14 thoughts on “Winter Field Day ’18

      1. Just looked it over- the distance you have between the wires looks sufficient. Let me know how it turns out! That thing looks great and the black dowels remind me of the old SOTAbeams 2m Moxon.

  1. Cavguy

    I’m making a 2 meter one to start. No where did I see if the drive element is a continuous piece or is two separate that total the calculated length. Your photo shows a cobra head which breaks the driver in two. So I’m at a loose to the calculated distance/space at the feed point.


  2. Cavguy

    After stripping enough coax conductors then solder the bare coax, one to each feed point, right? Wrap good to seal it. I’ll put a UHF coax fitting one the other end.

    Sound about right?


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