Spearhead Transmission Podcast- 13 DEC 17

Spearhead Transmission Ep. 196

spy radio.JPGThe awesome crew from Spearhead Transmission tolerated another hour of me- but we had a lot of fun. Among the over-arching themes, you’re not as ready today as you could be, your own preparedness and liberty is mutually exclusive from an election (any of them, regardless of the turnout), and above all, Everything Else Is Illusion.

If you’ve slacked off, get back on it. Get off your laurels.

7 thoughts on “Spearhead Transmission Podcast- 13 DEC 17

  1. Cavguy

    Still plugging away, Call sign now [REDACTED]. One of the clubs in my area held a general class that was held over two weekends. So between the many instructors and Gordo the test was a breeze.
    Other changes in the homestead will force a major revision as home six wants to down size. Getting old has a huge effect on life’s decisions.

  2. Gene

    Fantastic interview. You bring up a lot of points that people (especially me) don’t like to admit: we’re not nearly as good as we think we are, we don’t have enough training, we don’t have enough ‘field time’ under our belts, and more gear most certainly does not make up for lack of skills.

    BTW—thanks to you, my family as switched almost exclusively to cast iron skillets and pans. We even dug a fire pit in the backyard so we can use our Dutch Oven!

  3. Cavguy

    Was wondering if you would post my CS in the clear.
    Now to get the HF rig I picked up in spring at my local hamfest up and running. Just need to cut, assemble, and hang the di-pole. Picked up all the supplies for that at the same time. Why not?

    Be safe brother

    1. PERSEC reasons. I’m not going to do that for your security. Like minded folks are not the only ones who read this blog based on the wordpress traffic analysis I do.

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