Reveille in America

reveilleFirst Call, Americans. Out of your bunks. For a good portion of you out there, a year ago you went to sleep. That attitude driven by a very real fear of government out of control over eight years produced diamonds. For many, it meant getting serious about preparing yourselves, family and neighborhoods for uncertain times. And then, you went to sleep. Your guy got in, and he’d make it all right. Everything would be fixed, time to rejoice and rest on those laurels. He’ll undo all the wrongs and the lever pullers of power would truly yield to vox populi. And then, you went to sleep.

While you were sleeping a lot went on. The Left in America, pushed into a corner, has armed up. Keep telling yourself you’re better…after all, it’s entertaining to watch a kid posture in front of a camera with a half-cocked Nagant. Keep in mind, that same kid has all the fire you had 2008-2016, except that he’s half your age and has none of the aversion to violence that you do. That’s right. He has no social capital; no mortgage, no three kids and an SUV. All he has is a lifetime of debt and little hope for any future. Socialist revolution seems good, because after all, the same institution which holds the keys to history groomed him.

Symbology tells a story. Tell yourself again they’re not serious.

Those with no hope often make great suicidal fighters for a cause. AntiFa and all the little fingers of the Communist Party is not quite there yet…give it time. And while you might look at the traveling street show as a joke, understand that the losers posing on front of the cameras are only one arm of a much, much larger body. The media and entertainment arm is busy grooming the minority blocks based upon the ‘social research’ of academia, upping the ante nearly daily and reinforcing the notions that their way is the only way. There have been no ramifications, so why would they stop?

A country music concert was mowed down and we have no plausible story. None whatsoever. Two churches have been shot up. The first one was a blip on the ticker for a day, because it fit no useful narrative. The second is being diverted as a ‘mental health incident’, grossly overlooking the reality that the guy was a militant and virulent atheist, with a Facebook page that listed him as more than a passive supporter of several Lefty causes. Of course, you’ve heard nothing of ‘Together We Rise’, a Socialist group he was a member of, amid the standard talking points. In each case, as a man who judges terrorism by the target, I’d say the story is that one group, Conservative, White Christians, is wanted dead. Before the last shooter became a non-person and online presence scrubbed, his social media indicated that he was at least a passive supporter of Bernie Sanders and CNN. sutherland-springs-t.jpgAnd sure, his ex-inlaws may have went to the Church once or twice, but that’s hardly an explanation for the calculation and callousness exhibited aside from being an easy target. It took two armed observers to stop him. Where are the demands for real answers? Where are the boycotts, the rallies, the riots? Why is the CNN sign not being torn down in Atlanta? Why is there not a demand for Senator Sanders to relinquish his seat for his rhetoric and link to the shooter? What are the ramifications for a Left that cannot accept anything short of revolution? What has been gained by ‘compromise’? The list of ‘celebrities’ who spared no opportunity to mock not only Christianity but the victims themselves based solely upon ethnicity, long being the rally cry of the Left itself; what of them? They are a reflection of a social faction which explicitly wants us dead.

They are not going to stop. They have no incentive to do so. The power structure which exists should be vibrantly apparent to you now, as it understands the challenge to which it faces.

William Ayers told you what they planned to do. Did you not listen?

depugh.jpgIt will not go quietly; when such a challenge is issued, an exertion of force must be applied to re-assume control. And the Republicans would abdicate any and all power to restore the hands which feed them. How quickly are they folding on nearly every issue? They serve not your interest or mine- no purpose but a foil for the advancement of the Communists. And where does that leave you, American?

Rekindle that fire you had a year ago. Your five minute breather is over. Pick up your rucks and start walking again. You don’t have enough food or ammo for what’s coming. Prep harder, train harder. Go back to your Churches. And while your at it, seek out training from experienced folks even if you think you know it all- because I promise you, that outside viewpoint or different opinion may make a big difference. You can’t learn it by only reading a blog; you have to go and do. Your enemy is training, and they want you dead. Reveille is sounding, American.  Do you hear it?

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    For a good portion of you out there, a year ago you went to sleep. That attitude driven by a very real fear of government out of control over eight years produced diamonds. For many, it meant getting serious about preparing yourselves, family and neighborhoods for uncertain times. And then, you went to sleep. Your guy got in, and he’d make it all right. Everything would be fixed, time to rejoice and rest on those laurels. He’ll undo all the wrongs and the lever pullers of power would truly yield to vox populi. And then, you went to sleep.

  2. LodeRunner

    For those who can understand – there are only two times in the life of a soldier: the time to train, and the time to fight.
    So, if you say that it is not yet time to fight,
    then it _must be_ time to train, right?

    Or, put in another context –
    Being lazy is a voluntary form of death.
    And volunteering for death, i.e. Suicide,
    is a SIN.

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  4. Quietus

    I’ve read that DePugh book about five times, it’s pretty beat up. Used to be a rucksack read back in my younger days. Picking up a copy is worthwhile, the guy lived an interesting life on the run, and passes on good ideas.

    1. Not only is the book interesting, but he was a pretty interesting fella himself.

      Some of it is a bit dated, but still useful nonetheless. And a lot of what he was saying was spot on today.

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    1. DAN IIK

      Mr. Steele,

      Myself, I cannot fathom how Soros has remained healthy. Long before Ayers would meet his demise I would prefer Soros be sent to Hades. On the other hand having them both side-by-side dangling from the scaffolding of the gallows would make my day. Aaaaahh….but one can dream.

  7. Him

    I met Robert Bolivar DePugh back in the day. After he got out of prison. Small town guy. One of his daughters was my pen pal back then. Before PC’s.

    1. That’s really cool. I knew he kept a pretty low profile in his later years but that era of him, the Minutemen and the JBS really laid the groundwork for what we call the Liberty Movement today.

      His political commentary remains spot on, even after all these years. It proves that we’ve been in the same fight for a long while now, and treading the same ground over and over.

      1. Him

        He was a pharmacist by trade. Remember the Survival Tabs he sold? The Minutemen had a fairly good intel section. He tipped us off that the Nazi group that marched in Skokie was actually run and financed by a Jewish organization. He supplied the names to us.

  8. Brett

    “Keep in mind, that same kid has all the fire you had 2008-2016, except that he’s half your age and has none of the aversion to violence that you do. That’s right. He has no social capital; no mortgage, no three kids and an SUV…”

    This is the scary part. Finding time, putting immediate life on the shelf to train for things that may happen tomorrow, or down the road…as you stated, the left has none of these complications, and does not fear losing anything.

    1. oughtsix

      “…the left has none of these complications, and does not fear losing anything.”

      They have a life to lose. When some of them do, then the fear and the reality will sink in. They need to fear us more than they think they hate us.

      1. oughtsix

        To NC Scout just below:

        Who? The first, second and third guys who do unto them as they are doing to us.

        Antifa has “church” too. Every one of the enemy groups congregates at some place and time periodically, often right out in the open.

        Will that escalate the conflict? Certainly, by bringing a little balance and some of the “equality” they so espouse. It’s going to escalate anyway and sooner is better from our aging perspective. We have waited decades and allowed things to reach this sorry pass. Might as well have some control over the “escalation.”

    2. Brett

      to oughtsix
      I agree that once some of them start seeing their blood splashed across the pavement, they will run. The fact is that up to this point, they can assault with relative impunity, as they are rarely held accountable by the police. In Virginia, as you are well aware, the ‘non-antifa’ crowd was heard saying to the VA State police, “You are pushing us right into them…”, knowing that they would get attacked. At what point do we say “we are tired of being learning experiences”, and start dealing ‘hurt’?

      1. Jon

        That’s the point of my post about the Samarrah Mosque.

        When is your Samarrah moment? When do you decide that’s enough.

        Everyone has to think clearly about that question. And think about it from the perspective of your adversary.

        What are your priorities? For what are you willing to leave your children orphans because you are dead or imprisioned? Only you and your clan can answer those questions honestly and soberly.

        POTUS 45 wasn’t the Progs Samarrah Moment. They didn’t commit and they didn’t set aside internal squabbles to pursue a common goal.

        The Right (whatever that is) hasn’t found their Samarrah Moment either. It won’t be impeachment of 45. Probably won’t be the coming recession. It will be something more visceral, probably a symbolic aspect of Western Culture. It sure won’t be the churches leading it either.

        That said, it does little good to minimize the cultural marxists and their capabilities. They are what they are. Quantity has a quality all its own, as any vet will tell you. And it’s easy to teach anyone basic IMT and volley fire. That sucks when you’re on the receiving end, even if your individual skills are better. Think Mogadishu, not Iwo Jima.

        Build and validate your templates dispassionately. Assess the incentive structures, objectives (moral and physical) and the opportunity costs. Later it over terrain. Add in the “uncommitted” who can go either way to sway the outcome with money, people, and influence. Then you have a good starting point.

        Do the same for yourself and your clan. See how that squares with your statement about what you’re willing to orphan your children to achieve.

      2. Secret Squirrel

        Brett, funny you should mention that about VA SP. I was just speaking with a old contact about them yesterday. Staties in VA have experienced such a mass quit by troopers not wanting to be part of the leftist governor’s regime or be used as a political “tool” so to speak that they have the worst slump in numbers in their history. As of yesterday, they are trying to fill 276 empty spots. McAuliffe’s and his administration has torn my birth state to shreds. It’s damn sad, and possibly a indication of more to come. Also could be a good indication as to what cops will do in the event of a collapse, answering someone else who has commented on this thread questioning that.

  9. s.b.

    My buddy owned a survival type store around my area. Great location with pretty much everything prepper and good prices. His store was clean and everything was laid out in an orderly presentation. He had classes and other event’s to get folks fired up about being prepared to take care of themselves. No firearms, just medical, food and other assorted survival stuff. He closed up shop two months ago because after the first of the year business just stopped. Most people are stupid and will deserve what they get. The news lately has been full of WTF stories, if they can’t figure it out well then they are in for one hell of a learning curve.

    1. James

      SB,perhaps those who wanted to be as ready as reasonable/stocked/learning new skills have,the others do not either care or have hopefully found other paths of learning.Share what you know with trusted others(hard to know who to trust beyond immediate s)and learn what you can from them.

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    1. I remember an interview with him, where they asked what WU’s step after revolution was. They didn’t have an answer, other than exterminate ‘Capitalists’.

  11. Adam Baum

    He has a half cocked Mosin Nagant and no social capital; no mortgage, no kids, no SUV. It is likely he has no ammunition or food stocked up. He almost certainly has no water purification systems. The odds are he has no formal infantry training, either. Is he as tough as the Viet Cong or the Afghani? Is he as able as they are/were, to function on almost nothing?

    1. His level of training is irrelevant among sleeping masses. He doesn’t need any of the above to kill you. I would think this much would be apparent.

      He acts with no impunity and is allowed to exist by those proudly proclaiming the Second Amendment as a source for rights.

      So tell me Baum, what have you done to stop them? Go cuddle with your stockpile, it apparently keeps you safe.

      1. bill james

        Baum and NC scout. I live in a rainbow town,summertime is hippy time they come and go in thier friends house’s all day and night,they do not knock just hi and huggs. So wambat commie has a place to go to ground and BLEND-in spandex and man bun. see it here even in the winter, coffee shop grey in gortex,manbun old hippys. I do not trust anyone younger than 30, who fits the profile. We have the trustfund kids from back east during the summer, trying to mail bear spray home….So your both right . Profile and Air’s they exude towards anyone is my signal to LEAVE A.O. Lander,Wyo. mini jacksonhole

    2. Eh, one can go too far in either direction. Assuming these people are unstoppable is defeatism; assuming they are a pushover is foolhardy. The real problem is not Antifa training, it is the fact they are plugged into the institutions (while we are largely outside them, certainly in the cities). The combination is a great danger to us because many people will not fight familiar institutions (cops anyone?) when the time for that comes. The Antifa bums won’t need any training if most of the people they encounter will roll over for them.

    3. Secret Squirrel

      Enemies have been underestimated since the dawn of warfare. The estimators have been getting their asses handed to them for just as long. Names like Hannibal, statements like “just farmers with pitchforks”, and places like 90s Chechnya come to mind. Don’t get hit in the face when they throw in the towel.

      All that are underestimating this threat, please do me a favor and let me know where you are so I can grab your supplies when your asses are handed to you. Thanks.

  12. Jon

    Thanks for what you do. It has value. Inspired me to get on HF and practice.

    Re: reville
    This is what modern civil war looks like. I saw it in the Balkans, and Iraq, and A-Stan. Others saw the same. Most citizens didn’t pay attention.

    My second tour in IZ was 05-06, when the Samarrah Golden Mosque kicked off the tribal sorting in earnest. Lots of small attacks on soft targets to make the point that no one is safe. Some of that was clearly score settling between clans, most was just putting points on the scoreboard of Team Sunni or Team Shia. Team Murcia was in the middle of it.

    Some spectacular attacks, like the market bombings that created mass casualties. The typical retaliation afterward, and everyone denying responsibility. Always some other tribe did it.

    Same thing happening in US now. Details are different but direction is the same. Steady low level violence against soft targets of “the other clan”. Occasional spectacular attacks. Lots of finger pointing and political posturing. Modern civil war.

    Modern civil wars don’t look like armies lining up across a Pennsylvania field. They look like non-state independent players settling scores or moving the ball for their team. Politicians sit on the sidelines and pontificate. LE “investigates” and tidies the mess. Rinse, Repeat. Until a threshold is crossed and teams reorganize for larger actions. If the state is threatened, they get heavy handed against the most lethal threat regardless of politics. States are good at repressing rebellion and disruption to their income flows.

    So you know all that.

    Here’s the part that is often ignored. Logistics and commerce. Post Samarra, markets got scarce. Food and fuel got a little more expensive and a little harder to find each week. Could have been diversion or hoarding. I never really figured out the dominant factor. Undeniable that it just got harder for ordinary citizens to put food on the table and have energy for cars, generators, etc. (no reliable state provided electric distribution. Local general co-ops provided power in most areas).

    So, I see the same things now. Store shelves are not quite as full as a year ago. Prices are a little higher each month. Canned goods and dry goods have episodic shortages. Wide fluctuations in fuel prices. Coincidence? Maybe.

    Maybe it’s a result of hurricanes. Maybe people are stocking up for the holidays or general use. Maybe production is down. Maybe there is more demand in the cities and that’s where it’s going. Less demand out here in the hinterlands, so those stores have lower priority.

    In any case, make sure you are looking at the right sit temp. It’s not 1860 or 1939. Not even 2006. The character (tactics, organization, and manifestation) of conflict changes over time, the nature doesn’t.

    The nature of war is to impose your will on the enemy by every means available. It’s a team sport – 24 hours a day, all weather, outdoor sport that is for keeps.

    Organize your team. Rehearse your playbook. Watch the game tapes of the opposition and adjust your game plan. Get in the gym and get stronger. There are no spectators in this arena.

    1. “My second tour in IZ was 05-06, when the Samarrah Golden Mosque kicked off the tribal sorting in earnest.”

      Spot on.

      I spent some time in and around Olsen and Brassfield-Mora too. It was a great primer on a multitude of uncomfortable things.

  13. Hope@ZeroKelvin

    I actually felt more anxious after 11/2016 than before, given the attacks on Trump supporters during the election. The completely unhinged behaviour of the entire Left since that time has only convinced me that things are unravelling even faster.

    Watch the body language and facial expressions of the Lefties with the sound turned off. They want you DEAD.

    Prepare accordingly.

  14. hbbill

    Got a question about “Together We Rise”……All I can find are references to a non-profit for foster kids. Got a link to the one you are referring to?

  15. Secret Squirrel

    “Whilst men are linked together, they easily and speedily communicate the alarm of any evil design. They are enabled to fathom it with common counsel, and to oppose it with united strength. Whereas, when they lie dispersed, without concert, order, or discipline, communication is uncertain, counsel difficult, and resistance impracticable. Where men are not acquainted with each other’s principles, nor experienced in each other’s talents, nor at all practised in their mutual habitudes and dispositions by joint efforts in business; no personal confidence, no friendship, no common interest, subsisting among them; it is evidently impossible that they can act a public part with uniformity, perseverance, or efficacy. In a connection, the most inconsiderable man, by adding to the weight of the whole, has his value, and his use; out of it, the greatest talents are wholly unserviceable to the public. No man, who is not inflamed by vain-glory into enthusiasm, can flatter himself that his single, unsupported, desultory, unsystematic endeavours, are of power to defeat the subtle designs and united cabals of ambitious citizens. When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”

    Never become complacent, never give up. Train, band together, prevail. Good stuff brother.

    1. lineman

      Which is why I have been advocating for forming Liberty Community’s for quite some time now… Without knowing someone and building trust with them there will be no unified front against evil and evil will wash over all of us individually…Now will evil take a hit yea for sure but you won’t stop it or even slow it down…

      1. Secret Squirrel

        Yep, pretty much.

        “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

        Quote from the same man. Seems Burke has been exceptionally correct lately.

      2. lineman

        Sounds good Brother just to give you a little insight on what you can make and I’m on the lower end because I take so much of my overtime as comp time my gross for the last two weeks was just under 15k…

  16. Mr Black The Deplorable

    Excellent and to the point. Get to know your adversary and what is going on around you. Do not get complacent we are being targeted. The entire establishment is loosing their minds and taking every step and deceitful action at their disposal to try to discredit, out maneuver, or outwardly block President Trump’s initiatives to break up the deep state and give America back to the people. They have gone so far at this point as to cover up crimes and attack Moderate and Conservative Americans. Their efforts are to intimidate those who support him and want to take America back. Apparently, this plot to sell America out goes back a long time and Obama was supposed to be the one to deliver Hillary to the thrown for the final death nail to be driven. It is very apparent the entire DC establishment is guilty and the fringe groups are but pawns in their game. It is beginning to appear we are but a whisper away from all out chaos and bloodshed. The one thing those in power fear the most is loss of that power.

  17. A Freeman

    This is an inspirational song, it builds in power, it is part of a propaganda machine that has raised the SJWs: the second is a song I had the pleasure of matching to twice in my military career, a song which quickens my heraldry and resounds of my legacy from Athens, and Jerusalem: This is your revery.

  18. PRCD

    I’m of two minds on this. On one hand, there HAS been leftist violence over the past several years. On the other hand, it comes from coddled white liberal masses. Yes, these kids have nothing to lose but have never won at anything. As an old Millennial, I can tell you these kids have never been in a fight and have been physically dominated by a feminist system their whole lives. I was amazed growing up by how many boys couldn’t stick up for themselves. No wonder Mexican illegal immigrants so easily overran entire towns in the Southwest.

    The Leftists of yore such as Mao and Stalin grew up under hardship and grinding poverty, did they not?

    Still, let’s not ignore this threat. Society is coming apart at the seams and civility is eroding rapidly. The scariest part for me is that the Permanent Government and its organs are behind this. Also, many cops might be privately conservative but the local and state governments control their pensions and can make them toe the line.

    We need to start trying to get elected to local offices – sheriff, city council, etc. Nobody is pushing back on these people at the local level, therefore there is no pushback further up the chain. In every historical account I read, local people made a difference in spite of their higher-ups impeding them.

    1. “The Leftists of yore such as Mao and Stalin grew up under hardship and grinding poverty, did they not? ”

      And what about this has changed the reality in which you live?

      1. PRCD

        My point was that hard men are born of hard times. Mao spent decades fighting the Japanese and Chiang Kai Shek before he was able to take over China and implement his “reforms.” His way of war sought local support from the peasants for food and materiel so they trusted him to some extent before he took power.

        The Antifas may even be poor relative to our standards, but they’re not poor in an absolute or global sense. My grandmother grew up trapping rabbits to eat during the Dustbowl. These kids have never missed a meal. I’ve heard old Chinese say they had to scrape bark off of trees to eat while their parents worked far away in the city. These kids have been coddled their whole lives which is why they can’t find employment now. They’re also too proud to do something that pays well like plumbing, welding, trash disposal, etc. THEY HAVE A DEGREE, you see. Also, they stink. I should be careful not to take my point too far, however. Che was a spoiled, bored rich kid and look at what he was able to accomplish. The same is true of OBL – one of 50 sons of a wealthy sheikh.

        The Deep State/Permanent government is certainly nothing to ignore. Reading over on some forums where a lot of them gather, like the Mr. Money Mustache Forum, I have never seen such entitlement and arrogance from a group of people. People so blind who’ve racked up $20 trillion in debt (actually, WE the American people have racked up this debt by voting ourselves more entitlements) are capable of anything. They’ve invaded the entire Middle East with nothing to show for it but ISIS and the disappearance of millions of Christian minorities and still think they got ‘er dun wrt the GWOT. If/when they bankrupt us, I’m sure they’ll use Antifas as cannon fodder to throw at the normies.

      2. I’m not disputing that they’re soft.

        I’m disputing the fact that they need to be hard to accomplish what they need.

        As for IS, et al., it should be telling that al Baghdadi is a student of Revolution.

    2. lineman

      So do you live in a Community that you can do what your suggesting…So many people have great ideas but where they fail is implementation of those ideas because of where they live…If your serious about what you advocate and you don’t have the numbers in your area to make that possible then move to an area where it is…My area in the Bitterroot Valley is already implementing those ideas and your welcome to join us…

      1. PRCD

        No, I don’t. I don’t think a guy like me could get elected dog catcher if I were honest with about my beliefs before the election. As a platform, even if I stuck to what everyone else supported, I probably couldn’t accomplish many of my goals because of who I am. Men talking and acting like men is not normal where I live. Men at my church are a different story (many are cops), but church members are spread-out. If only churches were still organized into parishes. Numerically, I live in a big stronghold of Satan. Yes, I have the feeling that I move out but I also have the strong feeling the problems will just follow me and I won’t have any of the friends I’ve made or the job. THe job, friends and church have been a huge blessing.

        Read the letters to the churches in the opening chapters of Revelation. The situation of the church is often bleak by human standards. That’s another thing it may be worth accepting. Sometimes you can’t do a lot about human problems. Life is hard. Still, my wife and I are going to visit other places. I think I would be considered normal/average in a red state and red county aside from my citified fast way of talking.

    3. Secret Squirrel

      PRCD, consider this, perception is 9/10s of reality anymore.

      “The Leftists of yore such as Mao and Stalin grew up under hardship and grinding poverty, did they not? ”

      Yes, this is true. But so have these snowflakes. At least in their perception. Hate speech is true hardship, not getting the newest video games is poverty. So on and so on. And it is because they have been coddled and participation trophyed for 51st place. Even though they don’t have a clue what real hardship and poverty is, their perception is they are oppressed. Their perception also leads them to believe they are hard. These perceptions fuel their beliefs. And when they are 110% in full belief of their perceived ideals it makes them just as dangerous as a religious radical who’s belief is the infidel must die. Granted I’m speaking to the individual snowflake, snowflakes as a whole have been successful in their mission as deemed by their creators already, as has been mentioned. Just food for thought.

      1. PRCD

        I definitely agree. The guys who are the most successful at defending themselves are the ones who believe they can do it. If they actually believe they can fight, they ARE 9/10s of the way there. I am also properly chastened by the warnings of so many enemies being underestimated throughout history. Genghis Khan was underestimated until he’d overrun most of the known world. Still, he had warrior SKILLS where his decadent enemies had only warrior gear (this is sounding familiar).

        I think the prepper community focuses too much on tactics and the physical level of war while it’s never been the strength of 4GW/non-trinitarian/irregular forces</a. We have need to develop a different skill set.

    1. Quietus

      Not knowing any 1776’ers, I can only speculate on what that ground was like back then. It’s likely that they tended less towards wanting to hurt me and mine; had lesser designs on my stuff or fruits of my labor; and would tend to leave me alone, compared to the Antifa, etc., crowd.

      1. Wanting to hurt you and yours was a function of whether one was a loyalist or separatist by one’s location. Appropriation of one’s property has never been of any consequence to an occupying army, then or now. Find yourself on the wrong side of that and a document becomes a nice suggestion.

  19. anonymous

    A lot of reason of why Antifa exists is the realization that the System is Rigged. And not in their favor either. Bernie Sanders getting kicked in the teeth by the DNC was probably their 1st clue. Instead of blaming the DNC, their anger is being redirected from the Left to the Deplorable Alt Right. In fact it was the Left which screwed them over in the 1st place. And still is.

    Antifa = Useful Idiots. Antifa will be the fodder that ignites the war, then Fascists will follow up wearing U.N. clothing.

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  21. You speak the truth. A lot of people, the majority actually, on our side have gone to sleep. HUMINT works in many wonderful and different ways, and some of us have been busy.
    I need an Appalachian location for the new Sparks31 off-grid/post-EMP commo class. Time frame would be summer 2018. Any help sent this way would be greatly appreciated. [email protected] or [email protected]

  22. Rich


    Mental health as a weapon against the people is communist in origin..

    Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.

    Deceptive Transformation: The Truth of Soviet Influence in America and Gun Control…The idea of using mental health as a weapon against the people is communist in origin, and the social sciences, or the studying of human behavior has its roots in early twentieth century Russia when Ivan Pavlov developed his “classical conditioning” theories.

  23. Rich

    There are over 370 “mental disorders” listed in the latest version of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.) The list includes “Tobacco Addiction Disorder” among other equally mundane and ridiculous so-called “mental illnesses.”

    If the DSM is the standard by which politicians wishes to remove our rights to own guns, then I’d guess 90% of the American people could probably be classified with a mental disorder of one kind or another.


  24. That Guy

    For anyone who thinks that because someone is perceived as soft that means they should be discounted I would suggest reading about the psychological study known as the Stanford Prison Experiment and imagine allowing those kids from Antifa to have power.

    1. I’m glad someone else recognizes the Stanford Experiment. Joe Undergrad quickly became Prison Guard John Wayne in a matter of 48 hours.

      Just imagine when they start getting elected in the next decade.

  25. pigpen51

    Great points made here, but caution is still the name of the game. Operating under the radar is never a bad thing. And training is, in my opinion, equally as important as the proverbial bullets,bacon, and beans. All the preps in the world won’t help someone without a plan and the ability to put that plan into action. Self improvement is never wasted.

  26. Bill Wallace, a Yankee apologist

    I wouldn’t put up much of a fight to defend my first car, which was 20 years old when I bought her. Now my car is almost 20 years old, its been a good car. I’d fight like hell to keep her. Because my knees don’t work that well and I can’t run. But I also learned how to shoot and shoot well.

    I learned not to spray and why a bolt action is God’s gift to marksmen. I’ve learned semi auto is for those who lack training and confidence. I’ve also learned that 20 somethings haven’t seen war or looked death in the face.

    Me I’ve had to explain late poker games to my wife and deal with my mother in law. Death holds no terror for me.

    1. ” I’ve also learned that 20 somethings haven’t seen war or looked death in the face.”

      What? Did you miss the last two decades or something?

    2. Secret Squirrel

      Dude, it’s puff puff pass. You been hitting it too long. Your statements are either laughable or make absolutely no sense…

  27. LodeRunner

    Except for those who have seen it, there’s very little comprehension among Americans (or Western Europeans for that matter) that modern civil war is about social and economic disruption, resource denial, and using fear and distrust to impose changes upon a society which wouldn’t otherwise occur. We’ve seen these things before – in Bosnia, Serbia/Macedonia, Chechnya, Somalia, across the mid-East, Indonesia, etc.

    So when people say “I don’t see a civil war happening here”, it’s exactly because they have no idea what one looks like that they say this, not poor judgment, per se.
    In this regard, score one for the globalists who promote civil war all over the world, every day, yet deny that these are wars at all, with such regularity and vigor that Americans and Europeans have no idea what’s being done to them. “Workplace violence” at its best, right there!

    Of course, they own the educational establishment in the US and Europe, so they have a free pass to create *whatever social and political blind-spots they need* to achieve their goals. This is a core element of their ‘long march through the institutions’ which we are witnessing the fruit of, right here. And we should be learning from it, too.

    Every civil war since the American revolution has been an “invitation only” game – if you can’t see what’s going on all around you, then you’re not going to be invited. You may get used as a pawn, but we all know what happens to pawns as the game progresses.

    My point is this – to ever be a legitimate part of the action, you need to connect with those of like mind, to ‘network’ the way the Left does all the time. They do so much ‘talking’, here, there, and everywhere, every day that they’re essentially always in action planning mode*. The reason that their actions seem to spring (mostly) out of nowhere is that we’re not privy to their multitudinous conversations. Until we get as good at ad-hoc organization and action planning, we’re not even in the game… which should be obvious at this point.

    Of course, the second part of this is that – as much as you might enjoy defaming the Left, give them this – they aren’t afraid to act. AntiFa, #BLM, etc. aren’t afraid to take to the streets and do crap. Call them crazy, or unprincipled, or whatever excuse you prefer, but they’re getting sh*t done.

    With the notable exceptions of Charlottesville and a short handful of other blatant fire sacks (also orchestrated by the Left, FWIW) what exactly has ‘the Right’ done in the last two decades?
    The point-blank answer is “NOTHING.

    Even ‘small actions’ matter in the big picture. Plan something with a few folks you trust. And DO THEM. Operational Cadence does not require a HHQ to plan and disseminate orders. Partisan operations – and lets be honest, here, We’re partisans behind enemy lines mkay? – require exactly the opposite of a hierarchal and authoritative command system. Partisan OPs require small cells of dedicated individuals who can plan, execute, and recover from small operations on their own, with regularity, with little or no hierarchal structure or support whatsoever.

    Until we learn -and practice- this kind of resistance operations, we are as endangered as toddlers in a textile factory…

    1. PRCD

      This is absolutely right. Where I live, I DO manage to overhear many Leftist conversations. They see themselves as rebels but are firmly entrenched in “the System.” They’re constantly listening to NPR. When they meet, they go through an exchange of the latest NPR talking points kind of like cult members reciting a creed. They often talk about how government money should be distributed to their causes and – good news for them! – they usually work for the government/nonprofits. I’ve noticed they have a lot of free time. Day care raises their kids everyday until 1730. They don’t have many obligations at ‘work.’ Instead of going to a church, their church is Leftist causes. Now that I think about it, much of what they accomplish is through voting and making the truth outside the pale of acceptable conversation. When they vote, it’s always for more government and entitlements. Bureaucrats love this. More bureaucrats are a threat to freedom.

      This post had a lot of good ideas. Again, 4GW is best fought on the moral/strategic level. When you read through histories of the pre-nation state era, you quickly realize there were many factions (Catholic church, king, various noble houses) angling for their advantage in a given territory that might have been officially controlled by a larger political entity. That’s pretty much the US of today.

  28. S6cnrdude

    II Timothy 3:1, “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come”. Luke 21:26 says men’s hearts will fail from fear for the things coming about. Like you said, this is not going to stop.
    Watch, pray, prepare.

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  30. “With the exception of a few right wing nutjobs, like the ex AF guy in Texas and that old guy in Vegas and that a-hole in Charlotte, who watch too much fear-porn on the internet and snap and kill people, most Americans are afraid of violence. ”

    Thought you were slick, huh? Told on yourself with this bit.

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