary to provide troop sustenance along the boundary of your friendly-controlled area, where semi-permanent positions will need to be constantly manned? “I have my 72-hour kit with food and stuff” – great for you, now what about the other three guys in your fighting position? And even if you each have your 3 days of provisions, what about Day 4 and beyond?
    And who planned for sanitation in your “little bit of heaven”? If the answer is “no one”, I pity you.

    Batteries; food; sanitation; ammunition resupply after engagements; first-aid supplies; portable heaters and fuel for them; building materials and the know-how to build defensible positions for OPs and other forward-deployed assets; field-phones and wire; laptops ,cameras, drones, ans other technology; and a million other logistical, staffing, and training questions – all left in the realm of “it will fall from the sky when we need it” ignorance/insanity. We are not nearly prepared. And worse: the majority — even of those who consider themselves “awake” — do not know how unprepared they are.

    If you are a ‘leader of men’ in the prepper/patriot movement, remember this: Logistics is the war of a thousand cuts – either your logistics is good and you can inflict those thousand cuts on the enemy, or your logistics is not good and you inflict those thousand cuts upon the men under your own command. There are no other alternatives.


  5. Blackthorn

    Thanks Nobody, and of course thank you NC Scout!!
    If this doesn’t distress us enough to make the necessary changes in the way we live then we aren’t paying attention and deserve the misery that’s likely to follow.
    I’m neither ex-military or a comms guy but I’m trying hard to change that last bit. While I’m frequently bewildered by the jargon here I can suss out enough to benefit from all the posts here and I’m most grateful.

  6. ApoloDoc

    I get the gist:”War is hell” but I could not make heads or tails of much of this. People are undersupplied, comms are poor, quality of skill and character in many people lacking… but I would like to get more out of this.

    And the first comment above is absolutely correct: we do NOT want open warfare in this nation. Tell that to the idiots in charge who seem to have other ideas.

  7. LodeRunner

    OPFOR – Opposing Forces
    LP/OP – Listening Post/Observation Post
    C&C – Command & Control
    SVD – Russian “Dragunov” sniper rifle
    IN/EX – “Infiltrate/Exfiltrate” meaning to “get in and get out without being engaged by the enemy” This is Russian MIL-speak for a covert sabotage mission

    SVM – WW-II Russian 7.62 battle rifle, roughly the equivalent of an M1-Garand

    MVZ – an old model Russian anti-armor mine. Speaking in the plural, he means a “mine field” of these devices

    DRG – This is a translated acronym roughly meaning “Diversion & Reconnaissance Group” – in the Russian order of Battle, a DRG [Группа переадресации и разведки] is a light Battalion tasked with recon and harassment, its primary duty is to constantly probe the enemy’s lines and find weaknesses that heavier units may then be deployed to take advantage of. A DRG may also be directed to IN/EX and sabotage targets of opportunity along the frontier.

    ACS – In the context given, this means one of two things – either 1. a Verba 9K333 MANPADD (anti-aircraft missile), or 2. an older model Russian Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle, typically mounting an NSV 12.7mm machine gun on top.

    BTRO – A motorized infantry regiment built around the BTR 8X8 light armored vehicle.

    “Cliff” – the nickname for the Russian NSV heavy machine gun in 12.7X108mm a.k.a. “lonely cliff” or “only cliff”

    ATGM – AntiTank Guided Missile. The “two tuber” her refers to is a Kornet-E laser-guided heavy antitank weapon

    KCNPN – I believe this is a drone-carried high-quality imaging system, though not of military design or common use. Search on EOS-1200 for additional info.

    PTRD – an WWII era, single-shot 14.7mm anti-tank rifle. It’s tungsten projectile will pierce up to 40mm of typical steel armor, making it effective against light and medium armored vehicles.

    “The Dill” – slang which I can best translate as “NATO-aligned Ukraine Government forces” or “UGF” for short

    “Fennel” – Ukrainian irregular forces aligned with NATO/UGF

    “here they are, close” is a really poor translation. It should read, “here is the place of death” or “here is the place of the dead”.

    “forward deployed” essentially means anyone/anything which you [should] assume will be subject to combat conditions

    все лучшее для;
    Загрузочн бегун

  8. Homer

    From a survivalist perspective one thing that has always worried me is this. Americans for the last 10yrs have been buying weapons and ammo in enormous quantities. But how many of them have been doing likewise with food storage, acquiring water filtration and off grid water sources and fuel? Probably not too many. So during any protracted event there is going to be alot of desperate people who are very well armed and dangerous. The phrase “pile it high and stack it deep” applies to more than just ammo.
    Personally I think if the Amish would have food and fuel storage and practice self defense they would be the ultimate survivors. They already basically have everything else in place and live the way most survivors will live after a collapse. My Amish neighbors are tough people. The Amish model of self sufficiency would be an excellent place to be.
    Brushbeater, thanks for what you do and changing my opinions on a community of like minded people.

    1. LodeRunner

      My pleasure, sir. At the end of the cold war I was stationed with a Special Troops Bn. assigned to cover the Fulda Gap in Germany. Among other things, we were well trained on Russian equipment, unit classification and Order of Battle, as well as Russian and (east) German languages – being able to read their maps, unit markings on vehicles, etc.
      Although the mission changed after 1991, I’ve done what I can to keep my knowledge of Russian military doctrines and equipment current. There are some aspects where the Russian and US doctrines and methods are very parallel, but in other areas their approach to things is entirely different than ours. They learned some very interesting lessons in Afghanistan and Chechnya – particularly about how to better employ sappers, artillery, and snipers – which have substantially affected their doctrine on conventional warfare, at both the strategic and tactical levels.

      One thing I find fascinating about Russian military literature is that they unabashedly discuss and study WWII German tactics, and propose modernized implementations/improvements to them. Of course, they’ll proudly remind the reader how it was Russia who beat the Nazis (with a little help from those Imperialist Americans).

      In US/NATO military journals and papers, there is a taboo against referencing Nazi methodologies or tactics – this breaks the chain of knowledge and innovation in many instances, or at best has caused officers to “reinvent” those methods and tactics, without acknowledging where they originated.

      In case it wasn’t obvious, I’m a war history buff and hardcore ‘military gear geek’, so any opportunity to talk about such things is one I’m all over ;P

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